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May 20, 2018 by angela



Houston You Are Not Alone

While I am sure many will share, I have to tell you guys how much it meant to me to see the world through God’s eyes last night. The folks behind me were Latino and Vietnamese. Others in front of me were African-American and mixed race. Everyone seemed to know all the songs - from Tasha Cobbs to Hillsong - and I was overwhelmed by the unity of voices, but more so the presence of God’s spirit. No pushing, no shoving, no biting commentary under their breath, just joy in the Lord and shared love for His grace after the storm. Thank you guys for showing me that the news is not the story of the USA in these trying times. God’s love transcended the news’ negativity and I drove home singing praises to God! Bless KSBJ for building common ground through Grace.

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