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July 30, 2015 by Rovielyn



God is faithful

I have had my heart broken three times and God removed them from my life. God shut the door and it hurt but I choose to cling to God and trust him with my broken pieces. I’m waiting and reserving myself to God and now he is showing the Godly man I’m longing for. God is faithful when you are faithful to him. While I’m waiting for that man to come, I will serve God and be faithful to him even more.

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July 30, 2015 by Gary



Answered Prayer

I have been praying for a long time for a door to open for me to move back to Brazil.  I have continually asked and prayed for this my work to allow me to transfer to Brazil.  There have been several times when I thought the door was going to open (I had hints it may) but it hasn’t yet. Today I learned that the division in Brazil released several employees due to the current world economic conditions in the oil industry.  I have NO DOUBT that if I was currently in Brazil at that facility as I had requested, I would be without a job today.  I am sure of that because I would have been the newest employee at that facility, and also the only non-Brazilian working there. So God did answer my prayer!  He said: “No” (at least for now.) Thank you God for ALWAYS looking out for me even when I don’t see what’s around the corner.

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July 30, 2015 by Irene



My mother is a testimony of prayer

When I was 11 years old my mother went in for a gallbladder surgery. As simple as the procedure started out, it went down hill with malpractice on the doctor’s behalf. They quickly transferred her to St. Luke’s Hospital, she was not in the new hands of Dr. Robert Davis, the leading surgeon of Big Medicine now. Before they transported Mother to St. Luke’s, I remember seeing her in post-surgery, so pail and tired. She spoke to us and told us she wanted to go home. They didn’t tell her and they didn’t tell me what was happening. I remember my father going into the truck getting ready to follow the ambulance, and tears are just running down his cheeks. What was going on? Mother was dying and was losing her life by the minute. Arriving to St. Luke’s hospital Dr. Davis didn’t know what to expect and quickly had my mother in surgery. She coded 2 times on the table and had surgery for 12 hours. At the last hour the doctor came out to speak to my dad. He alerted him about the stability of her life and urged my father to call family, for surely she will not make it. When I found out I completely shut down, and filled myself with anger towards God. I still needed my mom and he wanted to take her now? I took to prayer and challenged God to hear me. After 1 week in coma, Mother woke up, and asked to see a mirror. She actually asked to see her purse to put make-up on, which was funny at the time. From all her trials Dr. Davis gave my mother 5 years, My mother said she will take what God will give her, and if 5 years is His will then so be it. Mother is still alive and it’s been 21 years ago! Mother hasn’t seen Dr. Davis since then, but if somehow he can read this, we want to say Thank you! Dr. Davis called her, “The Walking Miracle”. Jesus still heals even today! God used Dr. Davis to raise my mother from the dead, twice. God heard the prayer of a young 11 year old girl. All Glory to you God Almighty, Amazing and Awesome are you.

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July 30, 2015 by Layne



Just a word

I have a 7 year old daughter who has a diagnosis of Autism.  She rarely would talk or even attempt to.  Each day she goes to a school to receive ABA therapy.  Every afternoon I pick her up.  Parents normally pick their children up and ask the child how was their day, the teacher, and so forth.  I could never ask my daughter anything because she cannot respond.  I would still try and basically carry on a conversation with myself.  But my daughter likes music and for whatever reason it is, she likes KSBJ.  Usually I would have the radio on when she got in the car but this particular time I did not.  She loves listening because of the possibility that she might hear ‘Better Than a Hallelujah’ by Amy Grant.  I have no idea why that song but everyone has a right to like what they like.  I do love watching those little arms just wave back and forth in the air with such joy and excitement.  This particular day I picked her up and started driving home without the radio on.  In the normal quietness of the backseat comes “Radio on.”  I was floored.  Did that really just happen or am I imagining this?  I then asked her if she wants the radio and she responds “Radio.”  I turned the radio on as tears flooded my eyes and we listened to KSBJ.  How can you describe the joy of hearing two simple words?  I am truly grateful.  Amy Grant did not write the song and KSBJ does not air to teach someone to talk.  But know the truth that their is one little girl out there trying because you are there.  If two words can make me feel this way, how must my Father in heaven feel when I take the time to speak to Him?  Thank you Lord and thank you KSBJ.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

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July 30, 2015 by Lisa



My daughter is home

I listed a prayer request for my daughter to come home. She had been living with a young man that none of us trusted. I received instant notices of people praying for her and us. She is home but she endured beatings,psychological attacks, every time she’d try to leave he’d hide her keys and then beat her and tell her that he would send someone to kill us. I told her “I’M NOT AFRAID OF HIM OR HIS THREATS! ”  The mom in me felt like running down there and torturing him, but vengeance is My God’s right to do or not. Thank you all for your prayers! She survived this man’s abuse. But she has much healing, spiritual and psychological growth to overcome. Please pray that God and I can help connect her with the right people to support and encourage her to become the woman of God that she was created to be. Thank you again for your prayers-We are so blessed!

