What is the Giving Tree?

The KSBJ Giving Tree is a campaign that mobilizes the community to help individuals and families with legitimate needs due to dire circumstances they are facing.

Launched over 20 years ago, the KSBJ Giving Tree connects families with needs to individuals and families who would like to help meet those needs by providing gifts to the “nominated” family. KSBJ Giving Tree lives in your neighborhood. Whether it’s your neighbors or someone at work or in your church, join KSBJ to bless those with hope and joy this Christmas.

You can participate by either nominating a family in need and serving as the Coordinator throughout the Giving Tree process OR by assisting as a Giver to help meet the family’s need this Christmas season.

Adopt a Family

If you would like to adopt a family from the 2014 KSBJ Giving Tree, please use the search tool below to search by need type, family number, or area of town. Thank you so much for partnering with KSBJ to spread joy and hope this Christmas season!

Adopt a Family