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May 24, 2018 by Delena Smith



God Sent an Angel

With all of the bad in this world, I will say there are still angels among us and good things happening! My husband played golf last Thursday morning in Dallas and put his clubs in the bed of his truck. He drove 30 minutes and got to his hotel only to discover his tailgate down and his clubs nowhere to be found! To make it worse; his wallet, cash and credit cards were in his bag! So of course then he is sick to his stomach and has no way to fly home from Dallas. He drove around retracing his path for an hour looking for them with no luck. He had called me when he first discovered his bag was missing, and I started praying for God to send an angel to help. I said, “God, this looks impossible, but I know you are bigger than this situation! I know anyone could find those clubs and keep them but please send an angel to find them.”

My husband received a call within 30 minutes from a man named Stephen who had found his clubs and wallet! He had searched in his wallet to find a card with his work number on it. He then called my husband’s office and they patched him through to my husband’s cell phone. My husband met with him to retrieve his items, and the man would not take anything for returning them! He actually also apologized for having to go through his wallet!

I told my husband, “You just met an angel!!” With this answered prayer I felt such a restored faith in humanity! God bless this man, his family and everyone around him. God is Good!!

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