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September 25, 2016 by Chels



My 30 dollar switch

For 7 years, I have been trying to get pregnant. In January, I started fertility treatments, believing in God for a miracle. Praise God, I am now 2 months pregnant! I had been paying for a gym membership at $30 a month but have not been able to go because of the treatment and now being pregnant! Today I decided to cancel my gym membership so that I can make a switch and give those 30 dollars a month to KSBJ. KSBJ has blessed me more times that I can count and God has spoken to me through the DJ’s and the music. Thank you for what you do KSBJ!

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September 25, 2016 by CONNIE



Car accident changed my life

I graduated from college when I was 20, got a great job, drove a nice car, and was making good money. I was partying and traveling and thought I was very accomplished, but my heart was restless.

I began volunteering at church and making small changes in my life, but I still loved to go clubbing and listen to rap and hip-hop, and I drove an expensive sports car.

On my way home one afternoon, I ran a stop sign and caused an accident. I was at fault and luckily did not hurt anyone. I called my boyfriend to pick me up and made arrangements for a rental. I was very bitter with God. I was making changes in my life, so why did He allow this to happen? When I was living in sin, life was good, but when I decided to change my ways, bad things started happening. I was mad that it was not fair.

When I picked up my rental car at Enterprise, the radio station in the car was set to KSBJ. I had never listened to Christian music before, ever. I was irritated. I asked God, “Is this a sign? What do you want? Fine. I will listen.” That was the first day I ever listened to Christian music. The words touched my heart and slowly my heart of stone began to soften. The mustard seed was watered and my love for God and my neighbors began to grow, and it continues to grow today, 14 years later. Now I only listen to Christian music, and so does my family. From my own personal experience, what I listen to, even in the background, makes a significant impact on my soul. Listening to KSBJ has changed my life. Thank you for being an instrument of God’s grace and mercy.

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September 25, 2016 by Joshewa



I Have a Story to Tell

This is my story. On August 5, 2004 I lost my life. But then to get it back is an extraordinary thing. Now I am a Christian man and I have a story to tell!

I was at Wal-Mart and I was followed by a gang. (I didn’t know any of them) It all happened so quickly…my friend & I were chased down at 110 MPH! Why so fast? I was driving so fast just trying to get away from them. We crashed and we flipped three times.

I am ok now…thank you God for sparing my life!! But at first they couldn’t get me breathing. It was God who put the right workers there at Memorial Herman to save me. I was in a coma for 3 weeks. I still have the pictures from the hospital. At first I couldn’t walk, talk, sit up, or breath on my own. I was on the machines, and I had to learn it all over again.

I have forgiven all of the gang members. Do they know it? Probably not, but God surely knows I have forgiven them. It doesnt matter what you been through. It only matters what you make out of it. I was given chance #2. I love God & his son Jesus Christ.

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September 25, 2016 by Lesley-Carron Brink



KSBJ is such an encouragement

I moved to USA from South Africa 8 years ago and what a joy it was when I found your radio station! My car radio and all other radios in the house are set to KSBJ! I love the little devotional “Jesus Calling” and KSBJ is just the same to me. The times when I feel down or discouraged I turn on KSBJ and God will speak to me through the song you are playing.

Our oldest son has faced so many challenges and there was one day in particular where I felt speechless! Tired of praying and feeling discouraged. I got in my car and the song was saying “when you don’t know what to say, say Jesus!” This is just one of the examples. I thank you for all you do to bring hope, encouragement, joy, love and faith to many each and every day. I love you all and appreciate you KSBJ!

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September 25, 2016 by Emily



Long-Time Listener

I moved to the Houston area from Florida 13 years ago and thought I’d only be passing through. I started listening to KSBJ almost immediately as I had listened to other Christian radio in other cities. I’ve been reflecting lately on my life and all that I’ve been through in the last decade, and realized how God has used this station so profoundly to keep me afloat through ups and downs.  Thank you. Thank you.

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September 25, 2016 by Phyllis




I have been battling Shingles for 7 weeks now and going through medications that my system cannot handle, and being sick from those. Last week they took me off all the medications to help the nerve pain. I prayed to God some more and told him that I believed he would heal the nerves and relieve me of my pain, which he has in just a week! I have a little discomfort but nothing like it was. I am now trying to get over the insomnia caused by being so stressed over the pain and the medications. I also have turned to God and asked him to help me sleep without medication assistance.

