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April 19, 2015 by Kirsten



My 30-Day Challenge

I began the 30-day challenge on January 12. During this time, my husband and I were separated and just days away from our divorce being final. We had run in to some major speed bumps and I knew I had to fully lean on my faith. I’ve listened to Christian music here and there over many years of my life and always turn to it during difficult times. So, I figured, why not devote myself to listening ONLY to Christian music for a month and see what happens?

What happened was that so many of the songs spoke to me. One, in particular, was “Broken Together” by Chris Tomlin. I realize it probably spoke to many in my situation at that time but I deeply believe that I acted based on the emotions that song evoked in me. I reached out to my husband, we began the healing process. I am beyond happy to report that we have withdrawn divorce papers, are living under one roof once again and have put God first in our life.

As a side-note, I know now so many of the songs that are played regularly. It is to the point where they are all that is in my head, even when the radio is not on. I’ll randomly hear 4-5 different songs in my head throughout the day and I feel like that is God speaking to me. And I’ve realized how different listening to Christian music is than listening to mainstream. I’ve always loved music but never truly realized it’s power over our mind until I set my mind on the right path.

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April 19, 2015 by Laura Ware



Sticky Notes

Last year around May 2014, I was struggling in all aspects of my life.  I decided to incorporate the 30 day challenge into my 30 day “Daniel Fast.”  After I completed the fast, I found that I could not go back to the R&B music that I sometimes enjoyed listening to.  God has reshaped me on the inside.  Now, I wake up with KSBJ and I end my day with KSBJ.  I am encouraging my family to take the 30 day challenge, in order for them to experience the peace and laughter that I have gained from listening to the constant biblical principles and testimonies.
This week I chose to randomly distribute sticky notes to all of my colleagues.  All that I can say is “wow!” This is truly a “God Thing.” Since my identity (the sticky bandit) was exposed, my colleagues have been approaching me with hugs, as they share their particular stories.  Each of them have shared how that sticky note related to what they were going through on that particular day.  I am so grateful that I was obedient and tagged each computer screen.
My heart is overwhelmed as I reflect over these past 8 months. God does listen! He listens very attentively…....


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April 19, 2015 by Sharon



Roadside Assistance That Was Over The Top

Had a blow-out & while waiting on the phone for roadside assistance to come on the line this man pulled up to help change my tire. After many complications (bad spare, car towed, double towing charge) he stayed with me the whole day until I got my car back on the road.  From 7:30-4:30 this wonderful man was at my aid.  He was truly a God-send and my angel for the day.

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April 19, 2015 by Donna



God’s perfect timing

I have been so down the last few months not understanding what is going on - my real estate business has been zero for several months and my finances are in the worst shape I have ever had.  I have been feeling so guilty for having to use my mom’s money to help pay bills the last few years (have been laid off three times in the last five years).  God has been trying to tell me to get out of my comfort zone job and He put being a real estate agent on my mind in 2013.  I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do.  It has been a struggle and surprisingly I haven not given up which it very unusual for me.  Yesterday, I was really down and guilty about the financial situation I have put my mom in and wondering how I am going to catch up on my own finances. (I pay my mom’s bills first -what her monthly check does not cover).  Yesterday, while feeling so down your text saying, “You are forgiven. God loves you and He keeps no record of wrongs. Despite any mistakes, you can embrace His forgiveness!” It was perfect timing!!  I needed that so much and what a relief I felt. 

Then after your text yesterday, I put a friend’s daughter’s home (it was her father’s home) back on the market yesterday and prayed before I left the home (it needs lots of repairs and updating and someone died in the home - it is difficult to sell but not too difficult for God).  I have already received two request for showings - that could only be God bringing the right people to look at and buy the home.

