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December 19, 2014 by Claudia



God still answers prayer

November 17, 2014 I had a stent inserted in a major artery because of a 95% blockage.  When I was released from the hospital, I was still having some of the same symptoms (though they were milder).  While I was recuperating at home I began to realize that although the doctor had done his job.  I still needed the healing touch of the Lord Jesus.  I emailed my prayer request to KSBJ and waited on the Lord to do the rest and as always the Lord came through.  I am feeling 100% better and I now walk 1 mile a day. 

Thanks for your prayers and I hope this story will encourage some one else who’s still having symptoms after a medical procedure. 

My favorite scripture is: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to your own understanding…..

Love, Claudia

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December 19, 2014 by Latrecia




Each day whether I’m taking my 6 yr old son and two other little boys to school, running every day errands , or on my way to punch the clock at the local nursing home where I work I listen to this station.The many songs and testimonials that I hear gives me Hope. Some days when my heart feels so heavy within , just knowing what God promises gives me the Hope , Strength and Determination to keep on doing what I know pleases The Lord. I truly want to Thank you all for being on the air sharing Gods Wonderful Word. AMEN

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December 19, 2014 by Jenny



I Chose Joy!!

I recently had a situation where a relative who was very close to me called to tell me that she had been reprimanded by her Father (who is a pastor) for speaking ugly about me and others in her life for the past several years.  He told her she needed to let things go and move on.  She called to ask if anyone had called me and shared anything that was said about me.  I politely said no and didn’t respond any further for being dumbfounded and speechless.  As days passed I began to grow very upset wondering what on earth I could have done to cause her to speak so ugly about me.  I have been in her family for 17 years and have tried to be an encouragement and show love to her.  I was so hurt and had a hard time sleeping because of it!! Words can be so hurtful because once you say them you can never take it back!!  I began to question if there were any other people in my life who felt the way she did.  The Devil really started to get a hold of me and my thoughts. I am new to South Texas and have been listening to KSBJ for a few months now.  I have it on in the car at all times and online while I work…. and the morning show is talking about choosing Joy!  In everything choose Joy!  I repeat the Joy pledge every day!!  Since this situation, the same person has tried to contact me throughout the last 2 weeks, and of course out of my hurt I chose to ignore the calls.  All the while I have felt convicted to show love like God would do in this situation and not allow it to steal my joy.  I received a text from her asking if all was “ok” and apologizing for our last conversation and that she would be devastated if she hurt me.  She began to speak about how lonely and sad she is and shared some of this sadness with me.  In that moment I chose JOY and chose to be a light for her.  I shared scripture and a few things that my pastor had said in service yesterday that were exactly what she needed!!  I ended up being blessed out of being a light for her!!  God delights to bless in barren places!  I have 3 children and I am always preaching to them to be a witness and to always think before they speak.  How can I be a Godly mother and Christian leader to my children if I don’t practice what I preach?!  God spoke to me last night to show her love and mercy as he shows me every day.  Thank you KSBJ for being the constant voice to remind us to Focus on Jesus and to choose Joy in every circumstance.  This constant reminder has a great affect on my daily attitude!  Merry Christmas!!

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December 19, 2014 by Jason



The Redeemer

My friend and oldest son and I started early one beautiful morning moving my sailboat from Galveston to Freeport. Between Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and things of his own making, my friend truly doubted God’s existence. I keep KSBJ on the radio as much as the signal allows and that’s what started the conversation that lasted off and on for several days prior to setting out for Freeport. When we were almost halfway there some of those famous afternoon Gulf Coast thunder storms built up behind us. Now we were committed but soon after we were stuck. The storms circled us all night. My fiancé, grand son and daughter-in-law were stuck in the storms waiting in Freeport. We had spent everything we had on the trip and the marina deposits. A family friend heard what was going on and rented them a hotel room. We had no funds left for a tow boat and after the call to let us know about the hotel our cell phones died. At some point we had also lost the alternator and water pump belt. I had a spare belt but by mistake i had not loaded my toolbox. So for the rest of the night we sat listening to the coastguard calling our position for anyone who might want to offer aid. We talked more about the BIG MAN and how GOD had never failed me and it was in his hands. They were both a little put out with my faith at that point so I just listened for awhile about all the options we had exhausted and how we were going to have to swim for it etc. I’d interject in the conversation here and there but that was it. It started getting close to dawn and I told them even if God chose to let my boat sink it was in his hands and we’d be OK which got a snort. Well we were just about to start swimming when a call came on the radio it was a tug boat and an empty barge. We broke two ropes and on the third attempt, win or not was going to be the last. We finally got loose just as the rope gave. My friend was still unsure until I asked him the name of the tug. It was the REDEEMER and he gave in as he mumbled there’s no way. We were all safe and he was in doubt no more. Praise God and remember even when the rules of the world say its over, God doesn’t have to obey those rules and he doesn’t leave us ever!