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July 30, 2015 by Dionne



Giving my child back to God

My son Michael was diagnosed with Leukemia and then got septic and ended up in ICU on life support.  He was put in a medically induced coma and paralyzed because he had to be on a ventilator.  He went from bad to worse very fast and on the night of his 8th birthday his pulse oxygen which should had been 100% was down to 35%.  That means at 45% most of the body’s organs shut down.  We were given the night and family had come and gone.  I had been begging God to please heal him and let him live and I just realized I was doing it for my selfish reasons, not for him to be free from pain.  I told my husband that I was going to whisper to Michael that he could let go and tell God that he could have Michael because he was and is his child.  I felt a wash of peace & comfort over me.  My son got better slowly.  God healed him and he is now 28 years old and cancer free!  God is our healer!

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July 30, 2015 by Sandra



God Truly Listens

On May 5 of this year my mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 mouth cancer. It was devastating news for her!  We were all in shock. Her diagnosis put us all in a somber mood. This mother’s day was very sad for all of us!  She couldn’t sleep, she lost her appetite and consequently a few pounds. My father, my siblings and I were trying our best to not cry in front of her so she could see that we were being strong for her. Being a very private person, I urged her to keep the news in the family and not to tell others, but she felt she had to share her story in hopes that all her family, friends, and co-workers could pray for her.  She’s always been a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ but she rarely read the bible and never attended church. Many of the people she talked to about her diagnosis would tell her to read the bible, to start going to church, to faithfully pray and to begin a new relationship with God. She listened to every piece of advice and I could see that God was giving her the strength she needed to overcome this new and frightening challenge in her life. She slept better, regained her appetite and gained back the pounds she lost. After several doctor’s visits, body imaging scans, and bloodwork, her surgery was finally scheduled. It was a sigh of relief for all of us because it was the first major step towards her fight against cancer. In the weeks leading to her surgery the five of us (mom, dad, brother, sister and myself) rallied all of our relatives, friends and co-workers to pray for my mother. We asked God to allow her surgery to be a success and for her recovery to progress smoothly. Her surgery was yesterday. It was a 12 hour surgery which ended with no complications! She is being closely monitored and we are praying for a successful outcome. She still has a long road ahead, filled with more visits to her doctors and additional treatments, but she is faithful that God is watching over her and will free her from this disease.  I wanted to share this story to give everyone hope. God truly listens and loves us!!!  For all who are suffering or struggling in life, please DO NOT turn away from God. Embrace Him, read about Him, go to church, do your best to follow His commandments and you will see the difference He makes in your lives.

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July 30, 2015 by dalia



god is great

Science goes so far and then comes God. My mom lived passed the expectancy she was given. When she was in hospice they would go in and check on her and were surprised since others with that same diagnosis were unconscious or had passed away. They kept telling us and reminding us it could happen any minute as her system shuts down and her body was not responding and they were controlling her pain yet she was eating ,talking, somewhat awake yet not able to walk or move her lower body.I was pregnant and due in July and I couldn’t care for her alone at my house anymore so we moved her to a nursing home where we visited daily. She kept telling me she wanted to meet my baby and everyday she rubbed my belly. This was my second child. My mother was so sweet ,loving and spoiled my babies always. My mom told me ” I know I won’t get to me her.”  Days passed, weeks passed and hospice and the nursing home kept telling us how surprised they were ..and for us to keep doing what we were doing.  She got worst the last week of July, 3 days before my c section date. I spent all those days and nights there till my hospital time came I left and knew that was it. I knew when I got out of hospital I wouldn’t be able to come see her..deep in my heart something told me she couldn’t hold on any longer. My daughter was born at 11 am July 29, 2014. My sisters took a video message to my mom of me and baby since we were not released yet. July 30th at 6pm, I noticed my husband got a call and changed completely and wouldn’t talk to me but I kept bugging him. I knew something happened…he responded..“she was waiting on the baby, she held on…til the end.” My daughter had her umbilical cord wrapped three times around her neck. If I would had tried natural, waited or changed the c section date my baby wouldn’t had made it….we did not know of the cord until the baby was born..I won one and lost one..only god knows why.

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July 30, 2015 by Janet



Feeling Blessed

After having a tree fall on my house this past Tuesday while I was in Austin for a conference at work, I have been so thankfull that through Gods Mercy my family was not home and although we now have to put our home back together we all know, as a family, if not for God making sure we were out of the house, I would not be here today. It has been an exhausting week, lots of tears and fears and just the unknown whether we will be able to fix the house or end up splitting up our family and moving elsewhere. I raised my son and daughter myself after their father passed away and it’s been hard, a major struggle but I was able to pay off our house so we would always have a roof over our heads. Now, I don’t know what we are going to do but I trust that God has a plan and I choose to follow where he leads me.

The reason I’m writing this is to thank KSBJ for all of your musical inspiration. Three nights ago, I was hurt, angry, sitting alone in a hotel and just felt it all on my shoulders to take care of myself and my children. I turned on KSBJ and Flawless by Mercy Me was playing, then came a favorite Toby Mac Speak Life, finally He Reigns by the Newsboys. Boy I sure needed to hear those three songs that night. As I was listening to those songs, I finally felt able to breathe for the first time all week. I was finally able to just fall asleep and felt so calm and peaceful. I just wanted to let you know just much you mean to me.

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July 30, 2015 by Shannon



Car Accident and Beyond

I was in a car accident which disabled me physically but praise the Lord I’m currently on forearm crutches. I came out of a violent and dangerous marriage through divorce but since then I married my high school sweet heart one year ago today. Life has been wonderful!  Prayer does work and God does listen!



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