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May 21, 2018 by Don



Broken Hallelujah

I was having problems in my marriage, and after some best efforts on my part (therapy, daily scripture study and prayer, among other things) things seemed a little better, but then one day everything came crashing down. I was very discouraged for several days. Normally I’m a regular listener to KSBJ on my way to and from work but for those few days I felt so hopeless that I didn’t even want to turn on the radio. I didn’t feel like reading from the Bible or praying really. The words at the beginning of the song Broken Hallelujah exactly described how I felt: “I can barely stand right now, everything is crashing down, and I wonder where you are.” I would ask God exactly that: “Where are you? I’ve been making my best efforts but it has come crashing down again.” I would ask him that over and over again during those days. I listened to Broken Hallelujah at work over and over again. Even though I didn’t have the radio on during my commute, I had alot of the songs that play on KSBJ playing in my mind. Not only Broken Hallelujah, but several others. After a few days, my wife and I were finally able to come to an understanding. I began to feel a little more encouraged. Not quite enough to turn the radio back on, but as I was processing and contemplating the events, and my feelings over the past few days, I realized that God was with me in the songs that played over and over in my head, even when I had the radio off. I had been asking God: “Where are you?” And He had been with me the entire time through the songs that I had heard on KSBJ that were playing over and over in my head. I had not been abandoned after all. Thanks and praise be to our almighty and loving God!!

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