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April 22, 2018 by Julia




I wrote a prayer request on your website about 2 months ago for prayer over my husband and I.  We have been struggling with infertility for about 2 years.  After all the doctors and tests we were finally told our ONLY option would be IVF (invitro) and my husband would need surgery.  We felt this was the direction we were suppose to go thru so we tried to see if our finances would allow us to move forward.  Unfortunately we were unable to proceed.  Our insurance did cover some of the procedures but not enough and we would of been left paying at least $6,000 out of pocket.  We were devestated.  Rather than comforting each other we took our frustration out on each other and ir was hurting our marriage.  After about a month we finally said "You know what…..... this is not up to us we need to just give up and hand it all over to the Lord".  I had said that before but this time I was just emotionally exhausted.  We stopped taking drop of fertility medication and even multivitamins.  Well wouldn't you know….... 2 months later after being told by 3 physician's that our only options were invitro, fertility meds,surgery,more fertility meds…. WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!  Over joyed is not even the word on how we feel right now.  I know this was all God and our KSBJ family because when I put my prayer request I was amazed and how many responses I recieved for prayer.  And we all know when we all come in agreement He is there.  Thank you all again so much and I can't stop saying PRAISE GOD!!!!

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