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March 22, 2018 by Jennifer



Reaching Kenya

I felt the Lord put Africa in my heart over and over, and not knowing where to start I remembered an interview I had heard on KSBJ with a lady from Houston (Jane Gravis). She had started an orphanage in Kenya and I knew we shared the same passion. I contacted her and told her I heard her on the radio…that was thirteen years ago. Due to that connection I am now a full time missionary in Kenya running International Treasure House Ministries out of Katy, Texas, with our focus on Kenya.

Our mission statement is “To rescue and equip orphans and destitute children”.  We started our non-profit 20 years ago. (www.ithministries.org) Our main work was in Romania until the Lord led me back to the states for a few years. When God placed Africa in my heart, He used the interview on KSBJ as a starting point to work in Kenya.  In Kenya I met my husband and had our son.

Thank you KSBJ for launching us out for the king and His Kingdom.

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