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May 21, 2018 by Denise Ratliff



Through The Storm

I was in Hurricane Katrina. I was very scared and I could see that right in front of my eyes was death. I walked through all that water in order to get where I had to go, but I still was scared and alone. I prayed and prayed, hoping that someone would come through and get me because it was very dark out there at night and very scary. People where still killing one another. I just got on my knees and asked God to please help me get me to a safe place where I could get my life back on track, and to watch over my family also. I finally got into a boat, and I cried and cried. I remember the officer saying that I would be OK now. I know this had to be God’s doing. I got somewhere safe, but I was still worried about my family there because they had my son as well.

God is so awesome! My life was gone right before my eyes, but I’m still here thanking God for all He has done for me. I want to get closer to God because I need him in my life today and forever.

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