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June 30, 2015 by Albert



Trusting God

We found last night the amount it would take to close on our dream house.  It was a lot more than what we had anticipated.  We sat at the kitchen table and I said there’s no way.  My wife sat there teary-eyed and all and said with God it is possible.  After collecting my thoughts and seeking God, I found peace but still doubted on how we could do it. Key word, WE.

God spoke to me as I slept - trust me - nothing is impossible.  Then when I woke up KSBJ was playing over and over - Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!  I read my devotional - Philippians 4:13 - dropped to my knees and prayed not only for my financial challenge but also for KSBJs!  Then I had my wife call in ad up our pledge from $50.00 to $89.30 per month. 

God is using KSBJ to reach many in this world. Not just the lost, but Christians too, like myself that are attacked daily!  And yes, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with God

God Bless!!!

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June 30, 2015 by Rebecca



A Trial turned to Trust

It began with “Overcomer” by Mandisa, and that would get me started and through the day. Then “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller became my song that I could pray to and worship to: Lord, just help me keep moving forward and keep being obedient. This song encouraged me to serve and I took that opportunity as KSBJ had several events on the South side of town. These were incredible as the room filled up and the bands began to play and the worship began. I found new songs that were my favorites to worship to in the car and new artists that I could enjoy. But I gained so much just by being surrounded by other Christians in service. I had the opportunity to serve at the concert where Big Daddy Weave performed and “I Am Redeemed” was already becoming a powerful message in my life. Satan loves to remind me of all my past mistakes, but this song is like washing them all away with the blood of Jesus, all I have to do is sing it and remember what Christ did for me on the cross. Now I am “Overwhelmed” and cry tears of joy every time I think of the incredible love that my Savior has for me. I have reached a deeper faith and trust in God through this time in my life than I ever would have thought possible when I first arrived in Houston over 2 years ago. All I knew at that time was that I had to keep moving forward and that KSBJ was there for me to help remind me that my God will never leave me nor forsake me. You all are such a blessing. May you be truly blessed.

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June 30, 2015 by Robin



Anything is Possible With GOD

While listening to KSBJ this morning during Sharathon I REALLY wanted to be able to give. I was not sure what I should do because I am a mother of four and married to a disabled Veteran so our only income is his VA benefits. However they kept saying anything is possible with God.

Well He completely proved that to me today! I had my tubes tied three years ago after the birth of my last son, BUT today I had a positive result on a pregnancy test. I know if God can bless me with another life in my family, He will provide the means to support my family AND allow me to share that with others. I made my monthly pledge, and I am blessed beyond measure.

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June 30, 2015 by Esmeralda




My grandsons are 8 yr. old & 3 yr. old. They have been listening to KSBJ since they were infants and still listen to KSBJ every night before they go to sleep and wake up with KSBJ in morning. They listen in the car as well.  They love it, they know every song. 
We love that we can have them listen to a family radio station!!!

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June 30, 2015 by Stacey



Ksbj changed my life

I truly thank God for KSBJ. I used to be chronically depressed and negative about life. I would literally wake up everyday with a dark cloud over my head but this pass January/February I heard KSBJ preaching about “choosing joy”. I realized that my emotions/feelings do not control me and everyday I started telling myself to choose to be joyful and my life has been changed ever since! Thank you Lord for revival. I love KSBJ and I love God. I will forever support this ministry. God has blessed me so I will bless others through KSBJ.

