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December 12, 2017 by Stephanie



Husband Opening Up

My husband and I have had some martial issues that almost ended our marriage 5 years ago. The last 5 years have been an uphill battle to get to where we are today. We are both Christians but that incident left us mad at God. I started going back to church about a year ago and have been praying for my husband to come back as well. God is really working in my life and I am over the moon grateful for that. We have been in a rut lately with each of us doing our own thing. I have been in continuous prayer for my husband and our marriage. So I am looking for anything that can get us doing things together.
My husband loves music of all types. Me, not so much except for some country and Christian music. I noticed that Duran Duran was coming to concert in a few weeks and asked my husband if he wanted to go. Now mind you I have no clue who they are or what they sing I am just looking for anything to get us out together. He says no, he is not interested. So I drop it. The next morning he asks me if I wanted to go, I chuckled and said no I don’t even know what they sing. Then he asks me if there is a concert I would like to go to. Without hesitation I said that I really would like to go to the KSBJ Anniversary Concert this weekend. Without skipping a beat he tells me to get tickets. Let me tell you that was God and God alone. I am praying that my husband’s eyes and heart will be open to God once again through this event. Without KSBJ we would not have this opportunity. Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness to God, and for all that you do.

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December 12, 2017 by Brandon



Mental Health and Gods Healing

I started out as a typical college kid, then came under some bad influence from my cousins. I ended up consuming a spiked drink in college which led to a nervous breakdown, depression and suicidal thoughts. But then I found God and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and got the help I needed. Now I seek to raise awareness on Mental Illness and share my testimony with others across the globe. I am the author of a book: Madness To Ministry, My testimony, Your triumph. In the book, I share personal dark truths about my wrestling match with Mental Health and how I overcame; depression, feeling of neglect and suicidal thoughts. Peace and may God be with you!

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December 12, 2017 by Mackenzie Dodd



Giving my life to God

I was born in Louisiana and raised in Beijing, China. When I was 3, my mom noticed something wrong with me so she took me into the therapist and after some tests the therapists said Mackenzie will never be a normal girl, she wont graduate and will have to go to an all special Ed school for the rest of her life! My mom and family hated hearing that so I went through 2 years of occupational therapy and 3 years of physical therapy. I was a swimmer, but its funny because it started as part of my therapy and I feel in love with it so much that I continued to do it! I made varsity my sophomore year and made varsity districts as well as lettered and went to a qualifying meet that same year. I was made fun of and bullied throughout my school years, and people treated me like I had a disease or something. They would make fun of me for having special tutoring time, and looking different. They would tell me,“Who could ever love a girl with a learning disability? You have no friends. You’re dumb.”

After years of this I decided to go upstairs, shut the light off, and close the door and blinds so no one could see or hear me. I took my brother’s sword, kneeled down and was going to kill myself. I was crying for 40 min straight and a voice was saying, “Mackenzie, who could ever love a girl with a learning disability? You have no friends! No one loves you! You have no purpose in this world.” And kept saying that and then it got silent and so as I was about to take my life, another voice came and said calmly, “Mackenzie, I love you! I made you in my image! You have a purpose in this would. You may not know what it is yet, but you will soon! I gave you a learning disability because I know you could handle it out of all people. I want you to show Me through you in what I can do and to never give up faith in Me!” Right then and there, I dropped my sword and cried tears of joy because I was saved! My mom is a special Ed teacher so thank God, she knew what to do. I am now married to my best friend and he is in the army. We have a precious 13 month old son together. God is good!

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December 12, 2017 by Debbie



Not Just A Challenge

For anyone taking the 30-Day-Challenge, they will be absolutely surprised at the type of music, the fun and, of course, always an uplifting message. Some may think the music is like church hymns or old dirges, but it’s not. It’s refreshing, contemporary, upbeat and uplifting. I start each morning listening and it puts me in a frame of mind to go to work and be positive knowing the love of Christ. God bless KSBJ for the work you do all over the world!

