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April 23, 2018 by Danielle



Gods miracles

Let me start out by saying god is so wonderful.. Who woulda ever thought that 6 months ago I woulda have been able to bless my husband Cody 26 years old with a wonderful new Kidney. And I am 25 I kept hearing from everyone including doctors that there was no way that I would match.. That I might as well not even try., I heard it all and then some people said why do you want to do this and are you sure?? So I responded heak yes I am lol how can I sleep at night not knowing but when I found out I was a match I slept great from then on and went into sugery 2 thumbs up lol…  I am still in shock it’s been a journey and no journey us easy god has brought us so far many struggles have come to us during all of this but I keep reminding my husband that god saved him for a reason and that he has a wonderful testmony to share.. We were undergoing testing for the transplant during the last trip y’all took to Israel and wanted to go so bad but god had other great plans instore so I am really really hopeing we can mark the date to enter into the contest this time so we can go next march because it would be such a wonderful expirence.. Thank you for letting all of us share our testmonies on here Danielle

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