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He Will Provide!

June 24, 2016 by Dale

If God tells you to do something, HE will provide the means! God will keep His word & His promises to you!

My 30 dollar switch

June 22, 2016 by Chels

I made a $30 a month switch. I am not able to go to the gym anymore, so those membership fees are now directed towards KSBJ.

Car accident changed my life

June 21, 2016 by CONNIE

When I picked up my rental car, the radio station in the car was set to KSBJ.

I Have a Story to Tell

June 09, 2016 by Joshewa

On August 5, 2004 I lost my life. But then to get it back is an extraordinary thing

KSBJ is such an encouragement

June 06, 2016 by Lesley-Carron Brink

The times when I feel down or discouraged I turn on KSBJ and God will speak to me through the song you are playing!

Long-Time Listener

May 31, 2016 by Emily

Looking back over the many years of listening to KSBJ, I realize the power it's had in my life.


May 26, 2016 by Phyllis

God answered my prayers and healed my pain!


May 24, 2016 by Kristie

Making a difference

Believing in the Power of Prayer

May 18, 2016 by Shannon

God provided a miracle for the care of my mom.

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

May 16, 2016 by Frank

I came close to death many times, but there is a reason why I am still here!

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