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April 23, 2018 by Angie




In 2010 I submitted a prayer request regarding our taxes to KSBJ, my church, prayer partners at the Altar, everyone I could ask for prayer.  My husband and I found ourselves in a mess owing back due taxes, my husband was out of work and I had recently started working making near minimum wage after having been layed off for almost a year. I had rededicated my life to Christ for only a few months, and had been overwhelmed with anxiety and fear regarding our taxes. One night while trying to go to sleep, I heard “Angie, Angie, Angie!” and I finally said “what?” out loud; however, in my sleep I thought it was my husband. And I heard “good night” in a tantalizing tone with a laughter that followed. I know I sound out of my mind and the anxiety that I was going through made me feel like I really was losing my mind.  I realized that it was the enemy who was stealing my peace. Fear is the opposite of Faith. With fasting and prayer and the Word of God, the Lord gave me understanding and I began to take hold of several scriptures, and read Psalms every day. I made up my mind to give it to God. Without God, there is no way that this bill would have been paid off this soon, this is all Him and His grace and mercy on my children and my family.

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