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April 23, 2018 by Rhonda



Breaking the Chains

The morning show has been featuring the “song” that has made a difference in the lives of individuals across the greater Houston area.  This is my letter to my son, in his early 20’s:

My dear son,
I want to tell you about Matthew Wests’ song: “Hello, my name is.”  I know that Satan, the author of lies, has tried to convince you that you have been defeated and do not have a true purpose in life…that God is not there and does not hear the cries of your heart. I have been claiming this song for your life…that you will know that you are a “Child of the One True King”....that you have been set free by God’s Amazing Grace. You have a heart of gold that has always searched the scriptures and now satan is trying to rob you of your peace of mind. Our Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan for your life and I claim this song for you and believe that the chains that bind you will soon be loosed and that you will sing a new song…don’t ever forget that God loves you! Love, Mom

While I could name several songs that, through the years, have helped me through difficult times, I am claiming this song to be the song for 2013. While the battle may be on going, I know the victory is the Lord’s and my son’s chains will be gone and he will be able to sing this song himself. I feel an urgency (and hope others do too) to pray for the young adults of our nation…that their hearts will be softened, the chains of defeat will be broken and that they will live whole-heartedly for our One True King.

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