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May 21, 2018 by Travis



The Eye Of The Tornado

When I was 5 years old, my dad got me up early one weekend morning because he wanted to show me something. A very severe thunderstorm was going on outside! I was by myself in my bed. I couldn’t get any sleep! But my dad came into the room and picked me up out of bed. He took me into his room and put me down in front of the atrium door. I had a front row seat to the storm outside. He leaned over and pointed out the window. He told me I can see IT when there were big lightning flashes. I waited for it. When the next big lightning flash happened, I squinted in the direction he pointed and saw my first tornado. As a reflected on that scene years later I realized the good Lord was showing me that he is always there by my side amidst the storm. Just like my dad was. Whenever I was with my dad I never was afraid. Because I knew my dad would handle any problem. Any storm. And I still believe it. It’s the same way we all should feel about our good Lord. Whenever we have storms and tornadoes in our life, remember what the good Lord said to the stormy lake: “Peace! Be still!” Be still and know that He is God! The eye of the tornado! God bless you all!

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