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April 17, 2014 by Rebeca



Open Doors

My 74 year old father-in-law had a below the knee amputation 2 months ago, due to complications at the wound site, the surgery team’s only other option was to amputate higher.  I prayed that would God open the right doors, that HE highlight our path and that I would follow.  I would help my father-in-law any way I could. That same week, they gave us the option to be discharged and return in two weeks. I knew this two week window was our opportunity.  It has been amazing to see how many doors have opened for us.  We’ve come across great doctors, who I know were put directly into our path by HIM. And although we are still walking a narrow path, outlined with thorny bushes, I have never felt alone.  I praise God every morning for my sister who offered to drive my own children to school, so that I am able to drive my father-in-law daily to the Medical Center for therapy.  God’s work is amazing, and I feel that God will see us thru until the wound heals.  Thank you KSBJ for your uplifting messages of faith.  We listen to you daily!

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April 17, 2014 by Jeri




In 1995 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At that time I had no idea what it was, how I got it or if it killed people. After doing my research on it I decided to turn this over to God, after all, it was his to handle and I decided that the best medicine I could give myself was go on and live my life to the fullest.  I can say with my total heart that I know God has taken this on himself because about 8- 10 years ago I had a minor setback where I lost my fine motor skills on my right side so I had to start writing with my left hand. I have been medicine free for many years with no relapse. WE HAVE A MIGHTY GOD THAT ANSWERS PRAYR.

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April 17, 2014 by Jessica



Queen Kaylea

My cousin, Kaylea Sandlin, is a senior at Lincoln High School and a few months ago, the entire student body UNANIMOUSLY voted Kaylea Homecoming Queen.  We were told that this had never happened in the state of Arkansas.  Then again last weekend, Kaylea was also voted Prom Queen by the entire senior class.

This would be a great story under normal circumstances, but what makes this story even more special, is that Kaylea was born with Down Syndrome.  She has always been a vibrant and loving person, shining her light wherever she goes, just like most people with Down’s.  God’s grace is definitely seen in the lives of the students at Lincoln High School, especially this year!

Before the Homecoming Queen announcement, the entire student body kept the secret of Kaylea winning, including her twin sisters, Sarah and Lauren, who attend school with her.  This was especially hard considering that Sarah is Autistic.  For well over a week, the students said nothing.  Keeping the secret from teachers, family, community leaders, the students quietly planned for the surprise.  So, the night Kaylea won, over all the other girls, it blew everyone away, especially Kaylea!  She was just as shocked when the senior class voted her Prom Queen too!

These events have a lasting impact on Kaylea and she is even happier because of it.  The kids at school have even taken to calling her “Queen Kaylea”.  Our family is beyond thankful for the students at Lincoln High School for making Kaylea’s senior year so special and we want to thank God for blessing Kaylea with such an amazing community.

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April 17, 2014 by Anita



Money Comfort Zone

Last year while unemployed, God told me to turn the other cheek and withdraw my unemployment claim.  So I obeyed Him.  Two months later I was getting paperwork together to apply for food stamps.  God told me to not apply that He would provide for me.  Again I obeyed.  Three weeks later I was hired a job with benefits - something I did not have at the previous job.

I was far out of my comfort zone for money both times but God listened!  We serve an awesome Father God.

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April 17, 2014 by Laura



The Lord Hears Me.

Praise Jesus Honor and Glory are his.

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April 17, 2014 by Sheri




My marriage was torn apart and I was so afraid.  I turned to God and so did my husband.  I was so angry I divorced him and felt so alone.
I did not know how I was going to make it, but God supplied all my needs.  I found a wonderful group of ladies, at church, who me showed God’s love and I knew I had to forgive my husband. He was released from prison and I called him a year ago Christmas and saw what God had done in him.  We soon knew that coming back together was what God wanted. This past weekend we were remarried.  There is no place you can go that God can’t reach you and heal you if you let him. My husband now has a great job, there are people who will hire you if you get straight with God. I hope this story can help someone who is struggling.  God can take your mess and turn it into a message. The song that impacted me was Josh Wilson - Dark Before the Morning.

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April 17, 2014 by Patricia



Israel Tour

When my husband first asked me to join him on the tour I did not want to go.  I had never desired to travel out of America. Also, I have arthritis and am in constant pain.  I actually ended up deciding on knee replacement surgery six weeks before the tour! However, I love my God and he gave me my wonderful husband, who I also love!  I wanted to make him happy do I agreed to go on the tour with him. Although it was hard physically each day, the blessings far outweighed the pain. Glory to God! When I read the word now, it is more real to me than ever before. God is alive and in me.  Praise His holy name.

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April 17, 2014 by Tanya



Love in the classroom

During the love that sticks opportunity, I put a simple “twist” on the sticky note tradition, to fit the needs of my classroom. So, instead of writing sticky notes, the students were to write compliments to each other on note cards and pass them out. The student that gave the most compliments (to different people) would receive a free dress pass (we are a private school and require uniforms, so this is a big deal grin.

