2014 KSBJ Giving Tree FAQ

What is Giving Tree?

  • The KSBJ Giving Tree is a campaign that mobilizes the community to help individuals and families with legitimate needs due to dire circumstances they are facing.
  • Launched over 20 years ago, KSBJ Giving Tree connects families with needs to individuals and families who would like to help meet those needs by providing gifts to the “nominated” family.
  • There are two ways for listeners to participate, either by nominating a family in need and serving as their coordinator or by assisting as a Giver to help meeting the family’s need.

What is new this year?

  • Information Validation – new criteria has been established for the KSBJ Family & Coordinator. Due to unfortunate fraudulent actions in previous Giving Tree campaigns, this criteria process has been established for the protection of the KSBJ coordinator, giver and families in need.
  • The coordinator is responsible for providing KSBJ information to substantiate the family’s current unmet needs as identified in the nomination process. KSBJ may request information including but not limited to:
  • Employment status
  • Income level
  • Marriage status
  • Education of the children in the household
  • The coordinator agrees to submit true and accurate information to KSBJ in good faith.

How can I nominate a family? What are the criteria?

  • Visit ksbj.org/GivingTree
  • Read and agree to KSBJ Giving Tree Terms of Use and Guidelines

How do I know if my nomination was accepted? How long will it take?

  • After you submit your nomination to the KSBJ Giving Tree tool, you will receive an automated email within an hour notifying you that your nomination is pending.
  • Within two business days, you will receive an email from KSBJ notifying you of your nominations status (either accepted or declined).
  • If your nomination has been accepted, the family nominated will be posted on the KSBJ Giving Tree tool.
  • Please check your SPAM email folders, if you do not receive your emails in a timely manner. After checking your SPAM folders, you have not received email notifications from KSBJ please call KSBJ Giving Tree at 281-319-6919.  

Why would my nomination be rejected?

  • If your nomination has been rejected, you will receive an email from the KSBJ Giving Tree team within two business days of the submission of your nomination.
  • Nominations are rejected if they do not meet the KSBJ Giving Tree Guidelines or Terms of Use.

How do I select a family to give to?

  • Visit the Giving Tree page on KSBJ.org
  • View families by keywords and/or “Areas of Town.” Families matching your search criteria will appear 10 at a time on your screen.
  • Click the family listing to view the details of the family’s need.
  • If you would like to bless the family you are viewing, simply select one or multiple needs to fulfill by supplying your information.
  • Once you have successfully selected a need, you will receive an email from KSBJ with instructions for the gift exchange, the Coordinator’s contact information and a reminder of the family and need(s) you selected.
  • Simultaneously, the Coordinator will also receive an email notifying them that you have selected a need of the Family, instructions for the gift exchange as well as your information. All communications between the Giver and the Coordinator from this point forward is dependent on the Coordinator who is responsible for the fulfillment of the gift exchange as noted in the KSBJ Giving Tree Guidelines.

What if I don’t have access to a computer?

  • Giving Tree is strictly an online tool, we are unable to process Family Selections not processed electronically.
  • You may want to consider going to a local library or ask a friend to help you make your selection online.

How do I know what the family needs?

  • All needs are listed inside the description page for each family.
  • Gifts must be purchased as new; no used or gently used will be accepted.

How does the family receive my gifts?

  • The Coordinator is solely responsible for coordinating the details for the gift transaction with the Family.

Will I be able to meet the family I select?

  • Face to face engagement is solely based on the families’ willingness to meet which will be determined through communication with the Coordinator.

What happens if a need isn’t met?

  • Once a need is posted, there is no guarantee that the need will be selected by donors.
  • We encourage you to continue to pray for God’s provision for the families in need and be on the lookout for other possible resources that may be available to offer them help.
  • You can share the needs with others on Facebook, Twitter, or Email via with the share buttons on each need description page