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December 02, 2016 by Mary J



Challenge turns into gift

Several years ago, I was listening to talk radio getting more and more depressed about the state of our country and the issues plaguing the world.

I prayed for god to bring peace to my mind and I began the 30 day challenge.  I put KSBJ on the radio in the bathroom where I get dressed each morning. I started to look forward to listening in the morning and leaving home with a message of hope in my heart.

One morning, my husband walked in while I was getting ready and starting singing the song playing on KSBJ. I looked at him in amazement and asked how he knew that song. He said ” I have been listening to your radio when I get up in the morning and I like the way I feel. I have in my car now, too.”

At that moment, I knew God had blessed me not only with my own peace but peace for my husband. His love exceeds our wildest expectations.

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