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January 25, 2015 by maria



I trust in jesus

My family and I have been through so much , on one of our worse days I was like “I need Jesus in my life but I don’t know how to start looking for him.” Well one day I drove by Wilson rd and I saw the KSBJ radio station sign and I saw that it said “God Listens” so I changed the radio station to listen to it. This happened in August 2014 and ever since then I can say I love the station and not only that but I know for a fact that I am close to God and it feels wonderful to feel his presence. I love Jesus and I choose joy and when I put my eyes in Jesus I have joy, when I loose it, I will choose it, I choose joy!!!!!!!!!....Thank you KSBJ for having a wonderful station. God does listen!

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January 25, 2015 by Paula



My 30 day challenge

Listening to KSBJ in the mornings and whenever in the car gives me that time to spend with God worshiping him. It has helped me have a better drive time and not be distracted by the road rage of others. After a year or listening to KSBJ I find myself listening to other music for a little while and then changing it back to KSBJ- love it!

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January 25, 2015 by Jennifer



Prayers answered

On New Year’s Day I got the news that my 90 year old grandfather who had raised me as a father had been moved to Memorial Hermann due to an unknown issue. I came to the hospital to find him incoherent with dementia. The next day he barely woke up. This is all unexplained because the tests showed no cause. Each night I have prayed for God to send his angels for protection and to watch over him and for his will to be done. Today he is awake and coherent. This is God’s work and I want to share my praise for him and acknowledge his hand in this and all things.

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January 25, 2015 by Frank



my life wasn’t easy

My father was stuck raising two boys alone after my parents divorced. When I was in the stages of learning how to walk I was diagnosed with spinal meningitis which worked up to my brain that caused me to start having seizures. All my life my grandmother showed me Gods word and she helped raise me and my brother but after she passed away I drifted away from his word.  When I turned eighteen years old the doctors asked me if I wanted to go through a brain surgery for the seizures I had. I went to a local church and prayed about it and asked the preachers to help me.  After checking into the hospital I thought about it and asked my father to find my mother who I hadn’t seen or talked to in two years. I didn’t want to have any regrets in my life before I went under the knife.  He found her and everyone reunited.  I came out of the surgery 11 hours later 110% better and it fixed my seizures. Since the surgery my life got better but I drifted away from Gods word again and got into drugs and drinking. I met my first wife in 2007 and rushed into marriage after six months and after two years we divorced. I was mad at the world and started drinking again. I vowed that I’d never get tired down in a relationship again. Well, today, I’m happily married to my wife for three years. I have a house, a good job and haven’t done drugs in years. She helps me stay straight and reminds me of Gods word.We haven’t found a church home yet and I still break down, loose my temper, and have sinful thoughts but I’m trying and getting by. I listen to KSBJ to help me through.

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January 25, 2015 by Bonita



Employment Challenge

I was terminated from my last job after submitting a police report against a coworker for causing me physical harm.  I had been with out a job, insurance, etc and very depressed since the incident. I had been praying and asking GOD for strength, truth and justice with this matter.  Today I got offered a good job!!!! GOD does listen even after my faith was tested very hard.  I was losing the battle there for a while but GOD came through for me and I am now starting on a new journey with God leading the way!!!!

Lead on Captain….GOD….for our ship is sailing again….

I love you GOD…

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January 25, 2015 by TRISH



Thank You & Happy Birthday Jesus

Dear Lord Jesus,

I just want to remember all you always do for me and give you thanks this Christmas.
I may not always feel you are listening to my prayers, but I get into my car and KSBJ is playing a song telling me you are there and listening. Thank You!
I may wobble and have pains in both knees when I walk, but I still can walk, thank you!
I may have one eye that shuts and winks all the time, but I still can see, thank you!
I may have a bad back and hurts when I stand, but I still can stand, thank you!
I may have fingertips that are cracked and hurt, but I still can pray, thank you!
I may not sleep at night, but I you give me time in the day to sleep, thank you!
I may not always have enough money for the things I want, but you always give me what I need, thank you!
I may not always have a perfect family life, but I’m Blessed to have a family, thank you!
Lord Jesus, I can go on and on with all the things I’m thankful for, but the most important thing is you, thank you for my salvation, thank you for my Church Family and thank you for each day I’m alive.  I thank you Lord Jesus for KSBJ and them letting me share my story so through KSBJ it may help others be thankful to you and let them know you are listening.  So Lord Jesus, not only during this Christmas Season but all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. I give you thanks.

