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April 22, 2018 by Lisa



Let Go; Let God

I just want to remind everyone that God will never leave us nor forsake us. He will answer our prayers! The answer may not come immediately and it may not be what you wanted but it will be what you need. I meet my husband almost 7 years ago while we were homeless living at a Salvation Army in Northeast Texas. We had no home, no job and no hope the only thing we had was our Faith that things would get better. We found each other and we married with nothing except our love, hope, and faith that better times would come. My husband found work 2 weeks after we married but it was constant traveling ( I went with him) which I hated. We have never had a home which I prayed for every day. I thought God couldn’t hear me and that I was invisible to him. It has taken 6 years of many trials and we almost gave up not only on our marriage but our faith too. Today my husband has a great job and we finally have a home. I never went without in that 6 years I just did not have what I wanted but I always had what I needed. Last September we truly let go and let God lead us and our life changed! In November my husband was offered a non traveling job and in December we found an apartment. We now have a place to call home and our marriage is being rebuilt stronger than before. After many years of struggles and prayers we see our prayers being answered one by one. We just needed to let go and let God lead us and our life is now amazing. We felt abandoned by God and learned He had never abandoned us we had abandoned Him and once we returned to Him my life is full. Everyone says I am a different person much happier, smiling, strong, and spiritual. They all see the change in me and I give all Praise to God every chance I have. God will never leave nor forsake us all we have to do is be willing to accept the forgiveness, mercy, and love he offers us every day. I am blessed beyond measure and all Praise is to God!

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