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May 21, 2018 by Mackenzie Dodd



Giving my life to God

I was born in Louisiana and raised in Beijing, China. When I was 3, my mom noticed something wrong with me so she took me into the therapist and after some tests the therapists said Mackenzie will never be a normal girl, she wont graduate and will have to go to an all special Ed school for the rest of her life! My mom and family hated hearing that so I went through 2 years of occupational therapy and 3 years of physical therapy. I was a swimmer, but its funny because it started as part of my therapy and I feel in love with it so much that I continued to do it! I made varsity my sophomore year and made varsity districts as well as lettered and went to a qualifying meet that same year. I was made fun of and bullied throughout my school years, and people treated me like I had a disease or something. They would make fun of me for having special tutoring time, and looking different. They would tell me,“Who could ever love a girl with a learning disability? You have no friends. You’re dumb.”

After years of this I decided to go upstairs, shut the light off, and close the door and blinds so no one could see or hear me. I took my brother’s sword, kneeled down and was going to kill myself. I was crying for 40 min straight and a voice was saying, “Mackenzie, who could ever love a girl with a learning disability? You have no friends! No one loves you! You have no purpose in this world.” And kept saying that and then it got silent and so as I was about to take my life, another voice came and said calmly, “Mackenzie, I love you! I made you in my image! You have a purpose in this would. You may not know what it is yet, but you will soon! I gave you a learning disability because I know you could handle it out of all people. I want you to show Me through you in what I can do and to never give up faith in Me!” Right then and there, I dropped my sword and cried tears of joy because I was saved! My mom is a special Ed teacher so thank God, she knew what to do. I am now married to my best friend and he is in the army. We have a precious 13 month old son together. God is good!

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