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June 30, 2015 by lucy



Thank You KSBJ

I started listening to KSBJ last year during Sharathon. I remember listening to it and wanting to donate, but to be honest I didn’t I didn’t know what the radio station was about because I had only listened to it for 2 days. I always had a guilty feeling when praying to God in the past because I felt most of the time I prayed when I was in need instead of actually just praising him every chance I got. I was guilty of letting other things coming between my time with God so I love the feeling that KSBJ gives me from listening and praising everyday. After listening to you guys on and off, I finally decided to do the 30 day challenge in October of last year. I completed the challenge and haven’t changed it since. KSBJ was what I needed to bring me closer to God and make prayer and worship an everyday thing . I didn’t realize what God was building inside of me. I didn’t realize the gift that I was receiving until I received the news that my friend had breast cancer. I was devastated, but at the same time I used what I had learned and gave her words of hope. I talked to her about God - something I had never done before to anyone. I spread His word and I even showed her the Overcomer song because I told her she will get through this because she is an overcomer. I felt really blessed to be able to spread the word of God. I really want to thank KSBJ for that because your radio station did that for me. Now, I have time and I worship God everyday on my way to work and on my way back home and it just makes my day so much better and I think of God everyday thanks to you. Thank you KSBJ for making me closer to our God!

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June 30, 2015 by Patty kulow



The song overcomer

My mom had a lot of things on her mind, like my dad being out of town. We had been in traffic for 15 minutes and I saw she was stressed so I asked, “please tern up the music.” She did and it was the song Overcomer and all of the stress flowed away. She had a good rest of the week.

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June 30, 2015 by Jennifer



Letting Go

As with everyone, I have had so many ups and downs in my life.  It just seems that here in the last few years, they’ve all been downs.  My daughter went through some things that ended with her becoming an addict and I’ve attempted to deal with that the best way I knew how.  I lost my daddy last year.  I was unemployed for about six months last year.  The list goes on but you get the gist of it.  Throughout it all, my faith in God has never waivered.  I KNOW that He is with me always.  My problem is that I knew that I could pray to God about it and ask for his help and guidance but then I would try to handle the problem(s) on my own in my way and in my will.  Well, as I’m discovering, albeit the hard way, my way and my will aren’t God’s way and God’s will.  Throughout the last year of constantly listening to KSBJ and hearing the words to the songs, as well as other changes I have made in my life, I am learning to pray for God’s will in ALL things.  While I have a long way to go, I know now that I’m heading in the right direction.  I think it all came crashing down on me one day on the ride home from work when I was praying for my daughter and I took it a step further this time and prayed that God please watch over her even if it meant bringing her home to Him (she is not only an addict but is now a runaway and hasn’t been home for several months).  When I prayed that, I realized that that is what it truly means to do things in God’s will not my own.  I have since then been trying to do that in all aspects of my life.  While not easy, nothing worth having ever is!!

Thank you so much for always being there KSBJ!!

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June 30, 2015 by Stella



Faith, Hope & Prayer

I started to listen to KSBJ after seeing the 30 day challenge on a friend’s Facebook page six months ago. I had never listened to Christian music so had no idea what to expect. I went past the 30 days and felt such a peace come from it. I listen to other stations from time to time, but I find myself coming back to KSBJ often for praise, prayer and faith.

I wish I could say things turned out exactly as I had hoped, but they didn’t. Regardless of the outcome, it has been listening to KSBJ that reminds me that God is with me at all times. The past couple of days have been really hard. I turned to KSBJ and listening to you guys gives me hope. I don’t know what God has in store for me, but I’m sure light will come soon.

Thank you for all that you do!

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June 30, 2015 by Bernie



Sharing life with a special person!

His twin brother was married for 5 years and started a family but R.L felt he was getting no where. He called me and talked with me about his frustrations, I said to him, we need to pray to the LORD and he will bring you the right person he has prepared for you. We went to the LORD in prayer and when we were done, he thanked me and got off the phone.

Three days later he received a call from a girl he had talked with a year prior, who asked if he was single, if so would they meet for a cup of coffee, and they did. After they parted following the meeting, R.L called his twin twin brother and told him that he met this girl and he was going to marry her, his brother said isn’t that too soon, his reply was he was going to marry her,

Six months later, the girl and R.L are married. The wedding festivities went flawless and all is well. Her family is lovely and I (mom) am really happy for the couple and I can’t stop Thanking the LORD for such a blessing.

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