You should have been there! My boys were handing out notes like crazy…complimenting each other on handwriting, attitude, clothes, character, and much, much more! My girls were writing sweet notes as well and everyone participated. It was amazing and for a week the room was filled with kids wanting to complete their assignments early and come in from recess to “write compliments”.

Truly, love was in the air…but that’s not it! Just when I thought this “God-idea” was done, I was lead to instruct the kids to save their love notes and whenever they had a bad day, they could get their bag of love and remind themselves of how much they are loved by their friends (even when the friend was not being so friendly).

This is beautiful! You see, I teach in an International community, where over 42 nations are represented! Over 15 in my classroom alone and to see them on one accord, showing the love of God is always a beautiful thing:-) So even though we can’t cross some religious boundaries, we can show the love of God and there “ain’t” a thing the devil can do about it!!! Whooo-Hooo! This the key to the “locked door” in the schools…SHOW LOVE!

And just think, it is very hard for a bully to survive in this type of environment because we would have just loved him/her to death:-)

In closing, thank you for allowing me to share. Thank you for the wonderful programs you all provide for Houston and surrounding areas. My family and I love our KSBJ family very much.

God Listens!
Tanya Washington, M.Ed.
P.S. I hope your voice is better Coppelia:-) and I miss you Susan!

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April 17, 2014 by Jennifer




I called KSBJ one day Two years ago and asked them to pray for my Pawpaw he was sick with cancer and needed prayer. My father was so scared for my Pawpaw because we didn’t know which place he would go when he passed. It was about a week after talking to KSBJ that my Pawpaw past away. I recieved the call at about 7:15 that morning with the terrible news. I do believe in Jesus and God, but this made me believe more. Before my father got the call he was still asleep as the phone was ringing he was having a dream about my grandfather he was on his hospital bed which they had put up against a wall. We could only stand on one side of this bed being as it was against the wall. In the dream my dad was sitting beside my grandfather talking to him and on the other side of the bed by the wall there was Jesus. He looked down and my grandfather and told him, “Its time to come home.” My father knew before he answered the phone that Jesus had come and taken my grandfather to heaven. But I want to thank KSBJ because I feel it was because of them that my father was put at ease and so he put us all at ease. GOD IS GREAT!!

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April 17, 2014 by Christie



MS150 share my MS story and why I am riding this year.  Thanks to God I am riding this year “Because

I began experiencing blurred vision, loss of balance, poor coordination, tingling, and numbness in both of my legs and the entire right side of my body in high school.  I went to several doctors for several years looking for answers, but they had none.

After high school, in 1989, I begin to date my friend of four years and continued hanging out with the same crowd of people.  I continued working the retail job I had in high school.  None of us had a clear direction in life and had no plans for the future.  My symptoms continued and everyone was sick of hearing about them and just assumed I was making them up.  In 1992, my boyfriend broke up with me and I lost all of the “friends” I thought I had.  I was devastated and depressed.

After a car accident in 1993, I had complete loss of control of the right side of my body.  I had several tests run over the course of a month or two, one of which was a spinal tap.  I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in September of 1993.  It took so long to diagnose because the symptoms are very difficult for physicians to interpret.  It is truly a wait-and-see game.  -
I began to isolate myself and continued to be depressed.  I remember going to the doctor to talk about my options.  Unfortunately, steroids were the only real option at that time.  He discussed Betaseron with me and explained that it had just been approved by the FDA and the MS had to affect at least two areas in your body to qualify.  If you qualified, then you would get a lottery number and if your number was picked you could receive the medicine.  Just before I left he told me, “You have two options.  You can let this disease control you or you can take control of it!”

I went home and not knowing what else to do I began to pray.  I asked God to help me and give me strength because I did not have any.  God laid out a path and held me in his right hand and carried me through.  He said “You are not alone for I am with you”.  That winter, Betaseron was released and my number was picked.  Every time I relapse, God provides a plan.  He is always with me and carries me through.  Through all my struggles, God is with me!  He is so good to me.

Why I Am Riding

I have wanted to ride the MS 150 for several years, but did not think it was possible.  This past year I had to watch my father and best friend of 24 years undergo chemotherapy and radiation.  My dad had stage three lung cancer and my friend, Michelle, has stage three c melanoma.  I decided that if they could go through all of that to fight for their lives, I could get on a bike and fight for mine and others.  I’ve registered for BP MS 150 to help the National MS Society fund research and to help everyone that has MS and their families lead powerful lives. I believe in the work they do and want to be an active part of it. I know I can count on your help.

Let’s Move Forward Together

The Society organizes 100 rides nationwide. The funds they raise fuel research aimed at treating and eventually curing MS; they also provide crucial services for persons living with MS.

I’m helping the National MS Society move forward toward a world without MS and making a difference in the lives of 400,000 Americans with Multiple Sclerosis.  Thank you for your support!


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