What Your Gift Will Do


Your gift …

  • Brings the right song at just the right time. We literally see souls saved and lives changed for Christ.
  • Shares community resources - Ministry spotlights, school programs, church announcements help our communities become stronger.
  • Engages people in prayer - Prayer stations, prayer wall, prayer volunteers and our Prayer & Care line provide prayer where and when it’s needed most.
  • Provides safe places to take your family and be spiritually renewed such as our brown bag concerts.
  • Helps Community Ministries succeed - Backpacks for children; Souper Bowl of Caring to feed the hungry; Giving Tree for needy families, Star of Hope blankets, Pregnancy Crisis Center, disaster relief and so much more are possible because of you.
  • Expands stations for God as KSBJ mentors other stations both in the United States and around the world.
  • Improves families through education such as Marriage Conference, Girl’s Night Out, Born to be Wild (the Men’s event), and more.
  • Provides syndicated features to keep you uplifted and informed such as Proverbs 31, Focus Minutes, Tony Evans and Max Lucado.
  • Gives hope to our youth with the encouraging music and message in the music of their generation. They find a place to belong.

Lives Impacted by KSBJ

Because you choose to give back to the Lord through KSBJ and NGEN, lives are impacted and changed each day. You are…

  • …helping with our daily struggles, read what J. has to say.
    THANK YOU to KSBJ FOR SHINING GOD’S LIGHT SSSOOO BRIGHT BECAUSE I KNOW IT HAS & STILL CONTINUES TO HELP ME TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP WHEN I DON’T THINK I CAN!!! There has been sssooo many times, countless times, when I have been going thru something & God has used KSBJ to speak directly to me thru playing the perfect songs at the exact right time when I needed to hear that God is there, He does care for me, everything is going to be okay, & He does Love me & to speak the perfect words thru them at just the right moments!!! NOW ALL OF THAT IS JUST SSSOOO PRICELESS TO ME!!! THANK YOU KSBJ!!!
  • …bringing Victory, read Richard’s story.
    Richard began to use drugs when he was 12 and continued into his early 30’s. He had a failed marriage, 4 kids but no relationship with any of them. He was out of work, homeless, and living on the streets. But whenever he could, he would listen to KSBJ. A radio was hard to come by but it brought him such peace whenever he could listen. His heart had opened to the gospel. One day, his sister who working with a ministry that reaches out to the homeless on the streets, found him! The ministry led him to faith in Christ and helped him get the help he needed. He has now been drug free for 10 months and wants to give back to others. Today he is working full time, his marriage is back together, and he is a regular listener to KSBJ. So when he heard the call for prayer volunteers for this special project “If We’re Honest,” he wanted give back by praying for others who are in the same situation that he was in. So often when people have been saved out of so much, they have so much to give back to our listeners. Because KSBJ was there for them when they were at their lowest they want to help someone else who is in that same situation. Prayer brings our victories full circle. - Mike Hooper, Director, Prayer Initiatives.
  • …helping answer prayers. Read what Curtis says.
    I just wanted to praise God for the AMAZING woman He put in my life. She is the strongest, most understanding, forgiving and patient women in the world and gives me constant strength to carry on in my life and in my spiritual walk. She is the warmth and joy of my day and the love she so graciously shows me is a DIRECT reflection of the love God has for us, and I can feel it. Her and her love makes me want to love better, to be better, and to be the Man God created me to be to lead this family. I have so much respect and love for this woman that I feel like I am going to BURST and I don’t care who knows that I am in love with Bianca and she is the greatest blessing the Lord has put in my life. THANK You, Jesus. I know you have forgiven me for my mistakes and have washed me clean, made me new, because of this new day, this new life you have put into my soul. I want my eyes, my mind and my heart to be opened to Jesus’s call. Thank you KSBJ for your constant support. You have influenced our lives impossibly so and lit the fire in my heart to seek out God’s grace again. This life and my soon-to-be marriage - have ya’ll to thank for getting me right. I would not be complete and hopeful without hearing the right message at the right time. A MILLION times thank you!! God bless. My chains are broken and though they will try to attack and shackle me down again I don’t have to fear them any more knowing that I have God’s love and forgiveness always and He has blessed me with the support of the most incredible, brilliant, woman on this earth. My heart is going to burst. I needed this awakening.
  • …bringing comfort exactly when its needed. Here’s what an NGEN listener said.
    Exactly 1 year ago my life was turned upside down when I got a phone call at 2 am saying my favorite uncle, who was like a father figure to me as I grew up without a dad, and my 13 year old cousin were killed in a head on collision with an 18 wheeler. I have experienced many struggles and trials of tribulation in my life but never like that. My uncle and cousin were killed and two of my other cousins were left in critical condition. I remember falling to my knees as I was out that night and crying out to God. Never had I cried so much. I had heard about NGEN radio starting up and for some reason I downloaded the app that night as I sat in my truck not knowing what to do or say. A song came on right after I did that by KB it will be alright. Never had I needed to hear those words as much as I did then. Through many dark times I have faced those words held true. It has now been a year later from that accident. My two cousins lived by the grace of God, healed and are now thriving. We may have lost two angels then but I know both were believers and are living in heaven now with our Lord and gracious God who is mighty to save. Thanks NGEN radio for this past year of being able to listen to you guys nonstop! It has been such a joy and my life has been truly blessed!
  • …sharing Joy, see what Cathy shared.
    We love listening to NGEN on the way to school and getting ready for work and school. My 9 year old son loves to listen to you guys especially on days he has to go the children’s hospital. Hearing Soul Glow yesterday put a big smile on his face even after being sedated for a MRI. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your gifts enable us to transmit via the web all around the world. Here are some love notes from remote places in the world.

