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May 21, 2018 by Nina Sharver



A Vision From JESUS During Harvey Hurricane

I was watching TV the day of Hurricane Harvey. People being rescued and with the water high on their waist. I closed my eyes to pray for them, and I saw JESUS in a vision. He was looking at everything that was happening and He had His hands on His head walking from one side to the other one. He looked like He was suffering. After that I saw the ground… it was dark soil. Very rich and perfectly clean. Like it was fresh. immediately after I saw the soil I saw beautiful little plants with flowers coming up from the soil. That was my vision!

I totally got the meaning of the vision. What it means is “JESUS was suffering, He was aware of all this catastrophe, but He had to let it happen so people will plant seeds of helping each other. He showed me that those seeds will bring flowers (blessings) to the people of Houston and all areas that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

I thought to share it before but I didn’t do it. I want to do it because I believe JESUS wants me to share what He has given me as a Revelation. God Bless you all abundantly!

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