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May 27, 2018 by Martha Hurtado



God Reset My Relationship

To make a long story short.  I started a relationship about ten months ago.  We started off good, going to church, and having a relationship with God, we wanted to do things right.  But slowly I began to leave the church and to listen to ungodly music and do my own thing.  The enemy tempted me to start doubting my boyfriend and I became jealous and then I finally broke it off.  The break up was hard on both of us, But we were letting God work on us and letting Him counsel and lead us.  If we were for each other, God will lead us back to each other.  We finally reconciled, and now love each other more than ever,  We attend church regularly now, and are reading the bible more.  Putting God first, is the only way to save a relationship.

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