Family Number: #8009

Family Need Description:
Family of 6, 4 children ages 5 to 18. Oldest child has MS and is finishing high school. Both parents work odd jobs, painting, house repairs and cleaning, when available; income is very low.


  1. Household- towels, kitchen & bath items
  2. Gift card- Grocery
  3. Gift card- General
  4. Gift card- Clothes
  5. Gift card- (Male) Toys
  6. Gift card - Activities for family such as movie, fast food
  7. Gift card - (Girl) Toys

Drop-off Location:
West Houston Assistance Ministries (WHAM)
10501 Meadowglen Lane
Houston, Texas 77042
Phone: (713) 977-7803
Fax: (713) 783-0761
Drop off Schedule: M-F. 10am - 2pm / Sat.12/7 10am - 4pm

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