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November 29, 2015 by Donna



Broken Together

This song has new meaning for me.  While I tried to save a 37-year marriage, my husband just didn’t value it and it ended a couple of years ago.  In God’s perfect timing, I found a new love and we have worked hard to build a wonderful relationship. It hasn’t come without baggage as people in their 50s and 60s often have after failed marriages.  When I hear “Broken Together”, it reminds me that our love will never be perfect, there will be hard times and misunderstandings sometimes, and past lives to intertwine in our new relationship, but as long as we recognize we are all broken, with God, brokenness makes you stronger, not weaker.  We both have broken relationships and are “broken together”.  God can and does heal relationships, hurts, our past and forgives as we are called to forgive.  I am so thankful for a loving God and one who truly cares not only about me, but about those in my life.  I am thankful for my new love and for the healing God is doing in both of us.

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November 29, 2015 by Enrique



Favoring Love

My name is Enrique and my wife’s name is Jeffrey Genesse. We married September 2nd 2015. We have known each other since June 2015. We clicked right away, I have never been so connected to any human being like I am with my wife. I knew the first day, I was going to spend the rest of my life with this amazing person. I haven’t left her side once. My wife was born in El Salvador, moving to Houston Texas as a child, her mother raised her alone. I know of some awesome people (my mother raised four children while getting a Doctorates and fighting Leukemia), however my wife and her mother exemplifies true determination and living the American dream. My wife was diagnosed with Lupus as a young girl, having to go through chemo, she learned the value of a simplistic lifestyle. Her outlook on how life and great opportunities are, gives me the motivation to dedicate my life to ensuring her happiness. It has been an experience for the record books. Every moment we share is one of fabulous memories and lots of laughter. I was born in Houston Texas, my birth mother came here from Nigeria. I was adopted my mother is Caucasian and my father was Hispanic (hence the name). My father passed away from a tumor in 1995, moving me, my mother, and three sisters (my two younger sisters are adopted, all from different bloodlines), to Colorado. Regardless of what life has put in front of us, we have overcome it all with the love and favor from the Lord. We are a humble couple who have financial struggles, however we keep a attitude of gratitude. My wife and I have God at the center of our marriage and love each other unconditionally. We even got married without rings, ceremony, family, or anything. Just the Lord and our Love. Please and thank you for your prayers.

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November 29, 2015 by Christine



God saved my daughter from dying

It was a regular day at my home with the kids. I had just got off of work and going through my regular routine of fixing dinner. My kids were playing outside and came in to ask if they can go to the high school across the street I said yes so they went. I get a phone call saying that my daughter just got hit by a truck and I thought it was a sick joke so I laughed a little bit and asked if this was a prank call the person said it again and where it happened. I ran with my one year old son in my arms across the street and saw people everywhere, cops and my daughter lying on the road. It was like I was in a movie. She was life flighted to the hospital and my friend drove me to the hospital. In that moment I was so mad at God I was kicking and screaming and yelling at God for letting this happen. The drive seemed like an eternity and I just wanted to be with my daughter. Finally got to the hospital where my daughter was treated. She only ended up with two concussions and a scar on her face. She made it out alive! Thanks to God for saving my daughters life.

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November 29, 2015 by Sorangel



The beginning (of my understanding and faith)

I love God. He has done wonders for me and right at this moment I walk with peace in the midst of a storm. I put everything in his hands and rely on my faith for strength. It is my praise to God to share his blessings, his doings. God is a jealous God and deserves his recognition’s. I would love to share a few of my testimonies with you all, starting with this testimony. About 10 to 12 years ago, God sent me a message. It was a verbal message given to me by a total stranger. This stranger did not understand the message, all he knew was that he was bound (ordered) to relate this message to me.

How this started: Prior to receiving this message through this total stranger, I was questioning God’s love for me. I would ask God “how can you love me?” “I am a fake, how can you love someone like me when I smile at all these people, telling them to have a good day, to enjoy their day, but I don’t even smile at you God. I am empty, I am a two face person giving smiles away and to you nothing.” This feeling played heavy in my heart. I guess God heard me because he used someone to tell me that he LOVES me. I did not know this person and till this day I still don’t know who he is. The only reason I found this stranger was because I was an 18/19 year old female looking for an entry level desk job. A friend of the family offered to take me to this temp agency location that was mainly directed to people with skills in refinery or construction sites. My friend was a welder and I should have known better. It was around 7 or 8 pm at night when we got to this temp agency. The place was a minute away from putting their “close” sign up and there was only one person left in the building. I went to this person’s desk, introduced myself and told him that I was looking for a clerical job. He informs me that they really did not have any positions of my particular interest, however, he would try to help me out. I said thank you, turned around and headed towards the exit door, thinking why I even came to this place. Prior to me leaving I saw him standing up through the reflection of a window. He walked towards my direction saying he had a message for me. I turned around and looked at him. He then tells me that he did not know why he needed to tell me this but that the Lord kept bugging him to give me this message and he could not keep it to himself.

