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November 21, 2017 by Lisa



A new liver - a new life

My son has been ill with End Stage Liver Disease for almost 8 years and was managing well… but in January 2017 he fell critically ill and I was told he had “3-6 months to live” and needed a liver transplant and then the doctor said “oh yeah and you better have good insurance because this is a Million Dollar surgery”!  I had heard the stories of waiting for months and even years on a transplant list, and I knew my son didn’t have that much time. I also knew that I didn’t have a million dollars to pay for the surgery. My son was already out of work (too ill) and had only a basic policy. I only hoped it would cover some of the cost.

This is when I began to pray constantly. My son and I prayed over the phone and in person every single day. We asked some simple things of God: (1) please heal him (heal this disease, provide the new liver, etc) and (2) please work financial miracles to allow us to pay for this transplant and the life-long expensive medications he must take.

Today, I stand amazed in His presence (to borrow words from a great song). My son was medically managed for a few months to get him strong enough to withstand the surgery and give him his best chance.  Then he was placed on the UNOS Transplant list on June 21st. We received a phone call on June 25th that his surgeon had a donor liver.  4 DAYS IS AN AMAZING TESTAMENT TO GOD’S PLAN!!

Also, during the evaluation period (2 weeks prior to being placed on the list), we met with the Financial Counselor who said “Yes, his insurance covers the transplant and by the way… you have NO out of pocket maximums and you have NO lifetime or transplant maximums.  Also, you’ve already met this year’s maximum out of pocket, so there are no more co-pays this year.”

God had heard my prayers and exceeded my expectations. (Of course He did - That’s how God works)  My son is doing great today (10 days post transplant). He’s home, walking around, smiling and feeling stronger and better every single day.  It’s hard to mentally understand that he no longer has liver disease!!  The old liver is gone and his new one is perfectly healthy in every way!!  We both know that this is God’s work, and we give Him the praise and all the credit for what’s happened in His life.

My son also says that he knows God kept him here for a reason and he wants to use his story and his life in a positive way to speak to others and give them hope, and to lead them to Christ. Please pray for his continued healing and good health, and pray that he finds how God wants to use him now. 

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November 21, 2017 by Lisa



Beauty for Ashes

After my daughter was born, I began having repressed memories of childhood trauma come back in the form of flashbacks and body memories.  It has taken years of therapy and God’s strength to get me to the other side and allow me to heal.  KSBJ was always there to encourage me as well.  Voice of Truth and Overcomer have been my anthems in the darkest times.  God has blessed me with what I thought might never be possible.  He has given me the Beauty for my ashes.  Evil meant to harm and destroy me, but GOD gave me refuge and strength and love and joy.  I give HIS holy and powerful name all the glory.

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November 21, 2017 by Maria



Jehovah Rapha

I turned my radio on last Tuesday and realized Sharathon has started and I felt this ardent desire to volunteer.  So after a late volunteer registration with a follow-up e-mail to Steven, Volunteer Coordinator,  it would be by God’s grace that I would be accepted. A few hours later, voila, I received an acceptance e-mail back and I’m a Sharathon volunteer for the first time ever this year (although it has been my desire for many years past)!

Wednesday morning came and I started having shoulder pain. I told the devil that if this his way of stopping me, to forget it as I strongly intend to go even with the possibility of bad weather brewing.. Pain patch in the morning while getting ready to go; a silent prayer to the Holy Spirit for me to remember what we were told during midday phone volunteer training and not to be overwhelmed; an Advil in the early afternoon and I got through my shift happy and tired by the time I got home. I slept well without waking up in the middle of that night. 