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December 19, 2014 by Laura



Prayer is powerful!  God does listen!

I want to praise God and thank Him for sending a prayer volunteer to us the night of the Newsboys concert in Houston 10/17/2014.  He prayed for a safe journey as we would be leaving for vacation early the following morning.  We had already left our hometown in Bryan that evening to come to the concert.

When we left the concert to return to our vehicle, several vehicles two rows behind and a few rows in front of us had windows smashed and items stolen.  Our truck remained UNTOUCHED despite having ALL our luggage, travel documents, cameras, etc. hidden in the bed of the truck.  We debated before we entered the concert whether to lock everything in the cab or leave it where is was, and we chose to leave it.  GOD IS GOOD!!

The following day we flew to Orlando safely and enjoyed a quiet day, but late that night, my husband woke up with severe pain and took a taxi to the nearest hospital where they discovered he had a kidney stone.  Upon being discharged from the hospital, he walked to Walgreens at 4:00 am to get his prescription where he passed his kidney stone while waiting for it to be filled.  Later that day we boarded a cruise ship with my husband feeling like a million bucks!  smile  AGAIN, GOD IS GLORIOUS!!  It doesn’t end there. 

Not having health insurance, we knew there would be a hefty medical bill waiting for us shortly after returning home and were worried about paying for the bills, especially just after going on vacation.

We got the hospital bill in the mail yesterday for $7500, but when I looked at the total bill, the amount we owed said $0.00.  GOD TOOK CARE OF IT, AND HE IS WONDERFUL!!!!

God is glorious and wonderful for watching over and protecting our family during a much needed time of restoration for us.  I thank KSBJ and the young man who prayed with us that night at the concert.  If there is any way to pass along my gratitude to him, I want him to know how thankful I am for his service and compassion to serve others.  He probably won’t remember us, but I will always remember him and the blessings that flowed through him from God to us. 

Thank you KSBJ!  God does listen!  smile


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December 19, 2014 by Misty



God is saving MY life!!!

My Lord, God, saved my marriage! He saved my life a few times and my latest story is this…..I was sick, very sick, and I went to my doctor. He ordered an ultrasound of my gall bladder and found a cyst. My doctor then ordered a CT scan. I looked to God and prayed like I haven’t prayed in a while! I looked to my family and friends of Facebook for additional prayer. When I finally got the test done and received the results, I was so overwhelmed with God’s presence that all I wanted to do was Praise HIM! They could NOT find a cyst or anything wrong at all! All Praise goes to God!! With God all things are truly possible. HE can fix anything!!I love you Lord, and I pray that I may touch the lives of others, so that they may find you as I have!

