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April 23, 2018 by Gwen



It started with Christmas music

Last November, I was grappling with a troubled long-distance relationship. Every song I loved and had downloaded on iTunes (hundreds of songs) had become associated with him, and suddenly I couldn’t listen to any of it without sobbing.

As the Christmas season approached, I decided to search the dial in my car for a different kind of Christmas music - the kind with Christ in it (a first for me). I stumbled on KSBJ’s round-the-clock Christmas programming and was amazed. It was my first experience with contemporary Christian music. I don’t even know what I THOUGHT it was like, but suddenly I realized it was like all the music I love best ... but with Christ in the center. No dogma. No politics. Just the love of the Christ. I clung to KSBJ as a lifeline as the relationship faded, but no final word - was it over? or not?

The Lenten season arrived, and though I had never observed Lent before, I was called to observe it this year - one of the things I was called to was to only listen to KSBJ for the whole of Lent. What a blessing. As the storms of emotion came and went (and yes, he did finally break up with me two days before Valentine’s Day), I started tuning into KSBJ not only in my car but at home too. And my 13-year-old son started singing along, and he too found the music as compelling as what he was used to, but so much more life-affirming.

At the end of that season, I was baptized at Easter (I am 47) - though I have loved Jesus since I was a child, the combination of KSBJ and my weekly church attendance helped me accept him as my Lord and Savior, and lay on my heart a burning desire for baptism. KSBJ’s music amplifies and helps add heart and sinew to my study of scripture as well. As I hear how an artist interprets and is inspired by a Biblical passage, it helps me connect to the Word even more deeply. And I hear the songs in my head (“I lift my eyes unto the hills, where does my help come from?”), carrying scripture though my day.

One more thing ... as I have listened to KSBJ throughout these last eight months, I have never heard one snarky, judgmental, sanctimonious, or hypocritical remark from anyone who works at the radio station. Not one veiled political opinion. Nothing that divides. Only that which unites, the love of our dear Lord.

I will always sing the praises of your ministry, and its power to heal, to lift up, to encourage, to minister, to carry the Good News. Bless you, KSBJ

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