Happy Birthday Jesus, Amen.

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January 25, 2015 by Tannie



Amazing Love by Coworkers

In October my husband lost his job and it was devastating for us.  We are still struggling to make rent due to the loss of income.  God recently blessed us with a new job for my husband and there are some truly sweet people there.  He was made to feel welcome immediately.  Last week he discovered there were a few Christians at his place of work. They had a wonderful discussion in which he told them how he was new to the faith and they immediately prayed over him.  A few days ago he was having a talk with another coworker.  He asked if we had our tree up yet and my husband said we couldn’t afford a Christmas tree this year.  The next day my husband was given a brand new 4 foot pre-lit Christmas tree. Later that week another coworker gave him a new Bible with his name embossed on the cover.  As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday my husband said the manager called him in to his office and was talking to him about how the store sees its employees as family.  To my husband’s surprise the manager gave him an envelope with $400 in it and said the entire store had contributed!  Words can’t describe how thankful we are.  My husband has not had many people in his life to love on him.  I am so grateful God is using people to grow my husband’s faith. God is so good and it is amazing how he has used others to make a real difference in our lives.

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January 25, 2015 by Claudia



God still answers prayer

November 17, 2014 I had a stent inserted in a major artery because of a 95% blockage.  When I was released from the hospital, I was still having some of the same symptoms (though they were milder).  While I was recuperating at home I began to realize that although the doctor had done his job.  I still needed the healing touch of the Lord Jesus.  I emailed my prayer request to KSBJ and waited on the Lord to do the rest and as always the Lord came through.  I am feeling 100% better and I now walk 1 mile a day. 

Thanks for your prayers and I hope this story will encourage some one else who’s still having symptoms after a medical procedure. 

My favorite scripture is: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to your own understanding…..

Love, Claudia

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January 25, 2015 by Latrecia




Each day whether I’m taking my 6 yr old son and two other little boys to school, running every day errands , or on my way to punch the clock at the local nursing home where I work I listen to this station.The many songs and testimonials that I hear gives me Hope. Some days when my heart feels so heavy within , just knowing what God promises gives me the Hope , Strength and Determination to keep on doing what I know pleases The Lord. I truly want to Thank you all for being on the air sharing Gods Wonderful Word. AMEN

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January 25, 2015 by Jenny



I Chose Joy!!

I recently had a situation where a relative who was very close to me called to tell me that she had been reprimanded by her Father (who is a pastor) for speaking ugly about me and others in her life for the past several years.  He told her she needed to let things go and move on.  She called to ask if anyone had called me and shared anything that was said about me.  I politely said no and didn’t respond any further for being dumbfounded and speechless.  As days passed I began to grow very upset wondering what on earth I could have done to cause her to speak so ugly about me.  I have been in her family for 17 years and have tried to be an encouragement and show love to her.  I was so hurt and had a hard time sleeping because of it!! Words can be so hurtful because once you say them you can never take it back!!  I began to question if there were any other people in my life who felt the way she did.  The Devil really started to get a hold of me and my thoughts. I am new to South Texas and have been listening to KSBJ for a few months now.  I have it on in the car at all times and online while I work…. and the morning show is talking about choosing Joy!  In everything choose Joy!  I repeat the Joy pledge every day!!  Since this situation, the same person has tried to contact me throughout the last 2 weeks, and of course out of my hurt I chose to ignore the calls.  All the while I have felt convicted to show love like God would do in this situation and not allow it to steal my joy.  I received a text from her asking if all was “ok” and apologizing for our last conversation and that she would be devastated if she hurt me.  She began to speak about how lonely and sad she is and shared some of this sadness with me.  In that moment I chose JOY and chose to be a light for her.  I shared scripture and a few things that my pastor had said in service yesterday that were exactly what she needed!!  I ended up being blessed out of being a light for her!!  God delights to bless in barren places!  I have 3 children and I am always preaching to them to be a witness and to always think before they speak.  How can I be a Godly mother and Christian leader to my children if I don’t practice what I preach?!  God spoke to me last night to show her love and mercy as he shows me every day.  Thank you KSBJ for being the constant voice to remind us to Focus on Jesus and to choose Joy in every circumstance.  This constant reminder has a great affect on my daily attitude!  Merry Christmas!!

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