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December 19, 2014 by Denee



Bringing the Light into the dark of Halloween 2014

For my entire life I remember celebrating Halloween with the rest of the country. I recall how as a child we dressed up silly and funny going around “trick or treating” for massive amounts of candy. As I got older I got more into the adult idea of Halloween with costume parties and/or contests always accompanied with alcoholic beverages, drugs, snacks, etc. Costumes definitely got a bit racier and also much darker as did the popular scary movies that were coming out on the mainstream TV and in the theaters. Four years ago in early December I found myself in a new home with my new husband and out of the bar and party scene starting my new life. My new dear neighbor invited me over where she walked me through asking Jesus into my heart. I had an awesome and radical transformation in my mind, body, soul, and spiritually. Jesus spoke audibly to me that day and for the first time my self and world views were so different. As the first following Halloween was nearing I started praying about how to handle the darkness that was surrounding my home in neighboring yard decorations, morbid store fronts and costumes in local stores, and the grotesque horror movies that were showing at the nearest cinema. The Lord put it strongly on my heart that I was not to partake in such demonic activity. Again I was praying and searching for solutions to how to bring the Light into the darkness. I felt by turning off the porch lights and avoiding the matter was not the absolute answer though I did do that for a
few years anyway. I asked other Christians how would they approach this dilemma and got none or some interesting feedback. Suggesting to hand out candy wrapped in scripture wrappers, or even make your house the brightest house on the block with signs that say ‘Jesus is the Light’, and/or just pass out glow sticks stating ‘Jesus is the light’. I’ve heard of a pastor in my neighborhood that sets a table out at the end of his walkway with chairs, candy, and some information about Jesus using the opportunity to fellowship and spread the Love of the Lord Jesus in the community. It is true that on this night people are welcomed to knock on the doors of neighbors and complete strangers to meet one another. It is an opportunity for all of us to fellowship. So, how can we do that with the Grace, Love, and Light of Jesus Christ, I ask? Yes, these are all good ideas; yet, the Lord was still pulling on my heart strings to do more. I continued to pray as this past Halloween neared. I asked some Christian children what would they do differently if their parents would let them dress up and trick or treat? One 10 year old girl said, “well, I wouldn’t say trick or treat because that’s just mean and flat out rude!. I would say prayer or blessings.” Hmm, I thought, that is an interesting concept, so what would that look like? Her mother was against Halloween all together because of her own convictions, but I wanted to know how can we as lovers of Jesus bring Him into what seems to be the darkest most demonically celebrated holiday of the year? The children must have had a very convincing conversation with mom after I left that evening because the next day one of their mother’s told me what happened this past Halloween night of 2014. The children on their own accord wrote down some of their favorite scriptures and on the bottom of the paper it would say ‘Jesus loves you!’ They went up to the doors and said “Prayer or Blessing!” If someone chose ‘prayer’ they would pray for that person right then and there at their door. If they chose ‘blessing’ they would hand them a scripture reminding them of God’s Word and His Love. As the night went on one of the 11 year old boys in the group dressed as Gandalf from ‘Lord of the Rings’ got so upset by such scary and evil costumes the other children were wearing. He finally took off his own wig and beard and put on the bunny head piece that his baby brother wouldn’t wear. With that on he started jumping all around in his white robe saying he was now Jesus Bunny. He hopped all over bringing energy and life all around. For two years in a row a little girl has dressed all creepy and walks hunched over as the angel of death. She went up to Jesus Bunny saying she brings death. He gently laid hands on her and said “Oh yeah, well I bring life because I am Jesus Bunny! You can’t deny my fluffiness!” The little girl stood straight up and pulled her black hood off her head and smiled and laughed. It was contagious as the people around were smiling and the atmosphere changed for good not evil. Then the other parents and children could be heard saying “There’s that little girl praying for people let’s go get prayer from her!” or shouting “Hey, there’s Jesus Bunny, let’s go get a picture with him and put it on Facebook!”  At another door a woman chose prayer as the little girl stood in front of her smiling. She said her daughter had recently moved out to go off to college and she was so lonely and concerned for her daughter being so far away. She asked for prayer from this sweet little girl in the hopes that the void in her heart would be filled and her daughter will be protected while she’s away. Jesus fills that void; he protects His children because Jesus is the Answer. This was definitely an answer to my prayers in action that I could have never dreamed in all my life! Hallelujah! The Lord was revealing Himself through this group of young children and it was spreading throughout the neighborhood. The Lord was answering my prayers after four years in a way no one could ever have imagined. We have to trust the Lord, keep praying, stand firm in our faith and not give into fear. People are hungry for the Light and Love of Jesus! In a chaotic world that looks and gets darker and darker we can and must be that Light in the darkness! Not only on Halloween, but everyday as we go into the work place, into the schools, into the neighborhoods and communities. Even while driving on the roadways with our acts of courtesy, kindness, love and respect. We can all be the start of the movement that Jesus has put into our hearts and into our very beings! As responsible Americans and believers alike we must stand together and make a change. A change in our own attitudes, acceptances, and actions. What happens to a dark room when we turn on the light? The dark is no more! We are all the Light in the darkness and the dark can and will be canceled as we stand together as one light, as one community, and as one country! In Jesus Name, Amen!!!

