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Welcome to Tanzania
July 18, 2018 BY Rob Trahan

Loved ones,

Forgive my tardiness in sending you my first update. This is honestly the first opportunity I have had to collect my thoughts and put them into written words.

Today is Wednesday. Karen and I arrived here in Kigoma Monday afternoon after a particularly long set of flights (leaving Houston at 7:40am on Saturday.) It takes a LONG time to get to Australia, but thankfully there is now a direct flight from Houston. That’s not the case here. We had four stops (Washington, DC, Zurich, Nairobi, and Dar Es Salaam) before we arrived in Kigoma. Those all add quite a bit of time to the trip. The upside is that you can get off the plane and stretch your legs.

Monday afternoon had me checking and adjusting all of the new equipment in the installation for the live broadcasts we are here to help Radio Joy begin. The station has been on the air for about two years. But, to this point, all of their work has been pre-recorded. Now, it’s time to introduce live-broadcasting to their portfolio. As many of you may remember, I was here with a team of KSBJ supporters a year ago to begin this training. This week, we review, re-train, and (the Lord willing) begin live broadcast on Thursday afternoon. We will leave on Friday morning.

Today will be “hands-on” training for all of the presenters teaching them how to adjust levels, audition songs, conduct phone interviews, etc. while talking live into a microphone. That sounds easier than it will be for many here, so I thank you in advance for your prayers.

There are still a few electronic hurdles to jump through. I’ve had to rely on my decades of watching great audio engineers to try and provide troubleshooting for the technical side of things. That’s a stretch for me, but I am thankful that so far, God has given me wisdom I didn’t think I had.

Thanks for your prayers. I hope to get you one or two more reports before I leave.

Blessings to each of you.

Jon & Karen

Israel, Day 6
March 16, 2018 BY Web Administrator
Israel, Day 6


You know you’re on sensory overload when you notice the date stamp on your iPhone photos and say “Wow, that was TODAY?”

I just returned from a Shabbat (Sabbath) dinner with our KSBJ listeners. You may know that for a Jew, Saturday (Shabbat) actually begins at sundown on Friday. In our hotel, there is a Shabbat elevator that stops on every floor so that the ultra-religious Jew doesn’t have to “work” by hitting any buttons. As I was riding down from the 6th floor tonight with a nice Jewish lady, she turned to me at floor #2 and said “sometimes it’s hard being religious.” True words, and one of the things that Christ gave his life for. Trying to earn His favor by doing, or not doing anything is not only hard — it’s fruitless.

For Karen and me, today was a day of introspection and reflection. We went to two museums. At the first one, The Israel Museum, we saw the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Aleppo Codex. Google them. The second Museum was the Holocaust Museum. As we walked, reading descriptions of the powerful images, Karen asked and answered a key question while looking at displays filled with Nazi propaganda. “How can an entire nation sink into such madness? By following a madman!” The museum was enlightening but very disturbing. Anti-Semitism is so ugly. But I believe I have better insight into why Jews have such a hard time believing Christians when we say we love them.

Tomorrow is a day at the lowest place on earth, The Dead Sea. There we’ll see Qumran (where the scrolls were found back in 1947.) Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and David’s Falls (where David hid from King Saul) are also on the itinerary along with Masada. Then, it’s back to the hotel to pack for a 4am departure for the Airport on Sunday.

Back to my photos now trying to remember all that we saw. See you soon,


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