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May 27, 2018 by Juana



Mom with Cancer and keeping the faith

I became a Christian about 2 years ago when my marriage ended.  Even though my marriage was never restored I learned that God has a plan for everyone.  Shortly after my marriage ended and I became a christian my mom was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer the doctors informed us that they could only treat her for about 2 years.  That day after I left the hospital I cried and prayed and put my moms life in God’s hands.  I talked to God alot I told him my mom was in his hands and no matter what happened all I asked was for the strenght to be able to handle it.  My mom started chemo for her colon caner in November 2012 in January she started compling of pain in her stomach and not being able to use the restroom.  The doctor said that they needed to get the cancers tumor in her colon out as it was not letting her have bowel movements but before they could do that she had to have a bowel movement.  She was in alot of pain.  But not once did I lose my faith in God.  I never stopped praying and told him I understood this was his will.  My mom was finally ready to have the tumor removed but first had to do her pre-op. She went to get her pre-op done and was called into the emergency room that same day because her patasium was low at a 2.  I again did not complain but asked God to help me deal with the situation at hand.  All this took place place between a Friday. My mom’s surgery was supposed to have her surgery on Monday and it was going to have to be delayed until her patasium got higher.  On Sunday night my mom was rushed into emergency surgery because something errupted inside her and the doctors said it was critical.  I cried but not once did I lose my faith in God…My mom’s surgery went well she was in ICU because she had an infection in her blood due to the erruption in her stomach, her patassium was low, blood pressure low and heart rate high.  the doctors told us it was going to be slow recovery and there might be ups and downs.  I prayed and talked to God and told him I understood but to please no matter what his will was that he give me the strenght to handle it.  My mom recovered well.  She was in ICU for a week and the doctors were amazed by her recovery.  I wasn’t because I knew this was God’s doing.  We still had the cancer in the liver which they couldn’t do much but give her 2 years of chemo oh and while they were doing her surgery the doctors found a golf size cancer tumor in her liver which wasn’t there before when I heard this I never complained I never questioned God I just asked for strenght.  All this took place on Monday, February 24th.  On Friday, March 1, 2013 she was pulled out of ICU and the doctors told us that the specs of cancer she had all over her liver where gone.  the Chemo had cured them….only thing she had was the golf size tumor and that would be taken out when they went back in to repair her colon.  That was a miracle that God did for my mom.  I never lost faith and I never questioned his will…i just asked for strenght to deal with it all.  I went to your prayer request and requested prayer and God heard all of our prayers…...I worship an awsome God…Nothing is more powerful then prayer and faith…I now know that God had a plan all along for my life.  All the events that took place in my life were so that I could become closer to him so he could be by my side for my moms sickness.  I now pray that my mom becomes a christian.  Thank you KSBJ you played a big role in helping me become a christian.  With all your events and prayers.  Stories about how God does do miracles that all we have to do is pray and belive.

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