The message: He tells me “this might sound weird and I do not understand the meaning of the message and why I have to tell you this message. It sounds like it might be problems with your boyfriend or husband” (hahaha I had none) “but he wants you to know he LOVES you. No matter what, he loves you and you are okay with him”. He then asked me if knew or understood what God was talking about. I smiled and said “I know exactly what he (GOD) is talking about and thank you”

The irony: I went looking for a job, which was very much needed, but I did not ask him for a job. So a job was not given. Yet, something was given. An answer to my troubling, questioning heart. That is just too funny, I believe. He indeed answered my question. He answered me at a temp. agency that is meant to find people jobs and the reason why I went there. Guess God had other plans.

I did not know how this was possible nor did I understand it. But I will say this, I do not have to know how this was possible nor do I need to understand it and I really do not need an answer to that . I am just happy and amazed it happened. God works in mysterious ways and I am a proof of that.

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November 29, 2015 by Allie



Understanding Unique Design

I have a special needs child and I used to think something was wrong with her. The world would say something is wrong with her because she is disabled. Through God’s love and grace He has showed me that she is uniquely made and just as God intended. No matter what she looks like or what her mental or physical capabilities are she is beautiful and pleasing to God.  This realization has changed my life. I thank God for her every day and thank him for her disability. It has enabled me to grow so much in my faith and to see others with disabilities as God’s beautiful creations as well.  She will have challenges in life, but God will use her disability to touch lives that might not have been possible otherwise.  She has definitely touched mine!

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November 29, 2015 by Mike Kohn



Our Tragedies Our Blessings

    Our Tragedies
        Our Blessings

Ryan was about five years old when we were playing football and he fell and broke his arm. I believe the deepest pain a parent can experience is to see your child badly hurt, I can assure you that for me it was and it was one I would have traded one hundred times over to bear myself. Twenty five years later when I got the call and realized that he was in a life threatening situation that deepest pain was revisited.
He had a stroke and was being life-flighted from a remote location into Houston. When we reached the hospital what began for him was a struggle for his life and for me and his family the beginning of facing he could perish. How do you accept that your child could die, how do you begin to process that. This will destroy me I believed, the inability to accept it with peace would slowly over the course of whatever life I had left whither my soul away. All the other wonderful people I am blessed with would not have been able to save me. I was positive this was what was at stake! For days I constantly searched for an answer that I knew could only come from God he was the only one that could offer hope in accepting the loss of my son as he was the only one that could save either of us. But I did not feel I had the right to beg him for Ryan’s life, I would have but for me it seemed ungrateful and unaccepting of Gods plan. To have true faith I would have to be able to accept any outcome. After days of this agony and just before the critical time when we would be faced with the highest risk of losing him I heard Gods answer and when you get to hear his answer you know that you know that you know beyond any shadow of a doubt with the most complete peace, in fact it defines peace!
The morning before his neuro surgery after telling him goodbye my wife and I went to the Chapel in the hospital and this was my prayer to God.
Thank you Almighty God for this child you have blessed me with for the last thirty years, he has been my delight and the delight of so many others. He has been a wonderful son to me and your gift of that is as great as your glory. At this moment and for the rest of my life I am overflowing with gratitude that you gave him to me for thirty years.  I cannot blame you if you want to call him back to you so you can hold him close as you have allowed us to. He was yours to begin with and you shared him with us, I am so grateful.
I said this prayer thinking of all Ryan meant to me and the life I had had with him. But I said it most of all with absolute gratitude for what God had allowed in my life. Nothing else was there, no hope or wanting that I would have more only that I appreciated what I have received. With that came a peace that I knew would more than sustain me. From that time my life has not been the same, the peace I received has resonated within me each day and I give all the credit and Glory to God and God only!
We were so abundantly blessed throughout this tragedy, so many thousands of people prayed for him, he was taken to the best hospital with the most competent and professional caregivers. He awoke to a new relationship with God. His family rallied around him in such a loving and caring way. He had every right as anyone would have to struggle and feel sorry for himself, I never saw him do that for even a moment, he was so inspiring. That young man almost glowed in bed with peaceful calm and we all new that God was present with him. This tragedy had so many blessings I could go on and on. And I believe we received so many of them because of how close God was holding us as a community.
Ryan attacked his recovery tenaciously it was a faithful inspiration. And as a father the pain was absent and the pride was abundant. It was clear that Ryan had also accepted faithfully whatever God had in store.
I encourage all those touched by this event a year ago to share their experience.

