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April 30, 2016 by Ruth



Realization of God’s great love

One night this week I was seriously considering it all, after an argument with my fiance. I am so glad I didn’t. Something absolutely awesome happened the next day. I was driving to work the next day when I had the most awesome realization about God’s love for me. He went to the cross because of His great love for each of us individually. I really am amazed that it did not hit me even twenty five years ago when I invited Jesus into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior. Easter truly has a completely new meaning to me this year.

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April 30, 2016 by Daniel



Second Chance

This past Christmas my son wanted to watch God’s Not Dead, but I wasn’t interested in watching it. I believed in God, but at the time, I was pulling away from Him. So he and his mother sat down to watch the movie and I sat at the kitchen table working on a project. Surprisingly, the movie kept drawing me in. The movie ended and we went to bed.

I woke up early the next morning to clean out the turkey fryer and just felt compelled to put on a station my wife had been telling me about, KSBJ. As I was scrubbing the pot, I don’t know how to explain it, but something was happening inside of me. I grabbed the water hose to rinse out my brush and I was doing that and as the grime was washing off, the wind blew across my face. Immediately I knew something was happening and I felt it in my soul. I’m having trouble putting it into words, but it was as if God was telling me, “See how you’re rinsing your brush, I will rinse your doubt.”

Since that moment I have completely turned my life over to Him. I am getting my Holy Sacraments done, attending RCIA classes, and this June after 19 years of marriage I am going to marry my wife in church before God. It’s not an easy road but it’s worth it and KSBJ definitely makes the ride that much smoother. Thank y’all for letting me share and God bless.

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April 30, 2016 by Tini Siders



Only God Could Do This

I was one of those in a prayer circle that wouldn’t speak prayer out loud.  God prompted me to begin a prayer group at work.  It started as a handful who gathered with me to pray for others.  We bridged the gap for others through prayer, so we call ourselves the Bridge Prayer Group.  We grew too large to meet together so I began sending out weekly devotions.  I chose a collection and published in my first devotional, “Building a Bridge One Prayer at a Time”. Churches have used this as a stepping stone for youth as well as women’s Bible study groups to get folks started in prayer groups.  I have just completed my second book, “Bridging the Gap One Prayer at a Time”.  I will be hosting a book signing in just a few days, but my book order was printed incorrectly so right now I do not have any books for the event.

The books came in last week and were printed incorrectly, leaving me with 341 books that I can’t sell.  I immediately got on the phone with the publisher that night and sent pictures to show the issue.  They began working to reprint the order.  To date, I still do not have my books.  They have assured me I will have them before the signing.  I have called, checked status, asked questions, escalated etc and still feel in limbo.  I have prayed so much over this book.  I want the Lord to connect the people to this book that He wants to read it and change their lives.  I want Him to receive the glory.  I know the Lord is telling me to trust Him.  It’s incredibly difficult to remain calm knowing you have an event planned around the books and not have books!  I presented my Pastor with his book last night.  You see, the hard covers came in perfectly as planned!  My Pastor and I had a great conversation.  When I saw my neighbors last night, we began talking about different things and “Trust the Lord” came up again.  We talked about being able to see how the Lord will use this situation to bring glory to Him through the books we can’t sell. 

We decided we are going to donate them to the troops, women’s shelter etc.  This was another great conversation where the Lord is leading me to peace.  This morning coming to work, I heard Rachelle’s sons recite the 8th resurrection egg story.  When one of them said “and Jesus died”, I began to cry.  Such emotion came over me.  I then heard several great songs on the radio, causing me to totally forget to call my husband to let him know I was on my way to work.  One song in particular was “I Trust In You”, by Lauren Daigle.  I worshipped all the way to work!  If you are struggling with trusting the Lord fully with a situation, I shared this to hopefully encourage you.  There’s nothing like the peace that only God can give us.  When you have a chance, listen to the song I mentioned.  You will be blessed.

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April 30, 2016 by Lauren Franklin



God is on the move!

I’ve been debating about posting this for a few days now, but the excitement of how great God is is so overwhelming right now, and I feel strongly this might help someone who takes the time out to read this post. To put things as plainly and simply as I possibly can - without giving away too much information. With the weather being the way it has been lately and just this time of year can be slow for anyone who has a job that requires them to work outside - take my husband for example - you simply cannot operate a ginormous crane with high winds, rain etc. It makes taking care of your responsibilities very hard..and at times you may come to find that there’s more bills than there is money in the account. I cannot explain to anyone how I got to the place I am now with God ... but there’s definitely been times where I just wanna sit and cry and dwell on why life has to be so hard and so stressful ... that’s no way to live. I’ve asked God many times to deliver me from the things that are keeping me from growing more in my faith ... that could be stress, worry, greed etc. Although I’ve asked that, my heart still was holding on to these things I prayed about. I still wanted to be “in control”.  I’m telling you right now - when you truly let go of whatever that thing is holding you back ... the blessings just pour in. When you put all of your cares and trust in the Lord and you stay obedient to him ... it pays off. He IS listening to you - He knows all the desires of your heart, if you’ll just stop, take a moment and speak out loud. Call forth the things in your life holding you back, breaking your heart, destroying relationships etc. Call forth the things you wish to see improve in your life and speak to it as if it were already there!!