Just before Prayathon volunteer duty started Wednesday mid-morning, my shoulder pain started aching and I twice thought of taking Advil but didn’t. I was at first intimidated by how the Prayathon was going to be done, each one leading a prayer, as it was my first time in this kind of event but I just left it in the hands of the Holy Spirit.  We prayed intensely for several hours for all the listed intentions and I was able to raise my arms up to God several times. I was exhausted after the session and had to sit for a while in the lobby before driving my almost hour-long drive back home. Later cooked, washed dishes and several heavy pots/pans from yesterday and today. It is now 10:10 pm and I do not have any shoulder pain. Thank you JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT that my pain went away and for not having any anxiety attack and for confirming to me I am employable!!  You see, I haven’t worked in the past 10 months due to anxiety, short term memory issues, being easily distracted, multiple joint, muscle problems, fear and uncertainty. Meanwhile, I have grown to know Jesus more during that time and the verse: “You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free” and the verse,  ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life’’ now hold such deeper meanings. 

Thank you DEAR GOD for KSBJ and all the wonderful and supportive people, staff and volunteers, I met these past 2 days smile Thank you guardian angel for doing such a great job watching over me and keeping me safe. In everything, to GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

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November 21, 2017 by Robby



KSBJ is God sent

KSBJ has been on my vehicle radio for about 4 years now and it very rarely is changed. I began listening to KSBJ when my daughter who is turning 4 in August was born. She was born in Sugarland and within 24 hours was life-flighted to the medical center where she stayed for 4 weeks. I asked for prayers via KSBJ online one morning as we almost lost her the night before, within 2-3 hours the prayer request was on the radio for millions to hear. The power of prayer worked (God is Awesome) because she is with us today!!! Moving forward I’ve had my own struggles with my faith and when I’m down and feeling my lowest KSBJ always seems to play the right song at the right time and I often catch myself laughing out loud while driving to work listening to Carder and Rachelle. I would have never thought Christian radio could be so powerful in so many ways.

Thank you for all you do and thank you for bringing God into my ears daily!!!!

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November 21, 2017 by Christina



He knows it all!

If I am going through the storm, mine is a hurricane right now: Job issues, a flooded home and temporary relocation, and marital problems. I’ve been clinging to God like a leech! Despite all that is going on I’ve been telling God that I will trust Him.

I LOVE the song “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle. The words fit me so well and I listen to it every day just to remind myself that trusting in Him is the only way I am going get through this. As I am driving to work, I wanted to hear the song but didn’t want to wreck trying to reach for my phone to play it on Bluetooth. I thought to myself, “As soon as I get to the red light I’m going to play that song.” At that exact moment, KSBJ played the song. I burst into tears. I mean, really….out of the millions of songs that KSBJ could have played but the very song I needed to hear, wanted to hear came on. It made me realize that God was confirming to me that HE is with me. I felt as if He spoke to me and said, “Just trust me, I know exactly what you need and I am listening to your every prayer.” I don’t believe in coincidence - I believe in God and I have no doubt it was Him behind all that. I KNOW that He has a plan and a purpose for all that is going on. I can’t see it right now but I am laying everything down and putting all my hope and trust in Him. Thank you KSBJ for sharing His light daily through your program! You touch my life every day. God bless!!

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November 21, 2017 by Marilyn



There is Power in the name of Jesus

I had just gotten on highway 99 and was heading north to work.  It was about 5:30 in the morning.  It was dark and cloudy and I thought it looked like we were in for some big storms.  I had my radio turned on to KSBJ (as always) and the song came on, “There is Power in the Name of Jesus”.  I was singing at the top of my lungs (luckily there was no one else in the car to hear me).

I had just sang out, “THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS” when a huge bolt of lightening came down and struck the pavement right in front of my car!  I was going 70 mph and didn’t have the time or thought to even slow down.  The only thing I thought of was WOW!!!  There IS Power in the name of Jesus!  I thanked Jesus for keeping me safe and praised him for showing me his power!  It was awesome.  I wasn’t scared; I was in Awe.  I told some people about it, but they didn’t get it.  Most said it was a good thing it didn’t hit my car.  I told them, that’s not the point…it’s what Jesus showed me.  They just looked at me.  I sighed and went on my way knowing in my heart that Jesus was showing me something special.  Glory to God!

