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May 27, 2018 by Dorothy



Healing for the Hurt

I had a bad day. Or, bad month. Valentine’s Day’s coming up. No one to hold. Bad grades. Nervous about performing dances. Violin lessons going badly. Friends getting sick (cancer, flu, etc.) Mom isn’t very supportive right now (she’s never been). Scared sick of spiritual warfare. Opened KSBJ and heard By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North. It really touched me. It sounded like was trying to tell me that He would always be with me and would never leave or forsake me. Then I heard One Thing Remains by Kristian Stanfill. it sounded like God was trying to tell me that only His love mattered. Nothing else. I got home and then heard Lead Me to the Cross by Chris and Conrad. It was like God was trying to say, “Talk to me. I will heal you.” Then I prayed. I vented out all my frustrations to Him. I talked to Him like never before. During that [rayer, I realized just how much God sacrificed for me. I realized just how much God loved and cared for me. He was the father I always wanted. After a solid 15 minutes, I walked back inside and typed this story for people who are going through problems (technically everyone) and I hope that this story will help you through your hard times. God loves you no matter what. Always remember that.

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