As I was driving to work and praying the song We Believe was also running through my head. I had not been listening much to KSBJ in the past week or so or anything on the radio for that matter. I turned to KSBJ right after I finished praying and guess what was playing…We Believe! God always answers if we can just have patience. Praise be to God!!

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September 25, 2016 by Kristie




My name is Kristie. I have been clean from drugs for three years and I just moved my twin sister Kirstie here from Tennessee. She was in a really bad relationship for two years. She told me last night when we got done talking she wants to give her life to Jesus Christ too!

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September 25, 2016 by Shannon



Believing in the Power of Prayer

Over the past 2 years my mom’s health has declined and she has been in and out of the hospital. Her diabetes has taken over and has made it very difficult to move around or walk, stand for long periods of time. It’s been very difficult to watch and had taken a toll emotionally. The last visit to the hospital we realized she could no longer live independently because she had lost her vision in her left eye. She could no longer drive and in a since lost her independence. I was completely in distress, not knowing what to do or who I could turn to so I began to pray. I prayed for hours sometimes because I was to worried to sleep or even eat. I cried out to God our father and begged for help and mercy. The places my husband and I began to search were assisted living facilities that were way out of what we could afford. My mother was living on her fixed income. She was only receiving social security benefits and she had no other saving or property.

I prayed for help and within a week God had placed the right people in our life who provided a couple of places she could get the proper care she needed and was within her fixed income.

As I was moving her in the facility, I soon realized that the place was not in the county where my mom was receiving her medical care, and I began to panic. However, the owner of the facility began talking about a new location where she was going to move some of the residents, and asked if we were interested.

It turns out the new facility WAS in the county where she was receiving her medical care. I was so humbled of God’s grace and goodness. I’m forever grateful for all the help he has graced us with. I have changed from the inside after experiencing this miracle and hope to give back someday the same way God gave and provided for my mom. God’s love and mercy carries us through the most difficult times in our lives. Stay in faith, turn to God and his promises are true. I can testify to this for I have experienced his grace. I thank our creator every day.

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September 25, 2016 by Frank



I Shouldn’t Be Alive

My story begins at 1 year old. My father told me that as a baby learning how to walk, I was diagnosed with spinal meningitis. My father rushed me to the hospital to find out what the cause was. As the doctors tried to help me, they accidentally put fluid on my brain, causing me to have seizures. During that time, my father had to re-teach me how to walk, talk, and use my arms.

Growing up as a child, I couldn’t live a normal life. There have been several close calls, when seizures while swimming almost caused me to drown, and seizures while riding my bike almost caused me to crash.

At the age of 18, I was given the opportunity to have a brain operation to fix the problem. At first it was a dream come true! My prayers have finally been answered! Then in a split second, realty kicked in. It’s not like you’re buying a car, or something you could return. So I asked the doctor if I could come back in a week with my answer. During that time, I asked a priest for advice. What he said changed my life. He told me: “If you ask someone a question, that’s God answering.”  So through the week, most answers I got were “Yes.” So even though I was scared to death, I went through the surgery, and I made it through with no problems.

Then, a month after 9/11 my trailer burned down to the ground. I had to jump out of the window to get out. A few years later, my appendix almost exploded, and I had to go through an emergency surgery. A month later, I was driving home, and the next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital. My father said someone pulled out in front of me, and I had to be “Life Flighted” to the hospital.

Now today, I am happily married, and I don’t take my life for granted. Today I try to do right by trying to learn the Bible and attending weekly church. The moral to the story is to be happy with what you have, because it could be worse! Thank you.

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September 25, 2016 by Kathy Law



Help With House

I have been praying for a while now for help on my house. It is in poor condition. I asked a friend to pray for me. The person said they would pray for me, but then they asked if they could help. I said I could not find anyone to help paint my house. They looked at my house and said they could do it.

So the following week, we went for breakfast and then Home Depot for paint. My friend even bought the paint! So the following weekend they started the project, plus on Sunday we met for breakfast and went to Wal-Mart afterwards to buy stuff for my house which was a shock. So for 3 weekends we worked on the house, and my friend got the front and the sides of my house painted.

Then my friend said maybe they could help with the inside, which does need help, even though I never mentioned it. So this weekend the front hallway was painted as well! This person has been such a blessing to me and a good friend. I am so overwhelmed with joy that it brings me to tears. We are going to get more work done on the house, step by step. Little by little.

The Lord is a good, good father! Don’t ever stop praying for something! He answered my prayers in His time. I feel so blessed.

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