Hospitality comes from the core word which means hospice, a place of healing, comfort, and care. It’s not about impressing people, but rather giving others a message about their value. It’s saying God sees you, and I see you. Let’s sit down at the table and share a meal, and be honest about our lives and our longings to be seen. This is why the table matters. The table gives us a place to not only nourish our bodies, but also our hearts.

    – Tammy Maltby

    Hosts Tammy & Tootie

    Cookin’ up a Good Time will equip you to be the voice of hope, connecting people to God in your home. It’s certain to serve up messages of encouragement that’ll keep you coming back for second, third and fourth helpings!

    Cookin’ Up a Good Time is exactly what we do. It is our joy to create a home filled with laughter, great music, mouthwatering aromas, and meaningful conversations around today’s table. We invite you to be our guests.

    We will take the lessons we’ve learned and share them with you, whether it’s cooking our favorite delicious new recipes, offering tips for transforming your home into a sanctuary or discovering the how to’s of hospitality. Our goal is to inspire and equip you to open your home, share a meal, listen to one another’s stories, and find strength and encouragement in caring about each other’s hopes, dreams and disappointments.

    We pray that Cookin’ up a Good Time will help you experience the joy and supernatural blessings that come with providing biblical hospitality to others, and in doing so, may God use your home for Kingdom events.

    Tips & Recipes

    • Hosting Made Easy
      Hosting Made Easy

      Hospitality can be stress-free! Download these five simple tips to help you host your next gathering with ease.

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    • Cookin Table
      Cookin Table

      Here’s a helpful acronym from Tammy to remind you of the keys to great hospitality. Just think “T-A-B-L-E.”

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      About Tammy…

      Tammy Maltby is a speaker, author and media personality with a heart for helping women live rich, authentic lives. Through the gift of hospitality, she mentors women to embrace community and connect through faith and food. Tammy empowers women to start simply but simply start! A ten-year cohost of the two time Emmy-winning NRB-TV talk show of the year Aspiring Women, Tammy has been featured on hundreds of radio and television programs, including Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, Life Today with James and Betty Robinson, The 700 Club, Midday Connection and CBN’s Living the Life. She was the ongoing emcee for the John Maxwell’s international THRIVE! events.

      She is the mother of four grown children, two of whom are internationally adopted and four beautiful grandsons. Tammy makes her home in Colorado with her husband.

      More information can be found at www.tammymaltby.com


    • Tootie Portrait

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      About Tootie…

      Yvette Maher, lovingly known as “Tootie,” is currently serving as Executive Pastor at New Life Church where she oversees the children’s, community and women’s ministries. She has previously served as senior communication specialist at Focus on the Family. In her 20 year tenure, Tootie has authored many articles for Focus on the Family magazines and appeared frequently on the daily broadcast and in Weekend Magazine.She also hosted the live weekly webcast, Your Family Live! In addition, she is now an accomplished author with her first book, “My Hair & God’s Mercies..New Every Morning”. She is a frequent speaker at women’s conferences and retreats around the globe. After leaving Kentucky for the Rocky Mountains, she met and married Tom. Her title aside, Tootie considers their three grown children and five grandchildren as her greatest accomplishments.

      Tootie’s experience at Focus on the Family has given her valuable insight and a heightened sensitivity to the many challenges people face in today’s society. Her combination of an engaging and humorous personality, along with knowledge of spiritual principles and truths, allows her to encourage people to value their God-given design and to impact their homes, communities and the world for Christ.