God has been showing me things about my past that He wants me to deal with and let go.  He has put me in situations that keep bringing up what He wants me to let go of.  My mother and I never got along when I was growing up and my brother was her baby. She has dementia and I know that God put me in charge of her because my brother too easily goes by what the doctor says (I research her medicine, take classes, etc to see what is best for her).  I am letting go of the resentment and anger that I felt towards her and understand more now of how she grew up (from an aunt that married into the family).  My brother does not help much and his wife has never liked our family.  I get overwhelmed and tired sometimes from always being there for her and no one is there for me (except God). One of my dear cousins goes to lunch with us once a month and that helps my mom a lot.  A few weeks ago, my brother said he was taking his wife out of town for the weekend because they need a break.  I told him I did not want to hear about him needing a break when I never get one.  He was suppose to relief me for a few days before he moved to North Carolina (he is military) but of course he did not do it.  He always seems to be there for his wife’s family but never his own mother.  I don’t understand why he cannot fly down for a weekend to see her.  I know God is trying to tell me, with Him, I am strong enough to handle all of this because my family has always treated me like I was incapable of doing anything (I am the baby of the family).  All of these years, I believed what my family said about me but thanks to so many of the songs you play I am learning the truth.  Thank you so much for the songs you play and prayers for so many that have it worse than me. I am not able to do much for others right now besides join in with your prayers but I remember the feeling of helping others and that encourages me to keep going so I can someday help others more.  I have a part time job and am not able to listen while at work but the minute I get in my truck to go home - your station is the first thing I hear when I start my truck. Thanks for all you do for me and for so many other people.  Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless you all !!!!!

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April 19, 2015 by brandy



God listens

I had a Christian upbringing growing up. One in which I am grateful, because it gave me the fundamentals ,such as trusting and having faith in God , that I use everyday and am teaching my son. In my early adulthood, I began to face obstacles, and seemed to stumble time and time again. I was living a life that I just could not feel joy or happiness. But in the inside I kept hearing this voice saying “don’t settle, there is so much more to life than the struggle.” Then one day it was like I was backed into a corner, and had to literally step on faith. You see, God had placed in my heart that I needed to move to Houston. This was not something easy for me, because a lot of my family did not support my decision. But in my heart I had this comfort and peace it would be alright. So I moved to Houston, jobless with my son living with my sister. Two weeks after living here, I was blessed with a job that I had dreamed about getting since high school. But God didn’t stop there he turned around and blessed me with an even greater job than that a few months later. He even blessed me and my son with our own place to live just 6 months after moving here. And the blessings keep on coming! God helped me to persevere, so that it built my character, and created a hope in me like never before. My God is gracious, loving and powerful. And He never forgets or abandons us, but is faithful forever.

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April 19, 2015 by Sandy



Because He Lives…

To cite the songs and their messages that stirred my soul today, 2/6/15:

“Because He Lives” impacted me as I heard that “our song” does join the everlasting song before the Throne of God- Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving, because we were dead and now live!!! 

“Open up the Floodgates” connected with my heart’s cry at the age of 7, when I asked God to open up Heaven to me… let me visually see Him or His “brightness”.  He did not, but infused the reality of His holy presence and a purpose, “TBA later”.  I went away, thrilled with my God-secret!  My first encounter with the Gospel came at a Waltrip High School auditorium program/concert, where I heard slightly edited “love songs” by the “Sounding Seventies”, Jan. 1970!  (They claimed permission to slightly edit them to reflect God’s love for us).  A boy invited me to go hear more atheir music over the weekend; their presentation of John 3:16 brought me into the awareness that “belief” is a choice I needed to respond with if I wanted to receive Eternal Life.  A Sunday School image of the world, Jesus on the cross, and - me, hearing His question filled my imagination when the singer asked, “Do you believe that He died for you?” I said in my mind, “Yes.  I believed it for me!” -simple, but I chose to move on with my day, and date, instead of waiting for counseling on the matter, because many more people responded than there were counselors.  I was refreshed and excited, but I pursued my fun life with some compromising choices.  Three years later, as I listened to my dear brother’s “story” of how he had believed in Christ and now was “born again”, I knew those were the words that described my 1970 experience.  As he shared Scriptures of Salvation, I was immediately engaged, as my spirit felt the trickle of the Holy Spirit’s presence and renewal.  When I read those verses myself, the rivers of Living Water flooded my soul.  “Whom Shall I Fear” expresses the security I felt, keeping the Lord before me, because there was none else, and I knew that He was/is the Way!  God’s Soverign hand took over and He “recalibrated” my life in an amazing way!  My parents decided to attend a Bible Church, where God led me into growth in His Word and abundant Life.

