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May 21, 2018 by Angela



About school

At first I was really nervice I though I wasn’t gonna pass the staar test. I said to my mom, “You think I’ll pass all my tests?” and she said, “Trust in god and pray He will help you.” She also told me to talk to God like a person and he will listen to you. So I did and I always pray no matter what time it is and I always told God please father help me, give me strength and smartness on the day of the test. One time I received the test results and it seemed that I pass all four of them. I was omg !! smile and I went home and told my mom and she was like, “I knew it cause I’ve been praying for you.” But, she got happy and I told my dad he was like, “Good” and I told God that night, “Thanks God, for everything you’ve done for me.” I even cried because not all my friends passed their test and they had to go to summer school and now I am enjoying summer and I thank KSBJ too because my mom and I always listen to yall and it helps me and when I’m sad. It makes me be happy and I even like singing along with the artist who sing. Thanks for everything! I love yall! God bless yall so much. Love from Angela smile

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