God Stories


December 02, 2016 by Alexis



Sunshine through the clouds

I moved to the Houston area last year, away from my whole support system and what I knew.  I didn’t know any of the radio stations in this new city so as I flipped through them I came across KSBJ twice.  I decided to save them and would listen every now and then, but then the 30 day challenge was presented and I accepted. I could not believe the overwhelming positivity that flowed through my car for those 30 days and I was hooked.  I am still presented with hardships and challenges, but the reassurance that God is there by my side has lifted me spirit and I can feel the love of God flowing through my with the music and stories shared.

Thank you, KSBJ and thank you to all of those believers that donate and make this station possible!! Love and blessing to all of you!

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