“I Can Only Imagine” and “Give Me Eyes To See”  were mine and my brother’s cries, from the early ‘70’s until this day.  Our sister came to Christ, soon, and followed Him wholeheartedly, later.  Another remarkable story.  His faithfulness is amazing.  We are indeed ordinary people, “but God…” has given us His treasured Presence in our earthen bodies!  He has done exceedingly abundantly above all that we asked or thought.  We are only 33 souls, plus 2 departed, who have only taken the Gospel to 9 countries in person, in 4 continents.  May His song in us continue on until He returns.  There’s much work to do:))

May my gift (on its way) join with many others to see that KSBJ continues to broadcast the message of our Savior! smile)

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April 19, 2015 by Kathy



God Bumps

I am a 56 year old woman who grew up in a home with both parents being alcoholics. I was abused. I spent the first 35 years of my life blaming my parents for my problems.
I learned at a very young age how to cover things up with alcohol. I hated who I was right from the start. I started wearing glasses by the age of 8, I had an overbite, and my Mom made me wear my hair very short. I literally could not stand to look in the mirror. My Mom was very controlling and she was verbally abusive. She worked a full time job and we were raised by a nanny who lived with us. She was wonderful. I think if it hadn’t been for her, things would have been a lot worse. The one thing I did have going for me was I had a good personality. I was funny and outgoing and I could laugh at myself before others did. I knew about God as my parents would send me and my sisters to sunday school every sunday on the sunday school bus. I was even baptized at 12. I got involved with the youth group and had fun at times. But I started drinking and smoking at 15. I didn’t hang around with the best crowd, (surprise! surprise!).
I got married at 18 to the first guy who asked me. He was a nice guy but he was like me, he didn’t deal with his feelings either. We had a child together which is the best thing that came out of that marriage.
He asked me for a divorce 5 years into the marriage. You see, I was horrible to live with. I didn’t just blame my Mom for things, I blamed anyone around me. I wasn’t happy and it was my husbands job to fix that. As you know, no one could do that for me. After my husband left I started drinking very heavy. I also started getting very depressed, but I didn’t realize what it was at the time. Again I thought it was all somebody else’s fault that I was so unhappy.
By this time I was seeing a guy that worked with my ex-husband. Believe it or not, we actually got married. By this time we were living together and had separated several times already.
My husband and I were married about 3 years when we decided to have a baby. I actually didn’t want one because I already had one and she was 8 years old by this time. But he had never had any children and he wanted one of his own. So I had a boy. This was in 1987. After our son was born my life spiraled out of control. I hated being tied down to children. I wanted to be able to go out and party whenever I wanted to.
Finally a friend told me that I should see a therapist. So I did. I spent a year in therapy and I had the most wonderful therapist. She taught me so much about myself and why I did the things I did. She got me thinking about why I lived and my friends didn’t. I started thinking about God and that maybe he wanted me to live for a reason. I started praying and reading the bible. I didn’t start going to church yet but I started to feel that I was healing a little bit. I also learned that my life as I was living it was not my parents fault. Yes, they weren’t the best parents but they did the best they could with the tools that they had. Neither one of my parents had a good childhood either. But I was so angry at them for everything. I spent the next 10 years in and out of therapy. I learned so much about myself that even the therapist were saying that I had a good insight into myself and why I did the things I did. You see, I had the tools I needed to get better, I just didn’t want to do the work.
This time I started seeing a Christian Therapist and this was the beginning of a whole new life for me. She told me about a 12 Step group that met at a Church and I thought, why not, I’ve tried everything else. So I started going and it was the best thing that ever happend to me. I knew the whole time I was in AA that their was something missing but I didn’t know what it was. Now I knew, it was God. I kept going to the 12 Step group and felt an acceptance like I never knew. I kept seeing the therapist for about 2 years on and off until she told me that she thought that she had helped me come as far as she could. By this time I had started attending the church where my meeting was. I also started feeling that God had something planned for me, I felt very strongly that I was to share my story to other addicts and alcoholics. So that is what I did. I gave my testimony at Church, I spoke at other meetings and schools.
Life was good, I was feeling happier than I ever had and I was taking responsibility for my actions in the past. I realized that I could no longer blame my parents. If I were to keep blaming them, I would stay sick. I mean why would I have to make any changes if nothing was my fault, right? I started seeing them in a whole different light and I thank God for that all the time. Because three years ago my father passed away and my Mom is now in a nursing home with Alzheimers and I love them both so much.
But the biggest surprise of all, I am still married to the wonderful man who put up with me all of those years. We had our 30 year anniversary in 2014. We get along great now. We lived through so much in those 30 years, but it has made our marriage stronger than ever. I now let him know all the time how much I love him and how much I appreciate him. He still treats me like a queen. But now I love it. My daughter is married to a wonderful man and has 2 beautiful children. By the way, she is a Psychologist for pre-school children. I find an irony in that I guess. My son is married to a beautiful woman and they just had their first baby 3 weeks ago.
I still deal with things all the time. But now I know where to go for help. I am on medication for depression and bi-polar but that is alright. The biggest hurdle that I have had to deal with was 2 years ago my husband and I moved out of Minnesota and down to Texas where my son is living. But I found myself a church right away. Because of the cost of living in Texas, my husband and I were able to build a new house last year. I am heavily involved in church and I go to a Women’s Shelter once a week to speak to the women about empowering themselves to make better choices.
I apologize that this letter is so long. I also just wanted to say that God can do miracles. I would not be here today if it weren’t for Him. He took me out of a life of Hell and gave me hope. I want others to know their is hope for them also.