  • From Northern Indiana.
    Just wanted you to know KSBJ is on in the Golf Coaches office at a small Catholic college (Ancilla College) in Northern Indiana! Our only family vacation took us to Galveston, stumbled on KSBJ, now is the ONLY thing I listen to when at work or home. God Bless all of you, Coach Green.
  • Return home to the Netherlands.
    I visited Houston for the Ad Deum dance company almost 30 days in May. I listened to KSBJ every day for 2,5 hours in my rental car on my way to the dance studio. It was my time of worship prayer and being reminded of God’s enormous love for us. I am in Cleveland (Ohio) now and will return home to the Netherlands in August. KSBJ goes with me online! Thank you! Martina, The Netherlands
  • From Fargo, North Dakota.
    Greetings from Fargo, ND! I can stream from thousands of radio stations, but I choose KSBJ. Really enjoy the whole KSBJ programming package and personalities. Wanted you to know that you are reaching more people than the Houston Texas area. I may not pay attention to the weather or traffic news but most everything else! Thank you for making my day a great day! Joe, Fargo ND
  • In Monterrey, Mexico.
    I started my day quite early today and decided to turn the radio on… I’m in Monterrey, Mexico but get to listen to you online. Anyways, I just wanted to share that everything that you guys have shared this morning has been speaking to my soul. I have been struggling with stress, worrying about work and keeping up with the house that I tend to forget about the One I should trust. Being able to listen to you guys all the way down here has been a true blessing and the Lord has always talked to me through your shows and songs played. Thank you! Jenn, Monterrey Mexico
  • Currently in Melbourne, Australia.
    We are currently in Melbourne, Australia but praying to return back to Houston as early as December this year. We are so very thankful for the ministry that KSBJ and NGEN have in our home city of Houston and around the world. We have currently been expats 8 years this time and we are ready to return home, if that is the path the Lord has for us!! I received an email for a friend yesterday that just wanted me to know about a Christian radio station in Nigeria that had received help/support from you guys and had won an award. She is currently in Abu Dhabi (from Houston) but we were together in Nigeria with ExxonMobil. This world really becomes small when you have the blessing of knowing folks all around it. Shelly, Melbourne