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May 21, 2018 by Kim



Life isn’t always what we expect

I began listening to KSBJ in 2004, when I was 24 years old. At that time I had an 8 year old son (you can do the math) and he was my world. That is also the year I found Jesus and my son and I began going to church, the same church I am actively a part of today. My son started attending Pine Cove that same year as well and would go every year until his senior year of high school. He loved that camp. That is where he found Jesus. My son struggled with addiction his adolescent years and entered many substance abuse facilities. When my world seemed dark and lonely through his addiction I always turned to KSBJ to get me through it. My son, Garrett, lost his battle with addiction on August 16, 2016 and as I was being driven to the hospital to see him, my best friend turned on KSBJ and “Thy Will” came on. That wasn’t a coincidence. That was God who had y’all play that song that afternoon.  That is one of the only things I remember from that day. The rest was a blur. Your station, your DJs, your prayers, your music, has kept me going through this unthinkable time in my life. My husband listened to your station for the first time after our son passed and listens to you guys every day now.

The other day y’all talked about us protecting our children and doing things for our children when they could do those things themselves. I saved my son so many times in fear of him failing or….dying. On August 13, 2016, I finally stepped back and let God take care of my son. And God did. People always ask me, “How can you say that? Your son died.” But my son is no longer in pain; no longer suffering. God had mercy on him and I know I will see my baby boy again one day. KSBJ, the music, and my church have helped me see this. Thank you for this. I will forever be grateful.

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