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April 19, 2015 by Samantha Nicole



30 day challenge

I just want to say thank you guys so much for what you do. Each song gives me hope, faith, and strength. Every time I hear a song I’ve heard 2, 3, or 4 times I get something new out of it. It’s an amazing thing to know God loves you even when you reject him over and over again, that He’s never leaving you always there and that he understands and he’s there for you.
Because of this radio station I always find light in the darkest time, find hope in a time of misery, and find faith in every battle. You guys are such a blessing and always keep a smile on my face. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

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April 19, 2015 by Veronica




I want to say thank you to the KSBJ team,  I enjoy listening everyday. With the 30 day Challenge, I have noticed a change in the way I think about certain situations. Some things that I would have raised cain about,  I have just seemed to let go without any bother. I just love the way I feel when I listen and just love on God through the music and ministry through the station. Everyday is a new day for me,  I no longer focus on problems or worries. I have handed everything to God and love him dearly. Thank you!

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April 19, 2015 by Olga



God will answer beyond our expectations

In 2014 we foreclosed our home. We were going through a hardship and owed 9 months mortgage. We tried saving up every chance we could but were not able to come up with the full amount. So our home went up for auction. Just days before the sale date we miraculously came up with the total amount to reinstate the loan but by then it was too late. The process to do so would surrpass the sale date. So Our home was sold.  So just when we had lost all hope… an informant (angel) from the bank contacted us saying that the buyer did not pay for our home and it was in limbo and being possessed to go back the bank’s ownership. So we were able to contact the bank and make arrangements to reinstate the loan and keep our home. God answered even when I thought it was too late. With man it is impossible but with God ALL things are possible.

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