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April 23, 2018 by Carol



Miracle after Miracle

This miracle is for my Uncle and Aunt. They have been married for over 16 years with a 11 year old daughter. My uncle is a “people person” and the wife very inviting ( we always tease them that during holidays, they invite the whole of Houston) Their house is always full of people! For years and years, they failed to have any more kids. They prayed with couples like them with no miracle (The others couples all got their babies). Early this year, they were looking into consulting fertility specialists or adopting, but before they started any process…, my aunt found out that she is pregnant! (After 11 years!!!!!) Ain’t God AMAZING! The doctor told her that she was old!!! but he doesn’t know our God, Sarah in the Bible was 80 years! My Aunt is not even 50! She didn’t go to any specialist or take any aids. Science has nothing to do with this baby, God is creating that baby in her womb and He is going to see it to term and give them a smooth delivery! That is our prayer. This is a miracle baby… like Samuel, Isaac. God has done this to have his Name exhaled, to show others that He is still God, does miracles and has the final say on our lives. Amen

Ps. We are so excited for our Aunt and Uncle…you can never imagine the joy in their house right now!

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