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May 20, 2018 by Judy



The Joy Pledge Is So Much More

On August 26th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey busted through. I sat at a window on the 10th floor of the hospital in Galveston. Doctors had just told me my husband only had a few more days, but within a couple hours, he was gone. He had stage 4 lung cancer. There I was, alone and trapped at the hospital. I called my daughter to tell her about her dad, and she said they were going to drive the 60 miles to come get me. The depression hit me hard. Every day was harder than the day before. The holidays were quickly approaching and I had NO joy. I continued to listen to KSBJ as it was the only comfort I felt.

Then they started the Joy Pledge. It angered me. How could I feel joy? My husband of 41 years was gone, money tight, bills mounting up, nothing was going right. Over and over again I’d hear “I choose joy…’. Suddenly it started to sink in. I cranked up the Christmas music on KSBJ as I baked some Christmas cookies for some friends. Next thing I know, I’m dancing to the music (I don’t dance) - I felt joy. I was reciting the pledge along with the radio. For the first time in months I felt happiness, joy and hope. Thank you KSBJ for pounding that pledge into my head. It broke through my darkness. I believe I’m going to be just fine now.

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