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April 23, 2018 by Deborah



Lost Item God Returned it

I was shopping and left my Kindle in the basket.  When I returned five minutes later it was gone.  I prayed, “God don’t let the devil steal from me.  I am a tither and a giver.”  Went into the store and asked several workers and went to lost and found and they said no.  As I was walking out I ran into another store employee and asked him.  He said no.  However, as I was walking away God whispered in my spirit, “he has it.”  I went in and found a manager and told him what I lost and who I thought had it.  They left me standing outside a door so they could check the cameras.  While standing there the worker walked by twice, and I am sure he knew what was going on behind the closed door.  After his third trip inside, he beckoned for me to come.  He said, “I found it.  I did not want to take it to the lost and found.”  I did not care that he lied to me, all I know is that God did not let the devil steal from me.  He made him return my Kindle.  God is awesome!

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