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May 20, 2018 by Lisa



A new liver - a new life

My son has been ill with End Stage Liver Disease for almost 8 years and was managing well… but in January 2017 he fell critically ill and I was told he had “3-6 months to live” and needed a liver transplant and then the doctor said “oh yeah and you better have good insurance because this is a Million Dollar surgery”!  I had heard the stories of waiting for months and even years on a transplant list, and I knew my son didn’t have that much time. I also knew that I didn’t have a million dollars to pay for the surgery. My son was already out of work (too ill) and had only a basic policy. I only hoped it would cover some of the cost.

This is when I began to pray constantly. My son and I prayed over the phone and in person every single day. We asked some simple things of God: (1) please heal him (heal this disease, provide the new liver, etc) and (2) please work financial miracles to allow us to pay for this transplant and the life-long expensive medications he must take.

Today, I stand amazed in His presence (to borrow words from a great song). My son was medically managed for a few months to get him strong enough to withstand the surgery and give him his best chance.  Then he was placed on the UNOS Transplant list on June 21st. We received a phone call on June 25th that his surgeon had a donor liver.  4 DAYS IS AN AMAZING TESTAMENT TO GOD’S PLAN!!

Also, during the evaluation period (2 weeks prior to being placed on the list), we met with the Financial Counselor who said “Yes, his insurance covers the transplant and by the way… you have NO out of pocket maximums and you have NO lifetime or transplant maximums.  Also, you’ve already met this year’s maximum out of pocket, so there are no more co-pays this year.”

God had heard my prayers and exceeded my expectations. (Of course He did - That’s how God works)  My son is doing great today (10 days post transplant). He’s home, walking around, smiling and feeling stronger and better every single day.  It’s hard to mentally understand that he no longer has liver disease!!  The old liver is gone and his new one is perfectly healthy in every way!!  We both know that this is God’s work, and we give Him the praise and all the credit for what’s happened in His life.

My son also says that he knows God kept him here for a reason and he wants to use his story and his life in a positive way to speak to others and give them hope, and to lead them to Christ. Please pray for his continued healing and good health, and pray that he finds how God wants to use him now. 

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