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November 29, 2015 by Ashley



Our ever present help

Yesterday at work we were short handed and I was asked to do double what I normally would and that help would be sent later in the day. I was very stressed and just took my eyes off Jesus trying to go as fast a I could to get things done. By the end of the day I tired and irritated because no help was sent and I still had to finish things, I really wanted to say some unkind words and complain to the person who had said they would come help me, but l was able to hold back because I knew I shouldn’t say them and prayed for help to hold back the words. Then I heard a voice say “Complain to me” so I did and asked Jesus why is this happening and he said so that I could rely on him more. That refocused me on him and lifted me up and I was able to finish with peace and calm and resist saying what I know I shouldn’t.

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November 29, 2015 by Joanne



God’s Quiet Voice

One Saturday morning around 9am during a very heartbreaking time in my life I was driving to my mom’s to spend time with her as I do every other Saturday. I was going through a difficult time in my life feeling unloved, unworthy & forgotten about by God. I felt I didn’t have any worth. Lots of negative thoughts about myself running through my mind-even not continuing to go on with life. As I was trying to get all of my crying out before spending the day with my mom I heard one of the short voice overs that KSBJ plays between songs. It said something along the lines of, “Today, as you listen, you’ll hear 2 voices speaking to you. One that screams and yells that you’re not worthy, you don’t measure up, God doesn’t love you. And another voice that is very quiet and will be difficult to hear so you’ll have to strain to hear it. It says, God loves you, you have value, you are important.” 
Wow, even as I type this 2 1/2 years later tears are streaming down my face. I never heard that voice over before & I never heard it again but I continue to bring it to mind as soon as any negative thought tries to creep in.
That voice over reminds me of the lyrics in the song “Overwhelmed” by Big Daddy Weave-“I hear the sound of Your voice. All at once It’s a Gentle and Thundering noise”. God has to speak to us so quietly because He is so Mighty.  It would be like us trying to pet an ant. No matter how gently we would try to be, we would crush the ant.
Thank you to whomever came up with that short voice over & for playing it at just the right time.

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November 29, 2015 by Stephanie



Finding rest with KSBJ

I am a busy mother of 4, whose life was jolted by a cancer diagnosis at 40.  I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, stage 3C (locally advanced BC).  My life, like many other moms was crazy and hectic.  I battled the beast and won!  Following a major scare of recurrence 5 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis.  Which is an auto-immune disease that caused my PET scan to light up and mimic a cancer recurrence.  I was spared the C word, but required another biopsy for the breast.  When the Dr. went to biopsy the breast a week later, whatever was showing up on PET scan was gone!  Thank you Jesus for the miracle!  I was then able to proceed with my fourth breast reconstruction surgery within that next week.  Following several complications, I was unable to sleep in the hospital for several days/nights because I was worrying too much.  The Dr. tried medication to help me sleep without any luck.  She suggested listening to music. My husband downloaded the station I listen to which is KSBJ and I have slept like a baby ever. I remember waking up to my Dr. telling the story of my husband saying that when he looked at my scars on my chest he was reminded of my strength and beauty. Thank you Jesus and thank you KSBJ for playing this music that I am able to find comfort and rest in.

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November 29, 2015 by Andrew



When You Can’t Breathe

When I was born, I had a black spot in my lungs and I couldn’t breathe. Mom and Dad brought me to many, many doctors, but truth be told, none of them had a cure or knew what to do. Finally, the doctors took an x-ray of me to see if the black spot was gone or growing. The spot was gone! This just goes to show that our God is awesome at everything he does. He created you and me, and he does miracles with/too all of us. I am now 12 years old, healthy, and strong. Praise God!

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