God Stories


May 24, 2018 by Brianna Cox



Is God Real?

I grew up in a Christian family and went to church, but I didn’t understand it. I didn’t pray or read the Bible or anything like that. When I couldn’t go to the kid’s service anymore and I had to go to the adult service, for me it was really boring. Sometimes I even tried to go to sleep.

Then one day, when I was playing on my computer, my mom said to put on some Christian music. So I put on some songs from Toby Mac and I liked them. Then later my mom put on KSBJ in the car, and one of the Toby Mac songs was playing. I really loved it. So I started reading the Bible and started to pray and I finally understood it. I finally understand that God is real. So now every morning, right before school, we listen to KSBJ!

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