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December 19, 2014 by joanna



my never failing father

My story starts at the end of May when my father moved to be with my grandma, besides my husband & kids, my dad was all that I had left since my mother passed 10 years ago. We all started to miss him dearly.  My husband was then in a minor car accident and then was laid off of work. Once my husband was back to working he was attacked and beaten so badly when he went into a convenience store that he had to go to the hospital for broken ribs and fractures to his face. We were all stressed and devastated from all these occurrences and I ended up with depression and anxiety. I prayed and cried out to God to guild me.  We had a huge financial burdens and my husband went on numerous interviews with no luck. School year was starting and we were not sure how we were going to provide for our children’s needs but even through our struggles and when there was no money God made a way to make something out of nothing. Many times we were blessed by people we know and complete strangers.I am now medication free and I’ve learned how to deal with my depression and anxiety. In November my husband was blessed with a job that pays weekly and although we are still in a big financial situation I know were going to overcome this all & have wonderful holidays together. God will provide for my family during these hard times. We can now get our bills paid and everything back situated like before. Thank you Jesus, we love & honor you with all of our hearts. The bible says you ask & you shall receive. We pray as a family, go to church & teach our children to love and thank God for it all. We also thank you KSBJ for every song played and the blessing it’s brought to my mind & my heart. The music y’all play really touches my soul & my children know & sing along to every song it’s the only station we listen to, so encouraging & such positive inspiring words to keep us from thinking negative thoughts. God bless you all!

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December 19, 2014 by Richard



First Responders

I’ve been a “peace officer” going on 25 years,and have been diagnosed with P.T.S.D.-Post traumatic Stress disorder.God has put this in my heart to share with everyone. I feel the need to let the general public know that are military,federal,state and local police,firefighters, EMS as well as all first responders need everyone’s love,compassion and support when dealing with PTSD. Even though we are servants to our country,state and local communities and have been highly trained people forget that we are only “human”. So to all my brothers and sisters,do not be ashamed or too proud to reach out for help through your church,doctor or outreach programs within your department.

I’ve been blessed with a friend who is an ex-peace officer- now minister who’s name is Joey. Joey explained to me,that GOD did not intend for mankind to be inundated with so much negativity and horrific things to see and feel, on a day to day basis. That’s why GOD is so important….to cleanse our mind,heart and spirit.He gives all of us the “full armor of god”.  I’m living proof that with GOD in control,I’m a better peace officer to everyone because I’m a Christian and can be filled daily with God’s word and as Christians we can be the light to the ones in darkness.

Next time you see a military person, peace officer, firefighter,EMS personnel or any first responder PLEASE “stop” for one second and SAY HELLO, GOD BLESS YOU ,or a simple THANK YOU.  There are NO words that can describe how wonderful that makes us feel !!!!   

P.S. next time you hear the song by Matthew West (DO SOMETHING)  “THINK OF US’‘

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December 19, 2014 by Gloria



Celebrating Recovery

On October 30, 2013, on my way to work, @ 5:30 am, I was involved in a head on collision. A pickup truck lost control and came in my lane sliding sideways , I had nowhere to go, hitting them head on.  I remember both my legs feeling like they were literally on fire. I began calling out to God asking for relief. . I was flown by Life Flight to Memorial Herman. All during the day as the doctors continued to examine me, they kept commenting to my family there was no medical reason why I was still alive! God said not today, my child, you still have work to do. I had 5 surgeries in the first 4 days, I lost my right leg, severe compound fracture on left leg, fractured sternum, 8 fractured ribs, 2 displaced ribs, internal bleeding, fractured C2 vertebrae (this alone should have caused death or paralyzing from neck down) From my car Before the ambulance arrived I made 3 phone calls! One of those to my pastor asking for prayer….that was my 911 call because I knew I would need lots of prayers, That started a chain reaction. Someone posted on Facebook and that exploded across the nation. Some also called KSBJ for prayer. I was being well prayed for. Doctors explained every surgery was a life threatening surgery because of the C2 vertebrae fracture. My family was informed my stay in the hospital would be long, at least 4 weeks in Intensive Care Shock Trauma Unit and 3 months in the hospital. Well God had other plans. I was in intensive care 4 days and hospital 20 days total!!! There was a nurse from a completely different hospital who had heard about the miracle from someone on KSBJ. It has been a year now. I have gone through lots of therapy and two additional surgeries but I am exactly where God wants me to be. I have a new prosthetic and am walking with a walker. No matter what a person is going through, prayer works and having faith knowing nothing is too big for God!! I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t know God and have Him in my life. I truly believe God is the ultimate healer. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me that day and to those who have continued to pray for me throughout the year.  I serve a mighty God and He is Good all the time!

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