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May 21, 2018 by Denise Ratliff



Through The Storm

I was in Hurricane Katrina. I was very scared and I could see that right in front of my eyes was death. I walked through all that water in order to get where I had to go, but I still was scared and alone. I prayed and prayed, hoping that someone would come through and get me because it was very dark out there at night and very scary. People where still killing one another. I just got on my knees and asked God to please help me get me to a safe place where I could get my life back on track, and to watch over my family also. I finally got into a boat, and I cried and cried. I remember the officer saying that I would be OK now. I know this had to be God’s doing. I got somewhere safe, but I was still worried about my family there because they had my son as well.

God is so awesome! My life was gone right before my eyes, but I’m still here thanking God for all He has done for me. I want to get closer to God because I need him in my life today and forever.

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May 21, 2018 by Drew



Working Hard

I had a report I had to take notes on, and first I complained about doing it, but then I realized I needed to remember to Choose Joy. So I took notes and I thought about the Joy Pledge. And so I said it out loud. That is why I CHOOSE JOY!

I Choose Joy.
When I Keep My Eyes On Jesus, I Have Joy.
When I Lose It, I Will Choose It and Be Strong.

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May 21, 2018 by Selene



God’s Protection

After working so many extra hours at his job, my 23 year old son was so happy to be able to put some money aside for Christmas. He went to cash his check at about 7:30pm at a check cashing place. He then went to his car and separated the money he was saving for Christmas, and the money for his bills, and put part of it in his wallet. Afterwards, he headed to a Walgreens to pick up some things that were needed at home. As he exited his car and closed the door, two young males came from behind him and proceeded to rob him at gunpoint. One pointed a gun to his head and the other to his back. They took his money from his pocket which was about $500 and left in a hurry in a dark vehicle. My son was in shock and called the police to make a report when he got home.

I pray for God’s protection to be with us each and every day. I know God was there with him because they did not hurt him and I just want to say I am so thankful. I listen to KSBJ everyday and I am thankful for everything you do. This morning while listening, I was just so compelled to share this with you and to say thank you.

Material things can be replaced but one’s life cannot. God’s love is great and he never leaves our side even in our darkest hours.


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May 21, 2018 by Katherine Taylor




I want to tell you an amazing story of when I was in foster care. When I was in foster care, I was moved around from house to house until finally I was put into a wonderful family that adopted me in 2013, all because of God’s help. I want to thank God for everything.

I also want to tell kids that are in foster care that they shouldn’t give up hope. That God is there with them and He is going be with you every house and then He will know that this is the right family to be with. I know because it happened to me. I was moved from house to house, I was about to give up, until God finally helped me and answered my mom’s and dad’s prayers and they got their wish. I want to let kids know that God is there with them and they shouldn’t give up. God knows when it is a right time and if it is the right family to be with. Because now I am with a wonderful family that loves me, and there is a wonderful family that will love you too. Any foster kids who are reading this: DON’T GIVE UP! GOD IS THERE FOR YOU! And you will know when the time is right and when the family loves you - just like God loves us all!

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May 21, 2018 by Thessy




Everybody has a story of success, but mine goes like this: I finished my degree this year in May, and went to take my final exam full of confidence. However, I failed and when I went to retake the exam, I failed yet again. But the one thing that kept me going was the kind of music I listen to on KSBJ. The songs are so encouraging and made me know no matter how many times you fall, you have to rise and face the challenge.

Well I took the test for 3rd time and I passed with trust and hope in God. So with God all things are possible. If there is anything you are struggling with, know that God’s time is the best. At the appointed time God will perfect all that concerns you. He makes everything beautiful in His own time.

Praise be to God!

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May 21, 2018 by Kim



God’s Power

I know God is real, because last year on my son’s birthday, my husband and I were in a motocycle accident and walked away with only road rask! We have been riding for over 30 years and this was our FIRST accident.

But the truly amazing thing is that my son has been in 3 motorcycle wrecks this year (all someone else’s fault - running into him from behind) and has walked away from ALL 3 with NO injuries! God is great and awesome all the time!!!

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May 21, 2018 by angela



Houston You Are Not Alone

While I am sure many will share, I have to tell you guys how much it meant to me to see the world through God’s eyes last night. The folks behind me were Latino and Vietnamese. Others in front of me were African-American and mixed race. Everyone seemed to know all the songs - from Tasha Cobbs to Hillsong - and I was overwhelmed by the unity of voices, but more so the presence of God’s spirit. No pushing, no shoving, no biting commentary under their breath, just joy in the Lord and shared love for His grace after the storm. Thank you guys for showing me that the news is not the story of the USA in these trying times. God’s love transcended the news’ negativity and I drove home singing praises to God! Bless KSBJ for building common ground through Grace.

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May 21, 2018 by Kyle



Answered Prayers - Big & Small

God has answered the prayers of a little girl! Since we left our house on August 27, Lucinda (6yrs old) has been praying every night for her first pet that was left behind to weather the storm. Our home is located between the dams and is still under mandatory evacuation orders, so we have not been able to access it. I spoke with the team at Westside command and mentioned that I had a pet rescue that needed to take place 10 days after the storm. The team leaped into action with the precision and organization of a well-oiled machine - flood maps were consulted, current patterns were evaluated (we were in a high current area), vehicles were being scrambled… About 5 minutes into the planning, I was asked what type of animal needed to be rescued 10 days into the flood. This team was ready for anything - horses, rabbits, dogs, cats… I told them it was a fish. The sigh of disappointment was heard like thunder rumbling through the adhoc rescue team only to return seconds later with laughter. I reassured the team that I was serious, and that I thought there was a strong chance that the fish would be alive. The next day, a routine boat patrol was able to access the house and recover the fish. As funny as it seems, the fish is now back in the care of my daughter that loves it like only a mother can. Lucinda was reunited with her beloved fish last night and I captured her reaction on video.

From horses to fish, God knows the desires or our hearts and when two or more are gathered on bent knees, He hears our petitions and prayers.

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May 21, 2018 by Jorge



A Flooding Miracle

We prayed non-stop during the flooding that God would intervene and keep our home as well as our neighbors homes from being flooded and stranding us in what appeared to be the lake that surrounded us. Yesterday evening, as the water approached our homes,  I asked God for a miracle because I knew that the flooding of our homes was imminent and certain and only a miracle would stop the flood! Myself and our neighbors prepared as best we could by stacking our furniture within our respective homes to try and save what we could and constantly prayed. Well God answered with a miracle! The water dramatically receded during the night and never entered our homes…unbelievable but believable because ALL things are possible through Christ!!

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May 21, 2018 by Jenel



Angel Armies

I was being let go from my job, and I was heading into my last day when I heard a new song come on KSBJ. The words in this song stuck in my head and my heart - “The God of Angel Armies its always by my side”.  I held on to that phrase as I went through that very tough day. I had no idea where I would find my next job. It was a scary time. Leaving my job, I was listening to KSBJ again, and again I heard the song about the God of angel armies. Then I received a call for a job interview for the next day. Over the next 24 hours I continued to hear that song. I learned the name was “Whom Shall I Fear” by Chris Tomlin. Next day, I went for the interview. I wasn’t sure if I would be hired. Two days later I received a call that I had been offered the job and I accepted! It would be two weeks before I would start. During that two weeks I discovered that Chris Tomlin was going to be in concert in Houston. I had to go! So there I was amid hundreds of believers like myself singing my new anthem song with Chris Tomlin in concert. “Whom Shall I Fear” remains my anthem song almost 5 years later and I’m still at my job!

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