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April 23, 2018 by Rosa I Colon



God’s Will

I volunteered today at KSBJ for the sherathon and as we are sitting and just having a wonderful time, I was approached to give a short testimonial of why I was there, well needless to say I just rambled on, because I am not very good with words when I am caught by surprise. A soon as I finished I remembered the reason why I love this station so much! I used to live in NJ, my husband retired in 2006 and asked me if I would like to move to TX. Well my reply was over my dead body! We already had one of our daughters living here in Spring so my husband invited me to tag along on his last business trip. Well little did I know that this trip would change my mind, my youngest brother had just passed away earlier that year and we played the “Untitled Hymn” at his service. As we’re leaving the hotel on our way to our daughters’ house in Spring, I’m trying very hard to picture myself living here in Houston. We have KSBJ playing on the radio in the car, suddenly “Untitled Hymn”  starts playing… Tears start streaming down my face and a peace that passeth understanding, right then and there I knew it was ok, we could move here. We moved at the end of 2006 and it has been a blessing living in Texas. Already almost all our daughters have moved to TX, (4 of 5) and we have a wonderful Church family! I love what this station stands for and the comfort it brings, only because of the message that Jesus loves us so that He gave his Son for us, He will take care of us if we have faith! He is the Son of God! The free gift of Salvation! Thank you KSBJ for your faithfulness to the Word of God!

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