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May 27, 2018 by Anonymous



All thanks to God.

Just a year ago I lost my grandmother to cancer, I was raised with her since I was born. My mother was just a teenager when she had my two older brothers and I. My father left her and my mother spent my childhood in search of a husband, a family. When we were just I’m search of parents, but I thank God my grandma was there for us. When I was in 7th grade my grandma was diagnosed with cancer, a whole year of pain, tears and anger went by. She was told the cancer was healed at that moment, that she would be able to rest for a while. I gave thanks to God, not even knowing who he was.
My freshman year of high school, I spent with my mother, not knowing who she was. It was a change in my life I hadn’t wanted. November 1st my grandma passed away. I saw her body laying on the bed, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to think about my life without her, god taking her from me. At that moment I swore to myself my life was not worth the fighting, my life had no meaning. At 15 years old I committed my life to partying, drugs, alcohol, and “friends” I wanted nothing to do with God. My mother was a drinker, a smoker. My oldest brother was a drug addict. My life consisted of abuse, anger, sin. I would see the pain in my brothers and sister’s eyes. All we went through, and we had no way out of the life we were brought to. Well, at least that was what I believed.
A friend from my middle school had invited me to her church, and I decided to go. I didn’t want to go to know about God, I wanted to go to see my friends. But when I stepped foot in that church, everyone began to introduce themselves. They hugged me and told me “God bless you.” I didn’t sneeze, they weren’t my friends. It angered me that they were nice, it hurt, but yet it felt good. I didn’t take it serious, but one day I looked around and I saw. I saw people arms raised high, singing and crying. I felt chills go through my whole body and I knew at that moment there is a God, and no matter what I am going through, I was going to be ok. My Grandma was a Christian, and she had always begged me to go to church with her. And I may have not gone with her when she begged me to but I know that if she would have seen me spending my days in the house of The Lord she would have been so proud of me.
This is just some of my testimony, but I tell you today that no matter what test you are being given, God is there with you. It’s not easy being Christian, it’s not easy being a teenager and being different from everyone else. It’s not easy telling your friends, you only listen to Christian music, you don’t party anywhere else but in the house of The Lord. It’s not easy giving up things you became so used to, but I do tell you one thing. I rather know that God would always be faithful and would never leave my side. Knowing all the promises he has made to us and the love that he has offered to us, I don’t have to think twice but to say “God I am here, take control.”
I give thanks to KSBJ because when I wanted to shut the world out and just listen to music to sing along with, giving praise to God, all I had to do was put my headphones on. When I stayed up crying at night, thinking of giving up I’d hear the prayers and pray, I felt lifted up. KSBJ gives music that helps lift up, increase faith and prayers that are heard by The Lord All Mighty. Thank you KSBJ, and I thank God for using y’all in many lives.

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