2013 KSBJ Giving Tree FAQ

What is Giving Tree?

  • The KSBJ Giving Tree is a campaign that mobilizes the community to help individuals and families with legitimate needs due to dire circumstances they are facing.
  • Launched over 20 years ago, KSBJ Giving Tree connects families with needs to individuals and families who would like to help meet those needs by providing gifts to the “nominated” family.
  • In addition to KSBJ listener nominations this year, we’ve partnered with ACAM to serve the families that they assist throughout the year during Christmas season. We are thrilled to join with ACAM to bring the voice of Hope to families throughout the Greater Houston Area.

Who is ACAM?

  • The Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries’ (ACAM) serves as a safety net to our city. Established in 2004, ACAM is a 501(c)(3) member support organization committed to supporting excellence in social services and organizational development for Community Assistance Ministries (CAMs) in the Greater Houston area. Click here for more information at the ACAM website

What is new this year?

  • NOMINATOR criteria validation – new criteria has been established for the KSBJ family NOMINATOR. Due to unfortunate fraudulent actions in previous Giving Tree campaigns, this criteria process has been established for the protection of the KSBJ nominator, giver and families in need. Click here for Nominator Criteria
  • FAMILY criteria validation – new criteria has been established for the families in need submitted for consideration into the Giving Tree campaign. Due to fraudulent actions in previous Giving Tree campaigns, the criteria validation process has been established for the protection of the KSBJ nominator, giver and family in need. Click here for Family Criteria
  • Our partnership with ACAM - why this is important? Families served by ACAM ministries are supported throughout the year and not just during the Christmas season.
  • Specific drop-off schedule for ACAM Families – The gifts purchased for the families in need associated with ACAM will have specific drop off locations and times associated with each family. Deadline for the ACAM gift drop off is Friday, December 13, 2013.
  • Click here for a complete list of ACAM ministries drop of locations
  • Click here for a complete list of ACAM ministries drop off schedule
  • New web tool – we have developed a new Giving Tree online tool for a better user experience and to support the growth of the Giving Tree campaign.

What is the Giving Tree timeline?

  • Monday, November 11—KSBJ family nominations begin
  • Saturday, November 23— Family Selection Process begins
  • Wednesday, November 27—DEADLINE for ALL verification documents
  • Monday, December 9—All accepted nominations posted
  • Friday, December 13—DEADLINE to drop off gifts for the ACAM Families
  • Sunday, December 15—Family selection process closes
  • Friday, December 20—DEADLINE to deliver gifts for the KSBJ Families

How can I nominate a family? What are the criteria?

How do I know if my nomination was accepted? How long will it take?

  • If your nomination has been accepted, the family nominated will be posted on the KSBJ Giving Tree tool.
  • All accepted nominations will be posted to the Giving Tree tool by Monday, December 9, 2013

Why would my nomination be rejected?

  • Nominations will be rejected if required credentials are not received by Wednesday, November 27, 2013.
  • Nominations will be rejected if any of the required credentials cannot be verified. You can email questions to givingtree@ksbj.org.
  • If your nomination has been rejected, you will receive an email from the KSBJ Giving Tree team.
  • Please note all deadlines are FINAL, no exceptions will be made.

How do I select a family to give to?

Visit the Giving Tree page on KSBJ.org and follow these steps:

  • Select the drop-off location (designated on the map with a red pin) that is most convenient for you. This is important because your gifts must be dropped off at this location!
  • Browse the list of ACAM nominated families and KSBJ nominated families
  • Choose the family that you would like to bless.
  • Choose the needs that you commit to fulfill (you may select one or all needs for this family)

What is the difference between ACAM nominated families and KSBJ nominated families?

  • ACAM Families will remain anonymous, honoring ACAM’s confidentiality commitment to their clients and will not meet the Giver to exchange gifts.
  • KSBJ Families will be identified and have the option to meet the Giver if they so choose.

What if I don’t have access to a computer?

  • Giving Tree is strictly an online tool, we are unable to process Family Selections not processed electronically.
  • You may want to consider going to a local library or ask a friend to help you make your selection online.

How do I know what the family needs?

  • All needs are listed inside the description page for each family.
  • Gifts must be purchased as new; no used or gently used will be accepted.

How does the family receive my gifts?

  • ACAM Families – Your gifts must be delivered to the designated drop-off location assigned to your family during requested drop off schedule for that ministry. All gifts MUST include the Family ID #, gifts without will NOT be accepted. ACAM will then distribute the gifts to your family.
  • KSBJ Families – The Nominator is solely responsible for coordinating the details for the gift transaction with the Family.

Will I be able to meet the family I select?

  • ACAM families will remain anonymous, due to the requested privacy for the families who are processed through social work programs.
  • KSBJ families will be identified; however face to face engagement is solely based on the families’ willingness to meet.

Can I take my gift for an ACAM Family to any drop-off location?

  • No, your gifts must be taken to your selected family’s assigned drop-off location
  • The drop-off locations are at the ministries currently serving them in the area of town most convenient for the family.

What all do I need to include with my gift?

  • In order to ensure your gifts are given to the correct family, you must attach the family’s number to each item that you drop-off.
  • You can use our premade GT tags if you would like, visit KSBJ.org for more details.

May I give a gently used gift?

  • No, all gifts given to the families must be new.

What if I can’t drop-off the gifts during the hours listed?

  • The ACAM drop-off schedule and locations are FINAL.

What happens if a need isn’t met?

  • Once a need is posted, there is no guarantee that the need will be selected by donors.
  • We encourage you to continue to pray for God’s provision for the families in need and be on the lookout for other possible resources that may be available to offer them help.
  • You can share the needs with others on Facebook, Twitter, or Email via with the share buttons on each need description page.