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December 12, 2017 by Darlene



Coming Back From Homelessness

While I was living in a homeless shelter, I would listen to KSBJ on my transistor radio and when I had tapes would record my favorite songs so that I could listen to them any time. In 1999 I landed a very good job and so I had to start giving back to KSBJ for the many blessings and the encouragement received that kept me going. KSBJ reminded me to be brave, that God was with me, and I would overcome.  I prayed that a station close by would sell to KSBJ so there wouldn’t be so much interference and static.  I still have those tapes and play them every now and then just to remind me how far I have come and how far KSBJ has come. God is good. There is NO static or interruption now. You come in loud and clear. So nice!  Thank you for never giving up either! God bless all at KSBJ for keeping up the good work of reaching those out here who need something beautiful to hang on to!

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December 12, 2017 by Ruth



KSBJ Listener

I have been a KSBJ listener since it first went on the air. I actually started listening to the old radio station, KFMK, as a teenager. When KFMK went off the air and it was announced that eventually a new Christian radio station would be back on the air, I was skeptical. I waited with anticipation and was thrilled when KSBJ was born. I have never felt the need to change this station. I am not familiar with any of the other stations and my grandchildren now ask me if they are going to listen to Jesus music when they get in my car. My granddaughter, who is 11, now falls asleep, listening to KSBJ. I have had many happy times and many sad times, and KSBJ has been my constant companion. I have been through a marriage, unfortunately a divorce, death in the family, having children, with one of them being in the military, and now being a proud grandmother.  I am privileged to be able to listen to KSBJ at work, also.  You have made me laugh and you have made me cry!  I honestly don’t know what I would do, without being able to listen to you. You have encouraged me tremendously!  Thank you for your ministry and may God bless you richly.

Sincerely,  Ruth

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December 12, 2017 by Ronni



Isaiah’s Fall

I was in the gym when the phone rang and I chose to ignore it. My granddaughter, Addisyn, cousin to Isaiah, brought me the phone and looked me in the eyes telling me she believes I need to answer this. Her Aunt was almost unintelligible and distraught, but I understood there was an accident and life flight was involved. I drove to the apartment and Isaiah’s sister, my other granddaughter, Nevaeh, was strangely calm. She said Nana, “We need to pray. This is serious. There was blood everywhere.” I got her and her mother in the car, we called KSBJ, asked for prayer and the rest is history. The doctors thought he would have to relearn everything, but after 16 hours, he woke up, pulled the tubes out and asked why he was in the hospital. He still knew everyone, and wanted to swim and ride his bike like nothing had happened. He’s at grade level and spells and reads well. Hallelujah!! This was over two years ago around Easter and Isaiah still loves listening to God’s music on KSBJ.

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December 12, 2017 by Michelle



30 Day Challenge Update

I took the 30 day challenge several years ago when my kids were very young.  KSBJ was playing on my car radio every day when we were riding in the car together.  I didn’t think they paid any attention to it.  Then one day the jingle played, “89.3…”  From the back seat I heard a chorus of “KSBJ!”  Then I realized they were hearing everything played on my radio!  It became very important to me that they heard the right messages and we’ve been listening ever since.

Thanks for blessing us every day with your ministry!


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December 12, 2017 by Martha Hurtado



God Reset My Relationship

To make a long story short.  I started a relationship about ten months ago.  We started off good, going to church, and having a relationship with God, we wanted to do things right.  But slowly I began to leave the church and to listen to ungodly music and do my own thing.  The enemy tempted me to start doubting my boyfriend and I became jealous and then I finally broke it off.  The break up was hard on both of us, But we were letting God work on us and letting Him counsel and lead us.  If we were for each other, God will lead us back to each other.  We finally reconciled, and now love each other more than ever,  We attend church regularly now, and are reading the bible more.  Putting God first, is the only way to save a relationship.

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December 12, 2017 by Felita



Finding my faith and strength

I started listening to KSBJ in 2008, my only brother had just got arrested and was going to prison. I felt alone and useless because I could not help him. I had to be the strong one because my mom was so sad. In 2011, I had my first daughter at 28 weeks and she weighed 2lb 11oz at birth. In 2012, my dad was diagnosed with ALS and my step mom and I had to care for him. In 2014, my dad lost his battle with ALS and I felt like a piece of my heart was gone. If I hadn’t started listening to KSBJ, I don’t think I would of been able to deal with everything the way I did! When days are harder to deal with, listening to KSBJ lifts my spirits. I know God is always with me and that as long as my faith is strong there is nothing I can’t handle!

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