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April 20, 2014 by Esther




Just wanted to share what God did. On Oct 4, 2013, I came home from church to find my apartment had been broken into. The first thing I thought about was the money I had in my bedroom drawers that had been set apart for God’s kingdom. Whenever I felt the Lord leading me to bless someone that’s where the money came from. At first I wanted to get mad but then I thought ,“Oh well, It was your money ,Lord.”  This might sound crazy, but when I entered my house ,the first thing I saw in my living room was a big package of Angel Soft toilet paper, which normally I don’t buy but found on sale. I had purchased two packs and had left them in my bedroom closet.
As I headed to my bedroom ,I noticed the drawers on the dresser open and my belongings all over the floor. So I went to the closet to look for the other toilet paper, thinking to myself “could they really have taken my toilet paper?”  Yes, they had taken it!

I returned to my bedroom to look in the drawers .When I looked in the first drawer ,there were one or two items left in it. To my surprise, standing up against the wall of the drawer were two of God’s envelopes with the money still in them. I looked in the second drawer, where I also had money and the drawer was empty but standing up against the wall of the drawer was another envelope with the money still inside .

I also had an envelope on my kitchen table mixed with other papers and it was still there. I was so happy that they hadn’t taken God’s money that I forgot to look to see what else was missing. Later ,when my sister came over I realized they had taken my lap top (which was old) , my vacuum cleaner (which was inexpensive ) but in the closet where they gotten it ,I had different types of electronic   items still in their boxes ;  worth way more than the vacuum cleaner. They also took a sewing machine that I had purchased at a garage sale for $25.00 but never used. All the items that were taken were of no great value to me.God had blinded them to the items of worth. I had a coworker tell me ,“Wow! It’s amazing that the envelopes didn’t fall flat when they were going through the drawers. I believe the angel of the Lord held them up and I believe that God has a sense of humor that He allowed them to leave one of the toilet papers so that I would know He had Angels watching over what belongs to Him. We can take heart that if we belong to Him, He will watch over us.

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