*Romans 4:17 says, “I have made you a father of many nations. He is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed—the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were.”
*Mark 11:23 says, “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.”

In conclusion I’m here to tell you ... God is on the move! Last week I got a large check in the mail from our energy company - which was our deposit when we moved in over a year ago. We received it for on time payments. I have been so in “awe” this week at moments being like “wow God - you are so amazing!” It couldn’t have come at a better time ... it was the exact amount we needed! He has absolutely perfect timing for everything & He will not let you fail in life ... if you allow Him into your heart..and pray for change ... it will happen. At times it may make you uncomfortable and you may have to go through some dark valleys along the way but I promise you ... God is right there along side with you every step on the way. And there is a reason for the detour.

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April 30, 2016 by Mary



Who was our helper?

It was around 3:30 am when I was awakened by a loud thump. In all reality I normally say to myself “oh Alex fell again”, roll over, and go back to sleep. Well not on this morning. This morning I felt like someone had sat me up so I hurried out of my bedroom to find my husband Alex laying on his back on the floor. I called out his name and shook him and he didn’t answer. He was out for a while and wasn’t breathing. He then finally gasped for air, blubbered his lips and opened his eyes. I helped him sit up and that’s when I saw all the blood on the floor coming from his head. I then hurried and knocked on my daughter Audrey’s bedroom door. When she opened the door I saw the faces of 2 people standing there but only my daughter walked out and closed the door behind her. I assumed the other one was her husband Miguel.

Audrey and I took my husband to the emergency room where the doctor put 6 staples in his head and after 2 days they let him go home. Later that evening Audrey, Miguel and I were discussing what happened and I said “When I knocked on the bedroom door and Audrey opened the door I saw you right behind her Miguel but I guess she didn’t want you to see her Dad in that condition so she hurried and closed the door.” He said “I never got up, I thought maybe our daughter was up crying or something.”  So who was the person standing behind Audrey? We believe it must have been an angel.

I told my story to two of my closest friends and had a nurse confirm our suspicion that my husband may have died that night and come back. I truly believe someone perhaps an angel or maybe even God but someone helped us that Saturday morning and I thank God for giving my husband a second chance! My prayers are that God will touch his heart and heal him in the name of Jesus.

My husband has been off hard liquor since August 12, 2015 after this happened, and I thank God everyday and it’s in God’s hands and we are truly blessed. Our struggle with alcohol has been long and hard and my husband has gone to alcohol rehab 3 times before. I know my God is real because there were days when I truly didn’t know how I was going to feed my family. But God always came through for us and I’m talking about delicious home cooked meals without even asking or letting people know we had no food. How great is my God! Today my husband is doing well and he even has a full time job. Praise God! He doesn’t make as much as his previous job and our house is in foreclosure but I’m not worried. We’re happy and I know God has a plan for us. I’m just very very thankful that God removed the awful chains of alcohol addiction from my husband! On March 31, 2016 we God willing will complete 26 years of marriage and I thank God for all he has helped me. I know God has a plan for me. Jeremiah 29:11.

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April 30, 2016 by Diana Terry



Power of prayer

A very good friend of mine, her name is Betty and is 74, found out a few years back that her breast cancer had came back, after 20 years. She went through all the chemo but ended up having a double mastectomy. She does not live here, and I don’t keep in touch as much as I should. So when I talked to her at the end of January she shared what had been going on with her. That is when I found out that she had lung cancer and 4 spots on her liver. Doctors weren’t too worried with the liver as they figured when she did the chemo on her lungs that it would take care of that also. So she went in for her first treatment only to find out that the chemo helped 2 of the spots but the other 2 were growing. That is where I came into the picture as they were going to be coming to Houston to MDS for radiation.

I suggested we meet for lunch when they got here, as they always come in a day early. So we met Sunday afternoon to eat. She has lost all her hair, but is in very good spirits. Her husband even told us that the doctors said they might have to cut out the part of her liver that was infected as it was a fast growing cancer.

I felt so compelled to pray for her. I prayed for her every morning for three days, as she was to have another scan that Wednesday morning. I called her on my way home from work to get the results Wednesday evening, only to find out that the spots on her liver were gone and the spots on her lungs were almost gone. They said she will probably only do one more chemo treatment and she should be good and in remission.
All I said was PRAISE THE LORD! Prayer is such a powerful thing, and our Lord does answer prayers!

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April 30, 2016 by Shamira Moreno



God Answered My Prayer!

