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February 18, 2018 by Rachel Arroyo



My New Daughter

My 17 year old daughter Nicole was listening to KSBJ one morning on her way to school, and she heard about the 30 Day Challenge. She said she kinda blew it off, but then the very next morning someone came on and said, “You probably tried to ignore me yesterday, but today you have another opportunity to start…Yes - YOU!” My daughter said, “MOM, I promise you, it was like they were talking to me!”

I of course was so excited, because I have been telling my kids about the challenge for many years. She is now about 10 days in and she told me, “Mom, I haven’t said a bad word! I have been praying and my mind set is so different!”

I am so grateful for KSBJ for helping to be a positive tool in our children’s lives. It definitely takes a village to raise our children, especially when this world takes the upper hand in what it offers them.  What we listen to affects how we live our lives! Thank you KSBJ!

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