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Upcoming Community Events

Operation Stocking Stuffer
November 17 - November 21
Houston Fire Station 37, Southwest

Via Colori
November 18
Hermann Square, Central

Moody Garden's Festival Of Lights
November 18
Moody Gardens, South

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KSBJ Daily Hope

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  • Enter His Gates LBX @ Second Baptist
  • Enter His Gates LBX-Tim, Trudy & Coppelia
  • Enter His Gates LBX @ Second Baptist-Fun Promo Item giveaway
  • Enter His Gates LBX@Second Baptist-KSBJ Promo Booth
  • Enter His Gates LBX @ Second-Tim, Trudy & Dr. Ben Young
  • Phil Wickham Concert-Worshiping
  • Phil Wickham Concert
  • Phil Wickham Concert-Worshiping
  • Astro's Parade-Carder
  • Astro's Parade
  • Astro's Parade-Carter & Manny
  • Astro's Parade Houston Strong
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