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May 21, 2018 by Darlene



Coming Back From Homelessness

While I was living in a homeless shelter, I would listen to KSBJ on my transistor radio and when I had tapes would record my favorite songs so that I could listen to them any time. In 1999 I landed a very good job and so I had to start giving back to KSBJ for the many blessings and the encouragement received that kept me going. KSBJ reminded me to be brave, that God was with me, and I would overcome.  I prayed that a station close by would sell to KSBJ so there wouldn’t be so much interference and static.  I still have those tapes and play them every now and then just to remind me how far I have come and how far KSBJ has come. God is good. There is NO static or interruption now. You come in loud and clear. So nice!  Thank you for never giving up either! God bless all at KSBJ for keeping up the good work of reaching those out here who need something beautiful to hang on to!

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