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May 20, 2018 by C Salinas



God Answered Our Prayers

On Monday, my friend James thought he was going back to jail and possibly prison, because someone failed to change his personal information back in 2013. The fear was so horrible as all he and his wife could think on Monday night, was that their entire world they have been building, living to serve God, was about to vanish.

I got on my knees and prayed so hard for this man that is seeking true justice for what happened to him as a minor when he was unjustly convicted. I prayed for their hard work not to vanish because of someone else’s mistake. I asked God to allow understanding and much mercy for the error of someone else to be brought to the light.

I wept so hard on bended knees and prayed harder than I have prayed in a long time for a MIRACLE. On Tuesday at 9:36 AM, God answered our prayers. All things were cleared up and made right. God is slowly helping him find the right people to help him seek truth and justice for his injustice. God has changed this man from being the most hated man in prison to the most tender, loving and God fearing man that he has become today. He is still working on the rough edges to become a Diamond for the Lord to serve Him one day full-time with his wife by his side. Thank You, God for the miracle that was granted to James and his wife. Although many do not see past James’ past and unjust conviction, God and a few others see him as one of God’s sons that has been restored back to be an example and plant seeds. We now pray that God will open the doors wide open for justice to be sought, and for his deliverance to help others one day see that God loves all - even with burdens as heavy as James’.

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