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May 24, 2018 by Ronni



Isaiah’s Fall

I was in the gym when the phone rang and I chose to ignore it. My granddaughter, Addisyn, cousin to Isaiah, brought me the phone and looked me in the eyes telling me she believes I need to answer this. Her Aunt was almost unintelligible and distraught, but I understood there was an accident and life flight was involved. I drove to the apartment and Isaiah’s sister, my other granddaughter, Nevaeh, was strangely calm. She said Nana, “We need to pray. This is serious. There was blood everywhere.” I got her and her mother in the car, we called KSBJ, asked for prayer and the rest is history. The doctors thought he would have to relearn everything, but after 16 hours, he woke up, pulled the tubes out and asked why he was in the hospital. He still knew everyone, and wanted to swim and ride his bike like nothing had happened. He’s at grade level and spells and reads well. Hallelujah!! This was over two years ago around Easter and Isaiah still loves listening to God’s music on KSBJ.

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