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May 21, 2018 by Teresa



That’s How Jesus felt

I went to a craft store I frequent to buy some lace for my wedding veil.  I took some lace from home to match it, and I neglected to make it clear that i had brought it from home.  Well, I was accused of stealing it, and left feeling demoralized and just really bad.  I didn’t find what I was looking for so I went to another craft and fabric store to look.  This time I took a little snip of the lace to match.  I didn’t feel like I deserved the beautiful lace for my veil, but I decided that maybe I just felt temporarily bad.  When I paid for the lace my receipt from the first store fell out on the counter.  I apologized for that since the stores were competitors.  I said that I was never going back there because they had accused me of stealing.  The man was sympathetic, so I held up my bag and said that I had found what I wanted at his store. 
I was feeling pretty bad for complaining, but when I turned on KSBJ in my car the DJ was talking about how Jesus complained that he was treated like a criminal and his friends abandoned him.  He said that Jesus must have felt pretty lonely right about then and did anyone else feel lonely right now.  I felt lifted up out of all of the pain I was in, because I believed that God wanted me to experience that so that I would understand how Jesus felt.  I was so elated and swollen with gratitude and love, that I had to concentrate on my driving.  I of course went to my friends and told them about it.

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