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May 24, 2018 by Jarvon



KSBJ in California

My story is quite simple.
I’m a dabbler…... I dabble here, I dabble there but above all I know I love the lord.  So I used to dabble in KSBJ after my daughter announced with excitement, “KSBJ God Listens” was at our school.  So we listened on an off for a few months.  And then I heard the challenge. 1/5/16 and decided, “why not”. I’m a Danny Gokey fan.  The more I listened the more God stayed on my mind, the more He stayed on my heart.  I would get in and out of my car 7-10x per day to visit my clients and perform physical therapy in their homes, I felt God with me.  I found my conversations trending towards Life and God (the same as when I asked him to watch over me years before when I switched from sports medicine to home health).  So needless to say when my planned trip to visit a cousin in California I realized “how can I stay on track”.  Well I was sitting outside the gym listening to “focus on the family ” and I was reminded that I could listen while on the web site.  So I had the website handy, I established a KSBJ playlist on Spotify and I was set.
I’m proud to say that I jam out and refocus while listening to God inspired music while at the gym.

So it’s been over a year and I’m still listening Love KSBJ, love the new morning team and I’m glad God And my daughter listens. 

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