My father was in ICU for 2 months and doctors said he would never wake up. I had to make the decision whether or not to take him off life support. I couldn’t live with the fact that I will have the guilt of taking my father off life support but the Doctors said they would make a decision if I didn’t make one soon. I prayed that my father for one last time would open his eyes and look at me his daughter. The day the doctors were making the decision my father woke up and his breathing tube was removed. He was conscious, he was awake, he was crying and telling me in a raspy voice that God had better plans. 2 days later my father passed away. All glory to God that I will see my father again and I know he is in heaven. I thank God for all his love and all his mercy, that my father is not suffering anymore and he is in a better place. My mother died when I was 3 years old and by my dad passing it hurt me, but with time I have gotten closer to God and committed all my siblings to follow Jesus as well, and that He has better plans for us.

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April 30, 2016 by Aley



My turn around

I didn’t have a phone and I was very mad. Everyone my age had a phone. So I got a texting app on my iPod with my own “phone number” and everything. One day, I was playing a game online. A boy chatted with me and asked me for my number. I told him I had a phone and a number and gave it to him. I felt so cool. But I was nervous and weary. I’d never texted any boy besides my father and brother. At first, we talked about normal things, like things about our daily life and activities. But soon he started adding hearts to the end of his messages and told me I was probably beautiful, so I should send a picture of myself. I didn’t at first, but after awhile l I sent him one. From then on, he told me he loved me and I was his princess. And I believed it. I didn’t even think about my Jesus and at church I glazed my eyes over and blocked out the messages. I became ugly. I wore so much makeup, it didn’t look good. I stayed up all night texting him and my grades in school failed because I kept falling asleep. My online “friend” soon became very personal asking me questions about my love life. I was now blind and took it as love. I thought I had everything I needed. A boyfriend. Like everyone else. But I still felt empty, but looked to him to fill my gap.

My dad took my iPod one day and started looking through it. I immediately grabbed it and wrestled it from him, losing. He gave me a second chance, knowing something was up, and asked me I was hiding anything. I told him no. When I went to bed, I tried holding my breath to kill myself. I knew they would find out everything so I prayed to Jesus for the first time in months that they won’t find out. But He had other plans. My dad came in my room with a stone face and brought me downstairs. My parents talked to me, silently, but sadly. They asked me if I still was a Christian, and how could I do this. How could I? I didn’t even know. I slept fitfully that night, but the best in months. Weights were lifted of my shoulders by telling them, but I was still mad about not having my boyfriend to tell me that I was pretty, I was smart, and I was worth it. My makeup, iPod, computer, and nail polish were taken away. I felt empty. Months passed, and Jesus kept passing through my mind.

Finally, I re-accepted Jesus into my life. The hole was filled! I felt new and changed. I knew I didn’t need anyone to tell me I was pretty, Jesus could help me! Now I know that if this whole thing had never happened to me, I might have done it now. Jesus turned this bad thing into a lesson. Now I will follow Him forever! My new motto is: IF YOU FEEL THE NEED FOR HUMANLY DESIRES, FILL THE HOLE WITH JESUS!

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April 30, 2016 by Raul



Nothing is impossible for God

On Wednesday February 10, 2016 they told my uncle that he had stage 4 cancer in his pancreas. Yesterday (February 14, 2016) they said they can’t believe it but he doesn’t have any more cancer!

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April 30, 2016 by Lisa



God Listens Billboard

A couple of years ago I was going through a divorce that I did not want. I was devastated, distraught, lost and didn’t know where to turn. I prayed one Sunday and cried so hard and ask God to please give me a sign, a clear cut sign that I couldn’t miss as to what I am supposed to do next? I fell asleep and had a dream. In my dream I was driving down 45 South, God spoke to me and said you’re heading in the wrong direction, you need to turn around. So I immediately jumped off the highway in such a hurry I went too fast and spun out of control. As I was reaching the turn around, my car slid up on the curb under the overpass and died right there, and wouldn’t start back up. I looked around and it was not a nice area, there was a big fence with junk all behind it and I thought why would they have that stuff like that by the highway? I looked up in my dream and said God I need you now, please help me, I’m very scared! And he clearly said, remain calm and simply wait, I’ve got you. I woke up right then.

Two weeks went by and I was heading to an area just inside the loop to meet a client. When I arrived it was a pretty scary place and I prayed for safety but went in to meet the client ... Once finished I was trying to hurry to get out of there, and had already programed my GPS for my next client so I turned it on and started to drive… my GPS had me heading South on 45 and it dawned on me my next client is in Conroe, why South? So I got off the next exit to turn around to go in the correct direction ... as I did I realized this is the same place as my dream!! I got goose bumps on my arms as I approached the overpass area and sure enough, there was the fence and all the junk under there!  I got goose bumps all over now ... I slowed down to about 2 miles an hour as I wondered what could this mean?? Then it dawned on me, what’s on the other side of this bridge? As I crept my car up slowly and automatically looked up at the sky towards God, the very first thing I saw on the other side of that overpass was the KSBJ billboard that simply said God Listens ... I broke into tears knowing He heard my cries, He knows my heart, He knows my pain, and He has me in his arms.

I ended up writing a book basically due to this and some other similar things that followed. My book came out this week on Amazon.com. The title is: Life Before And After Death, With God’s Love.
I have complete faith that God is directing my every step. Thank you for your sign!

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