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Christian City Fellowship

5243 Texas 36

Sealy, Texas


Tickets on sale:
Monday, May 20, 2013


Ticket Options:

$80.00 + Reg Fees for non-chartered boys
$68.00 + Reg Fees for chartered boys


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Category: Special-Interest


Target Audience: Teens


General Info Email: info@stxroyalrangers.com


Website: http://www.stxroyalrangers.com/JLTA/registration.aspx


Event Details:


We have an exciting weekend of Adventure Training Camps planned for boys starting June 28 thru June 30. Boys that are looking for a chance to learn some valuable skills and have a great time in a Christian environment will love this weekend. Boys do not need to be chartered as Royal Rangers or have outdoor camping experience to attend.  During our Junior Training Academy we will be offering 7 different camp tracks where highly skilled instructors will provide the boys an unforgettable experience. From Chef Camp to Shooting Sports this year is going to a great experience.

- In Chef Camp the boys will learn from trained chefs about how to properly prepare and present the top quality food. This camp will provide a restaurant quality meal for graduation.

Frontier Skills
- In the Frontier skills camp the boys will live in a frontier environment, eating frontier food and sleeping in frontier tents. They will step back in time and learn how to make frontier items.

- Bear Grylls is not coming but we have a couple of instructors who will take to boys into the woods where they will learn to survive with what they have with them. Learning how to creatively get out of difficult situations will be the heart of this camp.

- In the Carpentry camp the boys will get the chance to safely learn to use power tools to layout and build a playground structure. The boys will not be watching but rather they will be led by the instructors to construct this cabin-style structure.

- How many times do you get to learn to fish from someone who actually knows how? Here is your chance. The instructors will take the boys and spend as much time on the water as possible this weekend. You can’t learn to fish in the classroom. Let’s go catch something!

- What does it take to take really professional photos? Good equipment and excellent training. At this Photography camp boys will spend the weekend shooting pictures in different environments. They will shoot portraits and action shots. Grab your camera and let’s go take some photos!

Shooting Sports
- Shooting sports is always a great activity but spending a weekend learning from a couple of NRA instructors and lifetime hunters is way over the top. Boys will be honing their skills while shooting shotguns and rifles and learning proper care and safety of firearms.



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