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November 21, 2017 by Travis



The Eye Of The Tornado

When I was 5 years old, my dad got me up early one weekend morning because he wanted to show me something. A very severe thunderstorm was going on outside! I was by myself in my bed. I couldn’t get any sleep! But my dad came into the room and picked me up out of bed. He took me into his room and put me down in front of the atrium door. I had a front row seat to the storm outside. He leaned over and pointed out the window. He told me I can see IT when there were big lightning flashes. I waited for it. When the next big lightning flash happened, I squinted in the direction he pointed and saw my first tornado. As a reflected on that scene years later I realized the good Lord was showing me that he is always there by my side amidst the storm. Just like my dad was. Whenever I was with my dad I never was afraid. Because I knew my dad would handle any problem. Any storm. And I still believe it. It’s the same way we all should feel about our good Lord. Whenever we have storms and tornadoes in our life, remember what the good Lord said to the stormy lake: “Peace! Be still!” Be still and know that He is God! The eye of the tornado! God bless you all!

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November 21, 2017 by Wanda



God’s miracle

On October 10, 2016 my son and his friend were going back to Christ for the Nation in Dallas. 70 miles from Dallas they had a roll over, 4 times and landed upside down into incoming traffic. At that very moment I was listening to KSBJ playing “King of the World” by Natalie Grant. I felt in my spirit to pray for the boys. Few minutes later I got the call that they have been in an accident. Praise God, the car was totaled but they came out of that accident alive without any injuries, broken bones or anything. Not even their glasses broke. The car that was coming in the opposite directions had a registered nurse. She cut them out as they were upside down. We lost the car but I gain a new sense of God. He is the King of the World and he holds us in the palm of his hands. PRAISE GOD….

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November 21, 2017 by ayesha



Caleb healing

In 2011, our second son Caleb was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was just 2 years old. It was devastating to know that he will be labeled special needs. We cried out to God for answers and he gave us KSBJ. Caleb listens only to KSBJ and at times when I forget to tune in, I hear this voice from behind saying “God listens KSBJ”; and mom put KSBJ on.
This month Caleb was due for another yearly test and that’s when I heard the Even If song by MercyMe. I felt like God was asking me “even if” I don’t heal Caleb, will you stay in faith, will you be joyful, will you look to Me.
The night we were in the hospital, I said Lord even if this test comes to another year of Caleb having seizures I will still trust You and Your timing.
A few days back, we got the results and NO SEIZURE WAS DETECTED IN CALEB. We jumped with joy giving Jesus all glory, honor and praise. We’re still weeping tears of joy after 8 years of saying “EVEN IF.” My Heavenly Father has finally done the impossible! Thank you KSBJ for always being there, playing the right music at the right time. Truly, God listens!

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November 21, 2017 by Ronni



Even IF…

My husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis C only 8 years after we were married.  We knew that Christ had put us together to heal the wounds of our childhood, so GOD had a plan for us, and it wasn’t that he die from this!  We were told by well meaning doctors that he would be dead or living with a transplant in 15 years.  This month marks 7 years past that prophesied 15! Life has been a roller coaster, on and off drug therapies to stop the progression of the disease munching on his liver but last year he was declared by the Doctor’s at Baylor Medical Liver Ctr to be HepC free, with no transplant and all the anti rejection drugs that entails! We looked up all the healing scriptures we could find and declared them through our house.  Our prayer’s became , Father, your Word says….

One of our granddaughter’s had told us that Jesus promised to heal him and, Praise GOD, she was right.  We all have faith and know that our Father still works miracles. we held on for 22 years!  It’s not just because of this journey that we believe, though.  He lavishes us with his love, still healing and helping us overcome issues daily.  Once He’s cleansed you, it’s like a burden you didn’t even know you were carrying is lifted. His mercies truly are new every morning.  So obey and don’t worry about tomorrow for sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.  GOD is with you.  I enjoy letting KSBJ remind me of this daily! Thank you.

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