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November 23, 2014 by Tory



The moment I knew God was real

I was studying in the library at the university of Houston and a girl who was part of mission 24 (it’s part of baptist student ministries) came up to me. She said she was doing a scavenger hunt and saw my jacket that said the word pink. She asked if there was anything in my life that had to do with heart problems. My baby sister died after only a few months due to congenital heart disease. I have two other little brothers struggling with it today. My 15 year old brother, Wesley, just had open heart surgery on August 26, 2014. I knew about God, but that day I knew for sure that he was real. He wanted me to know that he loves my family and he cares. My oldest brother have up on God after everything that my family has been through seeing my brothers struggle. I was just going through the motions, I didn’t know if there was or wasn’t a God but I occasionally asked him for selfish desires. My friend amber has always been a light in my life and constantly told me about God. After that day I knew that he wanted a relationship with me. I felt so loved and so wanted, a feeling I was trying to get from boyfriends. I never knew someone could love me so much and I never realized how loud God was screaming to me through amber. There is a God, no matter what my family goes through I know he is watching and I can never deny that I am loved!

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November 23, 2014 by Angela



God Story

I have been listening to KSBJ continuously for about a month now. Our radios on both our vehicles have not changed and I just feel a sense of peace in my everyday life. KSBJ has really changed my ways of driving and just calmed me down and I am able to praise God for all he has done and continues to do for me and my family through out the day. I love KSBJ and will continue to listen everyday all the other stations are no more for me.

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November 23, 2014 by Laura



Who I Am in Him

I was driving home from a family function,  literally crying out to God begging Him to take away my pain at the rejection and worthlessness I felt in the middle of my broken marriage. It had hurt so much to be at the party and have my husband absent.  I began to confess that I was unsure of God’s love for me at that point.  I felt unloved by anyone and I’d never feel loved again.  “God,  please,  just let me feel love,  from anywhere and anyone so I’m not so alone.” The sentence had barely left my lips when your DJ played the audio clip Who You Are to Women.  I heard God telling me He loved me enough to die for me. I am His bride and that love is more than any earthly marriage or relationship will ever provide.  God lifted me up and reminded me that He is my Salvation,  past future and currently; and I will never walk alone.

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November 23, 2014 by Teri



Raised on wings like Eagles

I’ve liked the verse in Isaiah 40: 28-31 but didn’t think it made a whole lotta sense.  Seriously, “they will walk and not be faint”?  What’s up with that?  They, I had chemo.  Just walking to the kitchen I’d have to stop and rest.  After I finished my chemo, my first time to church I remember thinking if I can only make it across this parking lot.  Thankfully the church had a bench outside, guess God told them I was coming. Breathless, and healing- clear blood. A miracle.  Then a pain really bad pain.  The chemo which had stopped my disease had fried my nerves.  I keep thinking that God must have an awesome future for me cause somethin is trying really had to squash my gifts.  It took years for my health to be completely restored.  My family had to support me, I was demoralized.  Embarrassed and ashamed- which might sound weird to some but being single, broke and sick is not pretty.  Then, my first job in almost 10 years, just a simple cashiers job.  But I was so very grateful that I danced around the store when I wasn’t busy.  Gladly helped the customers.  God was so good.  Now, one year since coming back to work- God has given me a new job.  Making more in one week that I make in 3 weeks and my salary continues to increase.  This job is a miracle - I’ve never heard of anyone being in this position without a specific college degree which I do not possess. I always tithed my money no matter how small my paycheck- God’s 10% first. You cannot out give the Lord.  Thank you, KSBJ, you prayed for me and I felt the love and support during dark days. Thank you, Jesus, you are my BFF.
All the Best,

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November 23, 2014 by Daniel John Contestabile III



A Walk With GOD

Third day in LA, California. I was in south central LA and God put a church in my path that was still having church at midnight on Thursday. In Arizona a couple drove 50 miles to pick me up just so I would make church on Sunday. My Mom called her. Did not know what was going on. 2Chronicles 7:14 has been revealed so many times. This country will soon know GOD’S love like never before. He put me in Albuquerque, NM on Thursday supposed to be their on Sunday. Legacy Church was having a leadership conference/ revival called I AM REMNANT. It was the first stop of 13 across the nation. The spiritual awakening has begun. I also must mention the entire town of Flagstaff. These are only a few of many. GOD is calling on his people now. It is us who make the change.. CHRIST IS IN YOU.  PLEASE join me MAY 7, 2015 in Washington DC. If not make sure that we all STAND together where ever we are. PS. JESUS LOVES YOU.

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November 23, 2014 by pam




I am a mom of a 7 year old and a 12 year old. My husband works 80 hours a week, so I’m like a single mom most of the time. We moved to Houston 10 years ago to be close to my husband’s family, and I have had a hard time adjusting. I just do the fit in here. When I discovered KSBJ 8 years ago, it was a God send! My stress diminished,  and I became so much calmer. I listen to it almost 100% of the time in my car and house. It keeps me sane in an insane city and world, and I thank you for that.

