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May 21, 2018 by Kyle



Answered Prayers - Big & Small

God has answered the prayers of a little girl! Since we left our house on August 27, Lucinda (6yrs old) has been praying every night for her first pet that was left behind to weather the storm. Our home is located between the dams and is still under mandatory evacuation orders, so we have not been able to access it. I spoke with the team at Westside command and mentioned that I had a pet rescue that needed to take place 10 days after the storm. The team leaped into action with the precision and organization of a well-oiled machine - flood maps were consulted, current patterns were evaluated (we were in a high current area), vehicles were being scrambled… About 5 minutes into the planning, I was asked what type of animal needed to be rescued 10 days into the flood. This team was ready for anything - horses, rabbits, dogs, cats… I told them it was a fish. The sigh of disappointment was heard like thunder rumbling through the adhoc rescue team only to return seconds later with laughter. I reassured the team that I was serious, and that I thought there was a strong chance that the fish would be alive. The next day, a routine boat patrol was able to access the house and recover the fish. As funny as it seems, the fish is now back in the care of my daughter that loves it like only a mother can. Lucinda was reunited with her beloved fish last night and I captured her reaction on video.

From horses to fish, God knows the desires or our hearts and when two or more are gathered on bent knees, He hears our petitions and prayers.

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