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May 24, 2018 by Emma



Twenty One Pilots

I have been struggling with depression for a year. And it just seemed to snowball, and get worse. I had lost hope and was even starting to question if God was even out there. But when I felt like my world was completely crumbling around me, God led me straight to a band named Twenty One Pilots. The popular band had a great reputation in radio stations that didn’t have to do much with God. But what I had realized, and the other radio stations must have over looked, is that when you read Twenty One Pilots lyrics, there is a lot of faith in their words.

I found hope with them, and conquered my depression. But most importantly they saved my faith. So for me to hear that KSBJ is starting a new radio station, NGEN, who plays Twenty One Pilots, makes me so happy and hopeful for other teens who are struggling to find faith in their lyrics.

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