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November 23, 2014 by Amy



A Journey of Faith

We are now over seven months in on a journey of faith, trusting God to restore our daughter’s health.  She is in remission–her body shows no sign of cancer cells.  She is still receiving intense IV chemotherapy treatments and is looking forward to a few months down the road.  She will enter the maintenance phase and have the chance to return to school as she continues about two years of less intense treatment.

Our daughter is an inspiration to everyone she encounters along the way.  Blood transfusions, sickness from chemo, losing her hair, and even unplanned hospital stays haven’t kept her down.  She exhibits strength and maturity well beyond her 14 years and shares what God has done in her life with anyone who will listen.

KSBJ is my go-to station.  Whether we are listening in the car on the way to clinic or streaming music through the KSBJ app, there always seems to be a song that ‘just happens’ to connect to something we are going through at a given point in time.  I have stayed in touch with the KSBJ morning show, giving them updates on my daughter that always, always, always include praises to God.

God is bigger than any disease, any fear, and any struggles we may face.  He continues to work in our lives and is giving our whole family a wonderful testimony in the process.  Everything will come together for good, and He will receive all the glory!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Romans 12:12

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November 23, 2014 by Emma Leigh



drug addict step dad vs my daddy

So the short story is the beginning of this story. My mom gave up fighting him about it. My step dad brought friends around all the time and used my moms money to buy more drugs so we almost never had any good. After spending 2 and a half years in that house with my daddy god removed me from the situation and split my “parents” apart. God gave me an amazing church and an amazing foster family who took care of me and still are. They adopted me as a permanent child but not literally. My mom got saved this last year and has changed greatly! God loves me and my family and is slowly bringing us all together by reuniting my mom with my grandma. They are now moving here and joining my church!

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November 23, 2014 by Linda



God never gives up on us!

I do not go a lot of places besides to the Chemo clinic where I receive my 2 types of chemo I get at this time. My Chemo Doctor is one that thanks God for all he does, also. My Cancer has also spread to my bone so I am not a candidate for some of the new Medical Treatments. I am very happy in my life the way it is. I pray for my fantastic husband. He is so good to me and helps me as much as he can. He has been fighting blood clots in his legs and his lungs. He is also a chronic pain sufferer from 3 failed back surgeries.  I pray and have may other people praying for me everyday. I KNOW, GOD is the reason I am still here and in as good of shape as I am in. So you see myself and my husband Bill need lots of prayers, too!

I did want to tell you, I do feel that God may be using me to help make the other patients at the clinic feel a little more comfortable. When someone new starts and (provided they speak English) I do really try to help them to feel comfortable. Even if it is just a hug or a little talk. You see I have been going to the clinic for almost 2 years straight and I am there every Tuesday and Friday for treatment. Many people have treatment once a week or once a month for a short time. Therefore I am there much more than most.

Thank You for your radio station. At times when I may feel a little down or just need to hear some music to lift me, I know I can turn on KSBJ and get that lift I need. Thank You! God Bless You, All!

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November 23, 2014 by Melissa



We all play a part

I am a resident in Kingwood and like many others I have a bad habit of leaving my purse in my car. Two nights ago my car was broken into and my purse that contained my wallet, money, debit cards, credit cards, social security cards and a few other costly belongings were stolen. I was so upset and my initial feeling was just to give up because amongst this I have been going through a very hard time. As I was in the middle of my melt down a small voice insisted that I pray. I have been working at my relationship with God and am learning that he wants us to come to him through the hard and good times and often tests our faith. So I literally got down on my hands and knees and began to pray, acknowledging that it was my fault and to help me forgive those who took my stuff but to also lead me to where I may recover them.

After making the police report, the officer being very sympathetic tried to let me down easy, reiterating the fact that I would probably not get my belongings back. I started looking in the trash cans not missing any opportunity to play quick recovery flagging down the trash man as it was trash pick up day, pleading with him to keep his eyes open. I settled in with the now digested thoughts of the situation on hand. I dreadfully started making phone calls to credit companies as I waited for the bank to open. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed but everyone I spoke with was so helpful with insights and guidance to ensure minimal damage would impact my future.

Upon meeting with the bank representative, he informed me that nothing could be done until I furnished proper identification in which I would need to replace my driver’s license which entailed me to go back to the house pick up two other forms of identification to drive across town and wait in the infamous fun line of the motor vehicle office. As I set out for my replacement journey, I received a phone call from one of the neighbors down the street. He began to explain how he did not know how it happened but he found my bag in his trash can with ALL my stuff, well except the money but the insurance company gave me a minimal amount because of the circumstance, so in the end I lost NOTHING!!!

The neighbor said he had a feeling to check his trash can but kind of dismissed the urge and drove off but he said it bothered him so much he had to turn around to check and there it was. I asked him what time this was and he said at 7:30 am which was exactly the same time I was praying!!! God immediately intervened and acknowledged my step of faith in praying to return my belongings which is how I know God listens. At the end of the day what the devil tried to rob me of God returned. When man, says it will never happen God makes it happen.

This learning opportunity also brought to my attention the impact that one stranger can have on your life. We can all be a good Samaritan in somebody’s situation, don’t turn away, stop and listen to that small voice inside. In a world that is easy to lose hope, we as Christians can be the gesture that leads through kind acts and kind words. God is love and without love we are nothing.

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